Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 16

Meat the Veals

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 2005 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael came home to find his brother-in-law, Tobias, who was still pretending to be Mrs. Featherbottom. But not right now. Maeby complains to Tobias that Mrs. Featherbottom didn't iron the blouse she wanted to wear to the premiere of the movie she oversaw after conning her way into a job at Tantamount Studios. Only she didn't go into as much detail. Tobias pretended to leave, but scrambled upstairs to change.

Lucille entered, complaining to Michael that tomorrow was her wedding anniversary and Oscar wanted to throw her a party. Oscar had noticed that Lucille had been pulling away from him recently, so he went to Buster for advice. Oscar wanted to throw one last party before leaving, but Buster thought George Senior's absence would show that Oscar was the one who was always there for the family. An angle that Oscar liked much better. Lucille informed the family that she wanted everybody at the party. Except Gob. Unless he promises to not do one of his puppet shows. Lucille then noticed that Michael had the baby monitor out and asked about it. Not wanting her to know George Sr. was listening in from the attic, Michael told his mother that he was using the monitor to spy on George-Michael and Ann.

After Lucille left, Lindsey asked Michael if he heard what his son asked her earlier that morning. George-Michael had asked about his mother's engagement ring, wanting to get pre-engaged to Ann. Michael was shocked and disturbed by the news and wanted to tell his son what he really thought about Ann. Lindsey advised against it, saying that would drive George-Michael right to Ann. Meanwhile, Gob was in the attic looking for Franklin – his black puppet – when George Sr. stepped out of the shadows. Having overheard George-Michael that morning, George Sr. wanted to rededicate himself to Lucille. But he needed Gob to get him a limo so he wouldn't be seen going to the church.

And Michael drove his son over to Ann's, where he finally got to meet Ann's parents. Michael told Pastor Terry Veal and Mrs. Veal about the pre-engagement plan and the Veals were quite pleased for the kids. So Michael hatched a new plan to win the Veals' disapproval, inviting them to the anniversary party. To get some insurance that the party would go terribly wrong, Michael called Gob and told him Lucille wanted Franklin at the party. The next day, Lucille was setting up for the anniversary party that she didn't expect her husband to attend. Maeby, meanwhile, was at the studio, where an eager production assistant had finished the coverage on her 9th grade history textbook for her. He asked if he should run it out to her at the Balboa Towers, Maeby having given Lucille's address as her home. Back at said towers, the Mrs. Veal arrived, excited to meet George Sr. Michael broke the news to her that George Sr. had escaped from prison. Incidentally, he was currently at the front gate of the towers in a limo being driven by Gob. Ann and Terry Veal weren't at the party, as Terry had been called to the church for a last-minute vow renewal. Which George Sr. had arranged. Now in the kitchen, George Sr. instructed Gob to knock his mother out with some ether, stuff her in a garment bag and take her to the church. Since Gob didn't have a handkerchief, he had to put the ether on Franklin's lips, then have Franklin kiss Lucille. In the living room, George-Michael told his father about his pre-engagement plan, but Michael talked him out of it by discussing how serious marriage was and that George-Michael wasn't ready for it. Back in the kitchen, Gob sprung Franklin on Lucille, knocking her out. Buster walked in, so Gob knocked him out as well. Then Gob sniffed Franklin's face, knocking himself out. In the other room, Lindsey told George-Michael that Michael had brought the Veals here on purpose as a plan to end the pre-engagement. Out on the balcony, Mrs. Veal came onto Michael, kissing him, which George-Michael oversaw. Upset with his father's scheming, George-Michael vowed to get pre-engaged. Michael finally shook off Mrs. Veal, who ran away in shame. Michael followed, only to be intercepted by Tobias Featherbottom, who told Michael that George-Michael had left with Lindsey. Michael was about to leave when he heard a scream. Oscar had found Buster slumped on the kitchen floor.

Coming to, Buster told everybody he saw George Sr. with Lucille. Maeby reported that she just saw George-Michael and Lindsey driving off. Michael, Mrs. Veal and Maeby crammed into Mrs. Featherbottom Mini Cooper to drive the chapel. And in the limo, Lucille was coming to. George Sr. told her of his plans to renew their vows. At the penthouse, Oscar found the church pamphlet George Sr. had.

In the chapel, Pastor Veal was officiating the vow renewal, and George Sr. was wearing the garment bag on his head to hide his face. Excited by the vows and the prospect of marriage night sex, Ann went outside to cool down. George-Michael found her out there. He asked her to get pre-engaged, but Ann, still turned on, wanted to skip right to the marriage. They ran inside, where Michael tried to intercept them. But the Oscar and Buster came in, interrupting the entire process. Oscar charged at George Sr., finally ready to fight for Lucille's love. But being twins, they thought alike and continually blocked each other's blows.

Michael tried to apologize to his son for what he saw on the balcony, but the kissing was also news to Pastor Veal, who attacked Michael and began beating him. The police that Buster had called finally arrived, only to see Pastor Veal pummeling Michael. In the aftermath, George Sr. stole Mrs. Featherbottom's wig to run off and Lucille was impressed by Oscar's bid to fight for her. And George-Michael told Michael he wasn't going through with the pre-engagement. Michael admitted that he should've just told his son that marriage leads to a physical relationship, which takes understanding. Which Ann interpreted as a green light from Michael to start doing it with George-Michael.
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