Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 8

Making a Stand

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 2005 on Netflix



  • Trivia

    • The two strippers in front of Gob's "Banana Shack" are called Barbara and Dee. These were also the names of Michael's earlier girlfriends in "Forget Me Now" when he was reminiscing how introducing his family to his girlfriends ruined their relationship.

    • The Boyfights movies are titled:
      -Boyfights: A Day in the Life of American Boys
      plus: Baby Buster in I don't want to go to bed!
      -Boyfights 2: Boys will be boys
      plus Baby Buster in Too old to breastfeed
      -A boyfights cookout featuring: run for your life!
      plus Baby Buster in A fifth grader wets the bed
      -Backseat boyfights: the trip to Uncle Jack's 70th
      plus crybaby Buster in I don't want to be on this tape!

  • Quotes

    • Michael: Buster's good hand just came flying off.

    • J. Weatherman: And that's why you don't try to teach lessons to your father!

    • Buster: And that's why you don't use one-armed persons to teach lessons!

    • Gob: Why go to a banana stand when we can make your banana stand?

    • Steve Holt: Maybe we should work together. I mean, we don't even know the recipe.
      George Michael: Oh, there's no recipe. You just freeze the bananas, and then stick it in the -- (Michael stops him)
      Steve Holt: Stick it in the what? Stick it in the WHAT?

    • Bob Loblaw: As you know, it is very difficult to establish fault in a divorce, but one indicator is fidelity. Now, my client has not pursued sex outside of this marriage.
      Tobias: Nor in it.
      Bob Loblaw: I got this one.

    • Gob: It's okay, son. We'll figure it out. When we do, we'll have the last laugh. We'll be the laughing stock of the boardwalk.

    • (While hugging)
      Gob: If you feel something moving down there, it's just the bird.
      Michael: I know.
      (Michael sees the bird still on the counter)

    • Gob: I've got this Christian girlfriend now, and she's trying to get me to be a better man and reconnect with my son, and I'm trying to get her to renounce god and **** me and I just want to ... prove to her that I'm worth it.

    • Bob: Actually, I was going to stay in my office tonight and work on my law blog.
      Tobias: Of course ... the "Bob Loblaw Law Blog." Wow. You, sir, are a mouthful!

    • Gob: Attention, everyone! Why go to a banana stand when we can make your banana stand? I give you Barbara and Dee! Don't worry, these young beauties have been nowhere near the bananas.

    • Lindsay: Did you get a lawyer?
      Tobias: Only the best-looking and best educated lawyer in the whole O.C.
      Bob: Don't call it that.

    • Michael: You just thought you'd put the stand right here?
      Gob: Did the research. Did you know that more frozen bananas are sold here on this boardwalk than anywhere in The O.C.?
      Michael: Don't call it that.

    • Gob: You don't want a hungry dove down your pants. That's how Tony Wonder lost a nut.

  • Notes

    • Buster's button: The only scary thing about a one-armed man trying to scare someone is the fact that he feels that his one arm is only good for trying to scare somebody.

  • Allusions

    • "Yellow Submarine"

      The song that plays during the sequence where Michael and Gob are working with the "terrorists" is a reference to The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine". "Yellow Submarine" was referred to earlier in the episode but was not played, as stated by the narrator, because the song's copyright is too expensive.

    • Gob: Did the research. Did you know that more frozen bananas are sold right here on this boardwalk than anywhere in the whole O.C.?
      Michael: Don't call it that.
      The O.C. was a series on FOX that lasted four seasons from 2003 to 2007.

    • Mort: That's a bloodsucker? It looks like ALF.
      Guy: It looks like the creature that ate our cat!
      ALF ("Alien Life Form") was an 80's sitcom about a furry alien who crashed into a family's garage and immediately befriended the family. His alien race used to eat cats all the time, so he always wanted to eat the family's cat "Lucky".

    • While planning their ruse, one of the painters asks if it will be "unscripted, like Curb." He refers to Larry David's unscripted HBO comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm.