Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 17

Justice Is Blind (2)

Aired Unknown Mar 21, 2004 on Netflix

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  • "I'm not sure that one made it down the mountain, Gob."

    The two-part tryst between Michael Bluth and Maggie Lizer comes to an end (temporarily!) in an episode that may even be a little bit funnier than it's first part. There were moments I laughed harder at in the first one, but overall, this episode brings things to a satisfying close.

    Just as the "previously on.." segment said, Maggie is not blind. As it turns out, she uses her blindness, or supposed blindness, in order to win her cases and get the sympathy of the judge and jury. As a result, Michael, Barry and the rest of the family is forced to figure out as fast as possible the best way to get the evidence out of Maggie's hand and disprove her.

    To be honest, there's not a whole lot of plot here that wasn't already set up in the previous episode. Both episodes rely heavily on each other, but for me, the episode before it was funnier. However, in terms of how well the episode itself works, I'd say this episode was better.

    For instance, I thought it was hilarious seeing Tobias sneak into Maggie's house, not only because of how ridiculous it is to see him rolling around on the floor, trying to dodge Maggie, but also because of how the outcome of the situation directly effects the rest of the episode. You see, Michael learned that Maggie was not blind by closing his eyes while walking Justice and getting lead into the middle of traffic. Turns out Justice, the dog, was literally blind. So Michael plans on proving she's blind at the courthouse by throwing a Bible at her. The complications grow after Tobias blinds her temporarily with Mace, which Michael doesn't realize. You can likely see where this one's going.

    All in all, the writing in these two episodes was remarkably strong. Henry Winkler, as usual, was amazing. The whole "ten commandments" storyline felt random but had a great pay-off. I also thought that there were some very sharp lines here ("I know… thou shalt not make up a name in vain," a.k.a just about any line where the family misremembers Bible quotes).

    Along with Heather Graham, Dreyfuss was proof that the show could bring in big name stars and not have to worry about whether or not they would mesh or not. Both parts were extremely well done, but this one gets my vote as the overall better one because of how well everything is resolved.
  • Michael continues to date the opposition

    Perhaps even funnier than the episode before, Justice is Blind brings a very literal sense to the phrase and title of the episode as all the lies in the Maggie-Michael relationship are revealed, including the shocking revelation that Maggie wasn’t blind, which had some very amusing scenes regarding Tobias and Justice who was really the blind one of the house.

    Another plot followed on from the previous episode was Maeby pretending to be her dying twin sister, Surely, in order to raise money for herself and eventually sue for school ramps, which was very funny, but not as good as the tutoring plot of the previous episode. No more B.S.!