Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2005 on Netflix

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  • Never go against the family.

    I've often felt that the Godfather parallels were one of the most under-explored facets of this wonderful program, and this episode ably remedies that omission with a delightful little nod to the Corleones while also taking on British spy films, differences in American and British slang, the separation of church and state and, apparently, Rocky. That's quite a task for one half-hour, but leave it to the Bluths to pull it off. We have some less-than-subtle satire with the Church-and-State Fair, an event jointly administered by the religious right and the State of California that boasts an Army recruiting center, an inner beauty pageant and an obstacle course that would be the envy of any neighborhood picnic. George Sr.'s attempt to "startle straight" a group of "wayward" young men was another highlight of the day. Man, where do I get a ticket to that? I hope they have funnel cakes. I love funnel cakes.

    With the show cancelled, I suppose I can only dream of Godfather scenes the Bluths could have quoted. For some reason a vision of George Sr. being pelted with water balloons while a terrified Buster succumbs to panic won't leave my mind. Or maybe they can garrote Tobias.