Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 8

Making a Stand

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 2005 on Netflix

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  • George, Sr. has pitted GOB and Michael against each other once too many, and GOB and Michael plan to teach their father a lesson once and for all, amid much protesting from Buster. Maeby, meanwhile, bases a very popular horror movie character on Lucille.

    I love every aspect of "Making a Stand" (obviously, or I wouldn't be giving it a score of ten) but my favorite part is not the stand taken by GOB and Michael, but the stand Buster takes. That, I feel, is an overlooked part of an overlooked episode. Buster, who has up to then tried desperately to fit in, and/or please his extremely self-involved mother, now stands on his own, and I think his position is extremely valid-it IS wrong to take advantage of people with disabilities. Unfortunately, no one is willing to see the validity of Buster's position, but that doesn't stop Buster-with or without support, he goes through with plans of his own, with humorous results. I realize some may continue to overlook this part of the episode, but I say, Go, Buster!
  • You know it's Arrested Development when you see a one-armed man teaching lessons!

    There’s one-armed lessons everywhere in this crazy instalment of Arrested Development, with Buster, Gob and Michael all having priceless moments in the episode, along with Lindsay and Tobias in the subplot.

    Maeby’s plot once again involving a film changing isn’t the most entertaining plot but it has its moments, the best subplot definitely being the back and forth plot turns of the divorce case.

    George Sr being taught a lesson by teaching a lesson about a lesson he himself thought he was getting was a terrific plot and clearly the shining part of the episode, with great jokes regarding the CD player and a mention of Franklin, Gob’s puppet as his duet with Gob comes on the tape.

    Overall, a brilliant episode, this one truly shines as George Sr’s helpful lesson assistant returns and Lindsay and Tobias’ divorce proceeds.
  • Drop dead hilarious ending! Best episode of season three.

    I'm a big fan of this show, but the third season has disappointed me so far. Previous episodes, esp. Prison Break-in and Ocean Walker, had me cringing in pain. BUT thank God for this episode!
    Most of the action in the A plot is building up to the final sequence. But this filler provides laughs in the board room, with the Guatemalan workers, the banana stands, etc.
    It was about time they resurrected J. Walter Weatherman. That whole set up with note-leaving and tearing off of prosthetic arms is so wacky, but so typical of the Bluths. In the final sequence, I thought the first two "And that's why's" were at first annoying, and I felt that the writers were really reaching for laughs. UNTIL the third and final "And that's why,"--I don't want to spoil it--which put me on the floor. That's probably the hardest I've laughed at anything I've seen on television! Brilliant!
    The B plot in this episode, with Tobias, Bob Loblaw, and Lindsay provides some laughs, but is kind of slow.
    And it's too bad that Maeby is all by her onesies in the C plot--although she plays the dryness of a movie executive perfectly.
    In my opinion, this is the best episode of season three, and one of my favorite episodes of the series.
  • Michael and GOB's rivalry from childhood rekindles when the latter opens a banana stand right across from the original one.

    Undoubtably the wackiest episode of season three to date, this is also the most entertaining. Just as in most episodes of Arrested Development, this one rewards the viewer for having seen the older episodes by building on past jokes, most notably in this case the season one episode 'Pier Pressure' in which George, Sr. teaches his children lessons using a one-armed friend. 'Making a Stand' represents everything that is incredible about the show: a quick pace, smart jokes that you won't always get the first one, and incredible character acting by every member of the ensemble. The show throws jokes at you within its multilayered plotlines so quickly that it will benefit you to Tivo it and watch again. Though some of the stories can be a little outlandish (building a Columbian hut in the living room), the characters make it so believable, and you won't be able to stop laughing, or watching for that matter. 'Making a Stand' is definitely a series classic; from top to bottom, it is a success, the finest episode of season three, and another testament as to why Arrested Development should not be canceled.
  • Instant Classic

    From start to finish this was an instant classic episode. Pulling out stops such as bringing back J. Walter Weatherman who has been missed since his appearance in S1 in "Pier Pressure". Everything about this episode was brilliant. By far the best episode of the season so far. Save us Showtime!
  • this was probably the funniest episode of arrested development i've seen i laughed so hard at the last 6 or 7 mins of the show it was just too hilarious one after the other

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  • Funny, and it was nice to see J Walter Weatherman and Tobias without hairplugs, but still a little too much, and it kind of killed the joke at the end. I still liked it though.

    Funny, and it was nice to see J Walter Weatherman and Tobias without hairplugs, but still a little too much, and it kind of killed the joke at the end. I still liked it though. It was a lot better than the previous episode, and the photo montages were amusing as well. My favorite joke would have to be the FAO (insert arabic name here). Great stuff on a great show. Don't cancel Arrested Development! I don't know what I'd do with myself if you did! Why, FOX, Why? Just advertise it better, you fools! Gosh! Idiots! Gosh! Idiots! Gosh!
  • OMG! I love this show!

    This was great i loved it i just wish this show wasn\'t cancelled its a classic I love how they tricked their dad and the flashbacks to the fighting boys tapes and Bob boblaw is awsome agreat guest star. PLease don\'t cancell aressted cause i will never watch Fox ever again if it is.
  • The best episode of Arrested Development in a long time.

    I've been a big fan of Arrested Development since picking up the Season 1 DVD set when it was released. In my opinion, that first season was, in a word: "perfect".
    Season 2 didn't impress me as much. It had a few moments here and there, but I watched the show simply because it was "a show that I always watch". It just seemed to be missing that special something present in season 1. I think that the writers sometimes crossed the line between "funny" and "absurd", and it just turned me off a bit.
    When season 3 started, I thought "Thank God! Arrested Development is back!" I wasn't a HUGE fan of the Rita story-line, but let us face the following as fact: Arrested Development at its worst is STILL better then any other show at its best.
    That brings us to "Making a Stand". I loved everything about this episode. I loved the multiple story lines, I thought the jokes were dead on, it had a fair balance between adding a few new things (going through a bit of the story in a "photo album" format) while still keeping some of the old jokes in there for longtime fans. I'm glad to see Tobias back to normal, and Lucile having her funny moments. I would like to see a bit more of Maeby in the next few episodes (we are running out, after all!)*, but other then that, I have no complaints.
    This episode returned to the season 1 glory. I just hope they can keep it.

    *Side note: This show needs to be picked up by another station. I don't even care who. I just can't bear to think that Arrested Development will be gone. It would be in ANY stations best interest in doing so, as it would make a lot of people very happy.
  • Arrested Development continues to amaze me. Its well-casted, intricately-written, stylishly-presented episodes do not receive the amount of views they clearly deserve.

    'Arrested Development' continues to amaze me. Its well-casted, intricately-written, stylishly-presented episodes do not receive anywhere near the amount of views they clearly deserve.

    I feel that the single reason 'Arrested Development' is so underappreciated is because of peoples' attempts to watch it from the middle of the season and not the very beginning. Therefore, I suggest to the directors of 'Arrested Development' that they create a sort of review episode devoted to summarizing the show's premise...and giving the newbie viewer a glimpse into each of the main characters. I really feel that this would benefit the show a lot.

    Another network has to pick this show up! Its potential is limitless. Think Seinfeld.

  • hands down the best episode of the third season

    classics are immortal, and arrested will forever be a classic. this episode was the best of the 3rd season. A perfect blend of eloquent laughs and blasphemous humor from the bluths.

    "And THAT'S why you don't teach your father a lesson."

    Do your part, audience. Teach your friends and family a lesson and make them watch this show.
  • Incredible Episode.

    This episode proves to me that Arrested Development has not lost it. Sure, there have been some misses in its third season that have caused me to think maybe it was a good thing that Fox shortened the order, but this episode has proved me wrong. When an episode of a show in its third season can rival those of the first in hilarity, the show must go on. Classic Ep.
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