Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 11

Out on a Limb (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2005 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael is having brunch with his new girlfriend, Sally Sitwell, and worries out loud about what George Michael will think of his relationship with Sally. George Michael, meanwhile, is playing hooky from work at the banana stand and is out with Maeby at the same restaurant. Maeby is working on her third Virgin Mary, which she is surprised to learn contains no alcohol. Seeing George Michael and Maeby, Michael brings Sally over to meet them. George Michael assures his father that he's OK with him dating Sally, and even offers to double date together. Ann arrives and chides George Michael for not being at church and lying about having to work. She marches off, furious. George Michael confesses to Maeby that he isn't sure that he still wants to be dating Ann. Later that day, Michael talks to his sister Lindsay about his relationship with Sally. She worries that he's trying to find a reason for it not to work out because he's afraid of being happy and likes to suffer. Gob, meanwhile, is surprised to learn that he is married and is being sued for divorce. The next day, Buster announces to Lucille that he is being sent to Iraq. She refuses to believe him, and goes into deep denial. Michael and Gob look for Barry Zuckerkorn to get him to help Gob in his divorce. They find him at the courthouse, where he is representing a restaurant being sued by a woman who claims she got fat by eating there. As it turns out, the plaintiff in the case is being represented by Maggie Lizer, the former prosecutor for the case against the Bluth Company and Michael's former girlfriend. Michael goes into the courtroom to talk to Maggie, and discovers that she is exactly eight and a half months pregnant. He is convinced that Maggie is pregnant with his child, but Maggie assures him that he's not the father. That night, Michael meets Sally and tells her about his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy. She thinks he's just looking for something to get between them, and she breaks up with him. Lindsay and Tobias offer to break into Maggie's house to steal a specimen of her urine to see if her pregnancy is real or fake. Maeby suggests that George Michael bring Ann over to see Lucille, so that Ann will break up with George Michael after Lucille criticizes her as she criticizes everyone else. Michael tells his father about Buster going to Iraq, so George Sr. sneaks out of the attic to go see Buster and convince him to courageously hide instead of going to war. Buster, thinking that it is Oscar who is talking to him, is surprised when George Sr. says he's his father. Buster then confronts Lucille about her lying to him about who his father is, and he stomps off, intent on going to war. Lucille finally snaps out of her denial, and goes into a deep depression as she realizes that Buster is truly going to war. Later that day, when George Michael and Maeby bring Ann to visit Lucille, she breaks down, and Ann offers to teach her how to pray. Michael goes over to Maggie's house, and convinces her to go out for a drink to talk about the baby. Maggie finally admits that the baby is Michael's. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias break into Maggie's house and steal a sample of her urine from the toilet. They leave a message on Michael's cell phone when they find a fat suit in her house, and are convinced that Maggie is faking being pregnant. Michael confronts Maggie about her fake pregnancy, but she lifts up her shirt to show him that she isn't wearing a fat suit, and stomps off. Minutes later, Tobias and Lindsay return with the results of the pregnancy test on Maggie's stolen urine. On the next Arrested Development: Maggie sues Michael for paternity. Lucille prays that God take anything to stop Buster from going to war. Buster finally goes swimming in the ocean, and a loose seal bites off his hand.