Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 16

Meat the Veals

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 2005 on Netflix



  • Trivia

    • Busters says that his family is going to the Church of the Good Shepherd. In "Staff Infection", the office workers boarded a Church of the Good Shepherd bus (meant for Lupe's family). Also in that episode, the man in the stair car hit his head on a sign that said Church of the Good Shepard.

    • The song at the end where the camera centers on George Michael after Ann says she wants to do, was the same song played when George Michael learns he's going to be sharing a room with Maeby.

    • Gob: They're Laughing, Michael.

      A reference to the episode "Afternoon Delight."

    • During the "On the next ..." gag, Buster is holding Franklin, and there is a camera man clearly visible on the right side of the screen.

    • Maeby is reading a script for "Operation: Hot Mother". That was the name of Michael & Buster's rescue operation in the episode "Motherboy XXX".

      According to the script's cover, it was inspired by a true story and written by Sheila Gebler and David Gebler, Jr.

    • The Veals have a painting on the wall of a girl with no face. One of Maeby's nicknames for Ann is Annie McNoFace.

    • Apparently, Maeby had to repeat the ninth grade.

    • Mrs. Featherbottom continues Lupe's tradition of wearing out-dated sweaters at holiday events, by wearing a sweater that says "Bush/Cheney 2000".

      Ironically, David Cross (Tobias/Mrs. Featherbottom) is an anti-Bush activist.

  • Quotes

    • George Michael: Gangy's having an anniversary party?
      Michael: Seems that way.
      George Michael: Hey, is Franklin gonna be there?
      Gob: See that, Mike? Kids love Franklin.
      George Michael: I just don't want him to point out my cracker ass in front of Ann.

    • Mrs. Featherbottom: Oh, mercy me! I forgot that we were in the colonies.

    • Michael: Mom, this is Ann's mother.
      Lucille: Are you sure this isn't her sister?
      Ann's mother: Oh, what a lovely thing to say.
      Michael: Oh, what an awful thing to say Mom, please.

    • Michael: This is your wife? I didn't realize you could remarry.
      Ann's father: What?
      Michael: Is this Ann's mother?
      Ann's mother: I'm Mrs. Veal.
      Michael: Sorry, I just did not expect somebody so ... young.
      Ann's mother: Next you're going to say how Ann and I could be sisters.
      Michael: No! I'd never say that.

    • George Sr.: (listening in attic) She wants her man back.
      Geroge Sr. as Franklin: Yo man, you're gonna get your sorry white ass thrown in jail.
      George Sr.: I said that's enough!

    • Mrs. Featherbottom: Ok, who'd like a banger in the mouth? Oh...right, I forgot; here in the states you call it 'a sausage' in the mouth.
      Michael: We just call it a sausage.

    • Gob: So what, you're gonna cover her eyes, take her out to the limo...?
      George Sr.: No, we're going to knock her out with this ether, stuff her in this garment bag and carry her out to the car, if anyone see's you do the same. Oh, hi Tobias.
      Mrs. Featherbottom: (singing) Whenever I get a wee bit scared I hum a little tune, humdidididi...doo.

    • Mrs. Featherbottom: Jolly news, governor. Young Master's proposing.
      Michael: George Michael? I thought I told him not to. He said he wouldn't.
      Mrs. Featherbottom: Well, this was before he saw you pounding that sweet piece of Veal!

    • Gob: Somebody just wanted to say ... (holds up Franklin) how much they missed you.
      Lucille: Oh, who let that black (bleep) in? (Gob knocks her unconcious)
      Buster: Hey, brother!
      Franklin (Gob): Who you callin' "brother," you hook-ass --
      Buster: Mother ...!
      (Buster blows the rape horn and Gob knocks him out)
      Geroge Sr.: What the hell kind of puppet is that on Buster's hand?

    • Franklin (Buster): I don't want no part of yo' tired ass country club, ya freak bitch!

    • Gob: Nice to meet you. (walks away)
      Mrs. Veal: Your family is lovely!
      Michael: Does it seem that way? Where's Buster?

    • Franklin (Gob): I don't wanna kiss that old bitch!
      George Sr.: That's my wife, you bastard! (chokes puppet)
      Gob: Ow, Dad, that's my wrist ...
      (George Sr. chokes Gob)
      Franklin (Gob): Hey, man, that's his neck!

    • Lindsay: So the devout, religious family... they're the bad guys?

    • Michael: You haven't met my family. You should meet my family. We're going to be having an anniversary party.
      Pastor Veal: What a wonderful surprise! We would love to witness a celebration of their love.
      Michael: That would be a wonderful surprise.

    • Gob: Franklin said some things Whitey just wasn't ready to hear.
      Michael: Gob, weren't you also mercilessly beaten outside of a club in Torrance for that act?
      Gob: He also said some things that African-Americany wasn't ready to hear, either.

    • Mrs. Veal: Take me! Take me to your secular world!

  • Notes

    • The guy who does Maeby's homework is featured in a current commercial for Domino's Pizza. A few weeks ago, they had the Ditech guy. Apparently, instead of product placement, they're doing product pitchman placement.

    • Rating: 4.0/6

    • Alan Tudyk who plays Pastor Veal was in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story playing Steve the Pirate. Jason Baetman was also in Dodgeball co-starring with him. He played the sports commentator at the dodgeball match.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Meet the Veals
      The title refers to Meet the Parents, a 1993 indie film remade into a major Hollywood motion picture seven years later starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro.