Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2005 on Netflix

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  • Never go against the family.

    I've often felt that the Godfather parallels were one of the most under-explored facets of this wonderful program, and this episode ably remedies that omission with a delightful little nod to the Corleones while also taking on British spy films, differences in American and British slang, the separation of church and state and, apparently, Rocky. That's quite a task for one half-hour, but leave it to the Bluths to pull it off. We have some less-than-subtle satire with the Church-and-State Fair, an event jointly administered by the religious right and the State of California that boasts an Army recruiting center, an inner beauty pageant and an obstacle course that would be the envy of any neighborhood picnic. George Sr.'s attempt to "startle straight" a group of "wayward" young men was another highlight of the day. Man, where do I get a ticket to that? I hope they have funnel cakes. I love funnel cakes.

    With the show cancelled, I suppose I can only dream of Godfather scenes the Bluths could have quoted. For some reason a vision of George Sr. being pelted with water balloons while a terrified Buster succumbs to panic won't leave my mind. Or maybe they can garrote Tobias.
  • Not the triathlon that was expected

    The misunderstanding in this episode is very entertaining, the whole triathlon training by Michael coming out of a different British meaning of the American word, pu$$y (I can’t believe I had to modify that – it would have been such a nice moment).

    Rita contributes a lot to the episode as does Tobias, though he is a regular. George Michael’s plot which involves Tobias and Ann, who he is still dating, isn’t as good as the main plot but it is entertaining to say the least, both Michael and George Michael not feeling like real men in this Bond-parodied title, Notapusy.

    Overall, the plots in this episode are quite good as is the humour that comes out of them, making this a worthwhile episode, though not necessarily the best this season.
  • Perfect example of how comedy should be.

    I'd like to start by giving FOX a big middle finger for putting random gaps in the middle of some of my favourite series. Family Guy has taken TWO breaks now, and I never know if it;s going to be on next week or not.. I'm suprised they get any viewing figures at all, it;s no way to run a network.

    I'm very sad to hear this show is failing. There is no reason why it should, it is far better than anything else of this style on television right now. As I've said in previous reviews, they know how to do a reocurring gag better than any other show, and they manage to maintain the same standard of comedy in every episode. This alos means there's not a lot to say about what happens, just that it is funny (particularly the awful british accents) although I have found it difficult trying to turn people on to this show for some reason. A shame because it is a brilliant series in every way.
  • It amazes me how long this series manages to keep jokes going. Notapussy contains so many little jokes that I'm sure I'll find twice as many once this season comes out on DVD.

    Notapussy was a great episode, I'd say it's a classic arrested development episode but the writers of this show are so good that all of the episodes are classics. I love the running joke with George-Michael and the movie "Les Cousins Dangereux", I don't think any other show could keep a joke going as long as they have (two and a half seasons). There are so many little jokes in this episode that you really have to pay attention. I'm glad they threw in that joke about american actors playing british people because Charlize doesn't pull it off at all. I'm in love with arrested development, I'm going to marry the DVDs.

    The more I watch this show, the more I laugh and realize how brilliant it is. There are so many sublties that one might miss the first time around. The humor is broad an all encompasing. From slaptstick to sarcastic its all over the place and 99 percent of the time it all works. Thats why the show is so brilliant. In the continuing mockery of james bond, we learn more about the Michael's girlfriend(Charlize Theron great role!) and the possibility of a mole in the family. The hole episode is classic arrested development and had some truly great scenes.
  • Well worth the long hiatus...

    This was definitely a pleasure after such a long hiatus for FOX'S baseball coverage. The subplot where Tobias was helping Ann in the "inner beauty" pageant was a delight and yet no so unexpected as it was Tobias after all. Poor George-Michael finally seeing that he needed to do some manly things and thinking he was going to do the triathalon with Michael was also enjoyable. Although, I felt bad for him when he found out that Michael was going to do the triathalon with Steve Holt since Gob still wasn't playing father to him.

    There were two parts that I really enjoyed. The first being Steve and Michael actually doing the triathalon. It turns it it wasn't quite what they trained for. (The kiddie pool was bloody hystercal!) The second was the small part where Rita comes out of the men's' restroom. What could she have been doing in there? Did she just get confused or is there something we don't know about her?

    Great writing and good performances by Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor in the "Scared Straight" take off meeting.

    Best line of the night...

    Tobias: Within her (Ann) lies a woman. Let me out that queen.
    Michael: I think you just did.

    Final Grade: B+
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