Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 22

Let 'Em Eat Cake (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 06, 2004 on Netflix

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  • George Sr flees the country while Michael and son flees the city

    A spectacular end to a hilarious season, Let Them Eat Cake is one of the funniest episodes yet in this terrific season finale which shows many plot changes and brilliant jokes.

    Gob is hilarious in this episode, trying to be the replacement Michael but by the end of his rant, he’d already changed his mind and George Sr has some memorable scenes aswell, in particular the final scene with the doctors pronouncing him “gone” in a way only Arrested Development could pull off.

    Michael once again changing his mind after George Michael convinced him not to, left his family behind and fled with George Michael much like George Sr had done.

    Overall, this episode has both a solid plot and hilarious lines, making this a perfect end to the first season of this fantastic show.
  • A climax to end the first season

    "Let 'em Eat Cake" ends the first season of arrested development and it definately ends on a massive high.

    The focus of episode is on Michael finding out that George Sr has committed some "light" treason. It was mentioned earlier in the season, but its not really addressed until this episode.

    Michael then is all set to be rid of his messed up family for good, but George Michael convinces him to stay.

    Although their plot is of little significance Annyang and Buster's feud is quite entertaining.

    The presence of Kitty is a let down for me I just don't find her character appealing in any sort of way.

    I reall felt genuinely sorry for Gob in this episode. He was trying to help out his family (albeit in a sick and twisted sort of way) but he was ignored constantly.

    A superb end to a brilliant season!
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