Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 18

Missing Kitty

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 2004 on Netflix

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  • "Take a good look, 'cuz it's the last time you're gonna see these."

    Kitty was a character that, at first, I didn't enjoy. It seemed as if the show didn't know what to do with her. Was she as ugly as Gob apparently saw her, with her hair down and glasses off, or was she the woman George Sr. saw, who he slept with off and on for five or ten years while he was in charge? I don't know, she just wasn't the greatest character to me. However, starting with this episode, I loved her random appearances in the show. It was the moment she stopped being a random plot device and became an actual supporting character on the show.

    It all starts when Kitty returns from her sick leave. As it turns out, she used her sick leave to get a breast enhancement. After all, after her stint on 'Girls Gone Wild' was cut the year before due to her… well, less than impressive assets, she felt she needed a change. Michael promptly fires her but learns from his father that Kitty has a number of incriminating secrets on him that can't be released. Therefore, Michael spends a lot of the episode trying to get her to come back.

    Meanwhile, George-Michael is hanging out with Gob again, eager to learn some magic (the scene where Gob fails over and over to guess people's cards, even going as far to paint the wrong card on his chest). As it turns out, Gob plans on doing his biggest magic trick yet. He apparently promised all sorts of people at a Spring Break party the year before that he would make the yacht disappear a year later. Well, a year passed, and Gob has a plan to do it, not by actually using magic but by blowing it up.

    There's also a couple of other plots that exist in the background but don't necessarily have any impact on the episode besides being slightly entertaining. But for the most part, they just sort of hang in the background. For instance, there's the plot where Tobias goes into prison to learn a little bit about his movie role and ends up becoming the temporary leader of the prison (the inmates name him "Dorothy," which is just another example of Tobias' tendency to be viewed in a feminine way). We also get to see Maeby and Lindsay bonding over their attempts to get their grandmother's money when she dies. This plot barely registers as worthy and sort of just fades into oblivion, despite the writers attempts to tie it into the rest of the episode. The writers could've chopped these two out and I would've been fine with it, but not every plot point can be a home run.

    But in that "Arrested Development" way, everything works out. Michael's attempts to quiet Kitty is solved, the evidence crisis is solved, George Michael learns that hanging out with Gob can bring no good, Tobias gains some self-esteem… well, I suppose Gob doesn't work out. His magic career seems doomed to fail all the time, even if it is absolutely hilarious every time he jumps around on stage with the "Europe" song playing. Also, even if I was harsh on Tobias' plot, his best moment didn't even come from his prison stint; it came from a flashback to the movie he made years ago called "Friends With Low Self-Esteem," which got mixed up with "Girls With Low Self-Esteem," the "Girls Gone Wild" video. It was a great way to tie those two elements together.

    And as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, Kitty became an actual character here. She would appear off and on throughout the show, and instead of being irritated when she appeared, I actually grew to appreciate it.
  • Spring Break.

    This episode is so great. It's one of those episodes which embodies some of the most lovable things about Arrested Development; The Final Countdown and the rest of Gob's magic show, Michael's one liners, Gob's stupidity, Gob's need for Michael's approval, Lucille's manipulative ways, Michael's outbursts at the family and so many more.
    This episode also introduced us to the re-occurring joke of Kitty saying to Michael "Say goodbye to these!".
    Gob was classic in this episode. Any episode that features one of his magic shows is classic, but this particular one was great!
    I also enjoyed the storyline of Maeby and Lindsay trying to track down Nana, those two are crazy.
    One of the most enjoyable episodes of season 1! Now that's a high compliment.
  • Where there was a yacht... there now is not!

    Easily one of my favourite episodes, Gob is the funniest character in Missing Kitty as he is in most episodes and his trick is absolutely hilarious as is George Michael’s idea of an idol being his uncle Gob, who isn’t exactly the most decent human in the world (but the funniest, that’s another story).

    The episode keeps getting funnier from beginning to end, where Gob once again reveals his magician secrets,

    Lucille once again showed her true side when she neglected to tell her family their grandmother had been dead for six months and the amusing revelation that Lindsay had been spending Maeby’s birthday money their nana sent every year.

    Overall, this episode is funny for too many reasons to list and it is a necessary watch for all AD fans.
  • Goodbye Yacht!

    This is a superbly written episode.

    The magic show plot with George Michael being interested in Gob and the yacht was my favourite of the episode.

    When Gob is making the yacht disappear and The Final Countdown was playing I got chills it was so funny! Plus I think Final Countdown was played in a previous episode. (but its such an appropriate song for the situation)

    The Tobias/Dorothy plot was I guess the silly part but it still provided the laughs that were intended.

    Kitty was the only let down of the episode. I couldn't stand her character she was sooo annoying! But it was great to see her suffering a bit at the end.
  • Not a disappointment.

    This, just like every episode of Arrested Development, is very well written, and extremely hilarious. There is nothing funnier than Gob sinking the $700,000 yacht: "Michael a magician never reveals--I sank it, I sank the yacht! At least I think I sank it, I mean I blew it up and it's not there anymore."
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