Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 12

Marta Complex

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 2004 on Netflix

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  • "Baby, I had a stew goin'!"

    In a way, this episode and the episode that follows it are an unofficial two parter, which makes rating it a little more difficult. They both have different sub-plots that are equally funny but very similar plots at the forefront: Michael and Marta. I mentioned in the review for the last episode that the show occasionally loved focusing on Michael's love-life, even more so after George Michael gave his permission. "Marta Complex" begins the process of bringing the "Marta/Gob/Michael (and sort of Buster)" triangle (or square) to an end.
    In the first episode, it's Lindsey and Tobias' 14th anniversary, which Michael tricks his mom into celebrating. Right from the get-go, the episode seems intent on focusing on the eradication of old relationships in favor of forging new ones. In the course of 21 minutes, Michael and Marta begin hinting at their feelings for each other ("I love you all, Marta.") leaving Gob in the dust, buster moves out of his mom's house and is broken up with by Lucille 2, Lindsey and Tobias nearly divorce and the working relationship between Tobias and Carl Weathers (who continues to steal scenes as an exaggerated version of himself) comes to a tragic yet hilarious end. And in the midst of this, George Michael learns that he might not be related to Maeby.

    It's a lot for any normal show to cover in one episode, but as I've said before, "Arrested Development" is not just any normal show. By splitting the stories into two different yet similar episodes, everything is resolved by episode's end. We get the start of a great running gag where Gob hears Marta talking about a guy named "Hermano," not knowing that "hermano" is Spanish for "Brother" and that she's talking about Michael. Michael, who doesn't know that "hermano" is brother either, begins to see if Marta is cheating on Gob with some guy named "hermano." The show milks this joke for all its worth and never lets it feel stale.

    Also, the way Buster, Carl Weathers, Marta and Michael's plot all sort of blend into one another is fun to watch. I can't say it enough: Carl Weathers steals the show here. I dare you to try and not laugh about the time he made that movie with Anne Archer and didn't touch his per diem. Awesome.

    The story is eventually resolved in the next episode, but it's rare when a two part episode can make both parts equally great. That's the case here.
  • Marta Complex

    Definitely will go down as one of my favorites of the series. The whole "Hermano" mix up was absolutely hysterical. Also the possibility of Maybe being adopted was also a great plot line.

    "I made a huge mistake" - Great running gag that I definitely enjoyed. The separation of rooms was also great. Lucille living alone was hilarious, and the Buster & Lucille 2 relationship still manages to make me laugh.

    The party in the beginning was also a great lead in to following events. Arrested Development always manages to tie in every story line like it did here. Good job!
  • Hermano!

    While the Michael-Marta side plot isn’t my favourite aspect of the show, I did find this episode very entertaining with numerous characters saying “I have made a huge mistake”.

    Michael screws up his chances with ever being with Marta without even realising he had a chance. My favourite scene in the episode is the phone conversation between Gob and Michael which always makes me laugh at Gob’s idiocy with the “nobody’s here” scenario.

    Buster’s meeting with Lucille 2 also had some classic moments such as “this has nothing to do with my mother. Besides it’s the only way she’ll ever respect me” and “you’re replacing my mother”.

    Overall, this episode is quite entertaining with a few revelations aswell, the main one being Maeby possibly not being George Michael’s blood cousin.
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