Arrested Development

Season 4 Episode 1

Flight of the Phoenix

Aired Unknown May 26, 2013 on Netflix

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  • Flight of the Phoenix

    Definitely not the right way to start the new season off. They clearly introduced a story, but it is one that is going to take time to unravel, and may have turned off new members.

    It had some funny moments, but was a huge disappointment.
  • 7 Years and the Bluths still got it!!

    I was so excited when I read on Twitter that Arrested Development was coming back for a fourth season! This show has got to be one of my all time favorite comedies with it's numerous running gags and brilliant acting it outshines anything else on TV! If you're a fan of the first three seasons I've got warn you this season is a little off the beaten path with each episode focusing on one of the Bluths, but it's still the same wackiness and genius scripts that we've come to know from Mitch Hurowitz and of course there's plenty of call backs to the first three seasons. I'm only 3 1/2 episodes in but I got my first big LOL moment in episode three had to rewind like 4 times so freaking hilarious. Loving it and so glad they're back!
  • And 7 years later.... it's Arrested Development!

    I'm gonna keep this short and spoiler free - Arrested Development is back and it's a hot mess - but in a good way! The major difference with season 4 - besides it being a Netflix show now and having had 7 years gone by - is that each episode primarily focuses on just one of the main characters. I was a bit worried when I heard about this - but after having watched the first 2 eps of season 4 - I can say it actually works pretty well. Funny, well written, great actors, and great acting all combine to make this pretty much the same Arrested Development we all know and love. I highly recommend going back and watching the final episode of season 3 before you start watching the new ones - as the new eps show not only the Bluth's 7 years later - but how they got there. But for anyone who's worried about the quality of the new eps - they're looking great so far - I'm off to watch 4x03 - and have a banger in the mouth - now that i've left a note - about the new season.