Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 22

Let 'Em Eat Cake (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Thanks to the new Moorpark diet, business at the Banana Stand is down. At home, Michael notices that the model home is falling apart because of faulty workmanship. Lindsay comes in with the news that she's now working in the bead business. Gob instantly jumps onboard with her plan. But Lindsay doesn't want him as a partner. And when Gob finds out that Michael has to give a polygraph about the company rather than Gob, Gob vows to start his own business and show them all.

And that's when Michael gets a call from Kitty that makes him wish he didn't promise Lindsay the money for her bead business. She says she can bring down the company with what she knows unless she gets some money. Michael, meeting with his family in jail, asks his father what Kitty knows.

Over at the banana stand, George Michael makes a new friend who wonders if bananas are high in carbs. Elsewhere, Michael finally meets with Kitty, who wants to be in charge of the Bluth Company, which George Sr. promised to her when he was arrested. She says that George Sr. secretly built model homes overseas. Michael thinks he can handle the back taxes, so he leaves Kitty behind.

Back home, Michael comes across Tobias and Lindsay. Tobias is flush with the news that a book he wrote years ago, "The Man Inside Me," has exploded within the gay community. So now Lindsay turns her back on the world of beads. The local news interview that was supposed to feature George Michael at the banana stand is replaced by a news report on American-built model homes in Iraq.

Michael tries to get in touch with Kitty, who has the info on Iraq. However, she is currently meeting with Gob and imploring him to help her take over the Bluth Company. Michael goes to Lucille and asks her about the Iraqi model homes. Gob walks in fired up from his meeting with Kitty and says he's determined to take over. But when Michael lays out in detail what he deals with as company president, Gob backs out.

Lindsay, dropping in on Tobias' book reading, discovers that it's at a gay bookstore. And that Tobias is completely oblivious to his new cult following. Upon making that discovery, Lindsay realizes her marriage simply can't work.

Michael meets with his father to lay out what he knows about Iraqi model homes. George Sr. says if he just would've listened to him, this never would've happened. Fed up, Michael says he's Fed up, Michael says he's resigning and Kitty can have the company if she wants it.

George Sr., in a surprise move, volunteers to take the polygraph. It does not go well, and ends when he has a heart attack. The family gathers at the hospital. When Tobias shows up, Lindsay realizes that perhaps they do have a connection. Buster knows this is his chance to put Kitty's coup d'etat in motion. But quickly becomes aware that he isn't up to it. Gob stands up next to take control, but immediately talks himself out of it. The family starts looking for Michael, but realizes nobody called him.

He's at home rounding up George Michael to move away. Far away. But George Michael wants to stay because he likes the family. And if they leave, who will take care of them? The phone rings and Michael and his son head to the hospital. With the whole family reunited, Michael realizes what he has and vows to never abandon the family again.

A doctor comes out and tells the family they lost George Sr. He got away from them. Shocked, the family goes into his hospital room to find…an empty bed. Because George Sr. is fleeing the country.

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