Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 11

Out on a Limb (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2005 on Netflix

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  • Definitely has been hinted at and now it is revealed!

    All of the storylines in this episode are very well plotted with some great revelations to Buster that were real but were a different meaning: Oscar tells Buster he is his father which is true but it was really George Sr dressed as Oscar who thought he was the father, Buster not realising this and finding out the truth in the funniest way ever.

    The pregnancy plot was also well done, the timing being perfect, Lindsay and Tobias telling Michael seconds after he broke it off, and George Michael trying to get Ann to break up with him on the one day Lucille wasn’t in an insulting mood.

    Overall, this episode is one of the funniest from season two and it also shows Buster going to war unless the “Next time” scenes were real this time.