Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 4

Key Decisions

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 2003 on Netflix

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  • "Gob's been stabbed in the back!"

    I'm a big fan of episodes that can tie together the plots of each character without it seeming contrived. Otherwise, you have storylines that are sort of just hanging in the wind, and despite their quality, it isolates those characters from the rest of the show sometimes. This was NOT one of those episodes. In fact, of the first four episodes so far this season, this was probably the one that did it the best. There were just so many great little jokes, from the "White Power Bill" to the introduction of the Staircar to the first appearance of Gob's classic line "I've made a huge mistake."

    In this episode, we get another small glimpse of Gob's girlfriend, Marta, the soap opera actress who somehow finds it tolerable to be in a relationship with a guy who announces during her interview that he'll be putting himself in prison only to break out a day later as a publicity stunt. Gob's plan is to prove himself a great magician, likely to the Alliance that he never can get into, and he swallows a key in order to escape the next day… however, he forgets that he has to poop in front of people, and he's bathroom shy. Oops!

    Meanwhile, in an effort to cut back and get the company back on track, Michael sells the car and, along with his bike he always rides around on, uses the Staircar that the Bluth Company used for their old jet as their new car. Michael also tries to get a tree chopped down to make room for new mansions and ends up having to deal with a grumpy man (Clint Howard, the narrator's brother) who is an activist, which makes Lindsey want to do activism again.

    Hovering in the background of all of this is the Desi's, a Spanish soap opera award ceremony where multiple things happen: Michael realizes he really likes Marta, despite the fact Gob is dating her, Buster (not wearing his glasses) meets a new woman who he later realizes is his mother's friend, also named Lucille (played by Liza Minelli). I never was a huge fan of Lucille Austere (or Lucille 2) in the show, but her appearance here was good.

    A lot happens in the episode, but it never (as usual) gets out of control or feels pressured. In fact, it's as cool, calm and collected as can be. Take into account all of the little jokes that come and go before you can even notice them: the "White Power Bill" plot, "You're going to get a lot of hop-ons," the way Gob quietly mutters "But I'm… white" upon being stabbed, the way the key he swallowed is what saves him, the first Carl Weathers appearance (in name, not in person) and countless other little things.

    I've found that it's pretty difficult to do a really good job analyzing and reviewing this show. It's easier to just comment on whether it was good or not, but I'll do my best to follow the Bluth family throughout the show. So far, it's been difficult, if only because there's so much to comment on. But so far, rewatching it for a second time and reviewing it for the first time, it's been just as fun as the first time.