Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 4

Key Decisions

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 2003 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael Bluth arrived home to find the rental car his sister Lindsay had promised to return. He explains to her that they need to cut back. He's even selling the corporate jet. Gob comes in, desperate for freedom from his telenovela-starring girlfriend, Marta. She's been nominated for a daytime Desi award, and he wants to ditch the ceremony. Michael implores the importance of family upon him, but the message is lost. Lucille drops by, looking for her tickets to the award show. Buster will be her date tonight. And Lucille wonders when Michael will have a date of his own again. Michael did sell the corporate jet and replaced it with new transportation. An airport staircase car used to board people on runways. Watching the news later, Michael learns that an activist, Johnny Bark, is living in a tree to protest the upcoming Bluth development. Michael meets with his sister to help get Johnny Bark out of the tree. She resists, but when he appeals to her desire to get rid of the stair car, she decides to intervene. The next day, Michael gets a call to meet Gob at the prison holding their father. Gob is going inside, only to escape 24 hours later to get some publicity for his magic act. Because he'll be on the inside, Gob can't go to Marta's award show. He thanks Michael for coming through on that, although Michael has no idea what he means. Meanwhile, Lindsay set about fulfilling her promise to Michael. George Sr. was surprised to see his son join him in the prison. And Michael was about to get a surprise visit of his own: Marta. Apparently, Michael was Marta's date for the night. While Lindsay tells Johnny Bark the tree is coming down with or without him, the Desis were underway. And since Michael drove Marta to the show in the stair car, Lindsay was stranded in the tree. Backstage, Lucille and Buster were mingling with the elite of Latino television. But on Lucille's orders, Buster wasn't wearing his glasses. That's when Lucille Bluth crossed paths with Lucille Lostero, who suffers from severe vertigo. Lucille, seeing him without his glasses, first took notice of Buster. Buster, however, failed to take notice of her, so she sent him a proposition. Reading the note, Buster frantically looked around for its author. In the auditorium, Marta lost out on her award and scuttled off in shame. Michael consoled her, but she says it's not about the award. She just wanted to make Gob proud. At that moment, Michael realized this was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. And for the first time since losing his wife, he wanted someone. Gob was finally ready to achieve his escape. He looked for a bathroom, not knowing the only available toilet was in his cell in plain sight. He can't use that. He needs privacy! He's always needed privacy! Gob begins to think he's made a huge mistake. Still stuck in the tree, Lindsay reflects about how she used to believe in things. Michael returns with the stair car, but Lindsay says she's not coming down. She must save the tree! At home that night, Buster is gloating over his new, as of yet unseen, girlfriend. He loves her. Buster explains that sometimes when you find love, you just have to grab hold. His words sink into to Michael's mind. Michael then gets a desperate call from Gob. Meet me at the prison and bring the stair car. Michael shows up on his bike and asks Gob about his commitment to Marta. Is there a future there? The guards, worried about the paperwork they'd have to fill out if Gob tried to jump the wall, come out and taser him and Michael takes off. Lindsay spent the night in her bed, not the tree, and Johnny Bark came down to reveal his love for her. When he did, bulldozers plowed the tree. On his own mission, Michael went to visit Marta. But when she gets a call that Gob was knifed in the prison yard by White Power Bill, she heads for the hospital. Waiting in the hallway outside Gob's room, Buster comes across Lucille Lostero. When she repeats her advance, he takes off his glasses and to his horror, realizes who he thinks he's in love with. In his room, Gob tells Michael that life is short, so he's going to patch things up with Marta. Which is funny, because he was going to walk out of prison last night and break up with her. Michael finds that less than hilarious.

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