Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 21

Not Without My Daughter

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael is heading off to work when his son reminds him of a yearly tradition: Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. Michael had first made this joke when George Michael was four, but now he's starting to grow concerned over George Michael's enthusiasm for the label. Michael tries to dissuade George Michael, but no luck.

Maeby, meanwhile, is joining her father for work today, sitting next to him on the couch watching entertainment news. Gob comes in, full of smiles because he has the tape of his "Girls With Low Self Esteem" magic performance. He thinks it could revitalize his career, but instead, it shows the part when Gob's dove dies over and over.

Michael sees Lindsay and notices that she's wearing yet another new outfit, which she feebly denies. He asks where she's getting the money and she admits that she stole it. In fact, Lindsay, wearing a wig to conceal her identity, is now working as a shop girl. Gob can't believe Lindsay is so adept at sleight-of-hand as to pinch an entire outfit, while Michael can't believe the example Lindsay's setting. So he decides to take Maeby to work as his daughter and show her some boundaries.

During the drive to the office, Maeby makes her reluctance to work clear by twice jumping out of the stair car. Before they can reach the office, Lucille calls with a family emergency. When Michael arrives at the apartment, he finds that the only emergency is that Lucille needs somewhere to pose as her husband at An Yang's soccer game so the other soccer moms don't think she's a single mom. A jealous Buster begins fighting Annyong, and Maeby disappears, so Michael leaves it up to Lucille to find a husband for the day. And, in fact, there's someone else who looks like Lucille's husband: his twin brother, Oscar. And although she knows it's wrong to play with someone's heart, she doesn't want to go to the soccer game alone. Back at the Bluth home, three of the Bluth men struggle with their manliness. Each having their own agenda - George Michael wanting to be less girly, Gob determined to figure out Lindsay's theft and Tobias searching for a security guard job to seem tougher - they all set out for the mall.

Having found Maeby, Michael shows her the ropes at work while she pretends to sleep. Michael challenges Maeby to make it through an entire day without telling a lie, promising $50 if she can. Just then, two police officers come into the office looking for Michael. They are investigating the disappearance of Kitty Sanchez, who was last seen alive with Michael. In the steakhouse. Yelling that Michael was threatening her.

Michael and Maeby hear laughter coming from the conference room and decide to check it out. Some of the guys are watching "Girls With Low Self Esteem." And that's when Michael realizes that the tape featured Kitty. Getting onto the yacht that Gob blew up.

Tobias seeks out a security position at the nearby mall. Meanwhile, Gob takes George Michael on a mysterious errand. And at the prison, George Sr. has a surprise visitor. Buster. He wants to tell his father that his family ban on playing sports is being violated. But George Sr. helpfully explains that that rule only applied to Buster who was a turd out on the field. Flustered, Buster lets it out that Oscar was with Lucille at the soccer game and an upset George Sr. tells Buster that he has to nip that problem in the bud.

And Michael arrives at the police station with Maeby. Barry Zuckercorn soon meets up with them. Barry's advice is to lie and Michael, when Maeby isn't around, agrees. Lindsay, meanwhile, is at work and grows jealous that her daughter is at work with Michael. Lindsay calls Michael to check in on Maeby and it is at this moment that Gob and George Michael arrive at Lindsay's store with a box full of mice from the pet shop. Gob, determined to prove who the real sleight-of-hand master is, knocks the box from George Michael's hand, shouts "Mice!" and begins stuffing shirts down George Michael's pants. Lindsay, frustrated by Michael's accusations of her being a criminal, sarcastically yells out that she's a shoplifter. Unfortunately, Tobias has just started his first security shift and tackles Lindsay to the ground. And Gob and George Michael are stopped by the head of security's daughter.

With the other Bluths under arrest, Lucille reunites with her brother-in-law. Reminiscing about the '60s and pot, Uncle Oscar retreats to his camper, where he is accosted by Buster, who makes it clear that Oscar isn't welcome here.

Meanwhile, Michael submits to the detectives' questions, swearing that he has no idea where Kitty might have gone. The detective, knowing Kitty has evidence against George Sr., pressures Michael to admit his guilt. At that moment, Michael gets a call from his son. There's an emergency down at the mall.

Buster emerges from Oscar's trailer with a newfound sense of manliness. And then receives a serendipitous gift in the form of a soccer ball to the head. When one of the youth players challenges Buster to kick the ball back onto the field, he barrels through the field, leaving kids strewn in his wake and blasts a shot at Annyong's chest, knocking him down.

And Michael arrives at the mall. The family quickly proclaims their innocence, but Lindsay is forced to admit that she has actually been working at the mall. Then Michael realizes that he left Maeby - and her promise not to lie - back at the police station. But Maeby's instinct to lie has returned as she sneaks into the records room, posing as a detective's daughter. And it's there that Maeby discovers the key to Michael's innocence. By the time Michael returns to the station, he discovers that he's free to go. Walking out, Michael asked Maeby what she saw.

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