Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 11

Out on a Limb (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 06, 2005 on Netflix



  • Trivia

    • When Buster is on the Army bench, he covers it up so that it says "Arm Off".

    • Barry tells Gob "Save it for the stand, Tom Jane", a reference to the actor who appeared as himself in "The One Where They Build A House".

      Also, Gob said "I want my wife back", a reference to the line "I just want my kids back", which Tom Jane said to prepare for the title role in Homeless Dad.

    • Barry's time at rest stops is first mentioned in "Let 'Em Eat Cake".

    • Since George Sr. started hiding in the model home's attic, many boxes have been visible labeled as containing the belongings of "Tracy," Michael's dead wife. However, in this episode, and continuing through the second season, some boxes now spell her name "Tracey," sometimes with both spellings shown in the same episode.

  • Quotes

    • Ann: (comforting Lucille) You know, when times are tough, you can always turn to the power of prayer.
      Maeby: Here we go.
      Lucille: Show me.
      Narrator: This was a big get for god.

    • Lindsay: That's the first time we're in the shower since our honeymoon.
      Tobias: And this time no tears!

    • Lucille: What the hell was I supposed to do? Michael Moore confronted me in front of the whole country!
      Michael: First of all, it wasn't Michael Moore, it was a Michael Moore look-alike. And it wasn't in front of the whole country, it was for a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
      Lucille: I don't know who that is, and I don't care to find out.

    • Maeby: You know, George Michael, you worry too much. It's Sunday. You're allowed to have a couple of hours off. You don't see me nervous about being on my third Virgin Mary.
      George Michael: Why would you be nervous? There's no alcohol in a Virgin Mary.
      Maeby: There isn't? This is unbelievable. (to the waiter) Can I get a Virgin Pina Colada when you get a chance? Now we'll get things started.

    • Michael: We need to speak to you about getting a divorce for Gob.
      Barry: Well, I got Michael out of his marriage, didn't I?
      (Smiles and holds up hand for high five)
      Michael: Actually, she died.
      Barry: You're kidding me. I've been taking credit for that for years!

    • Michael: As for Maggie, I didn't even know that she was pregnant when I first saw her. All I could see was her giant chest. Box. She had this ... some people call it a chest, I call it a box. She was holding this giant box.

    • (In response to Lucille's refusal to believe Buster was going to war)
      Tobias: You know, Mother Lucille, there's a psychological concept known as denial that I think you're evincing. It's when a thought is so hateful that the mind literally rejects it.
      Lucille: You are a worse psychiatrist than you are a son-in-law, and you will never get work as an actor because you have no talent.
      Tobias: Well, if she's not going to say anything, I certainly can't help her.

    • Tobias: Oh, a pregnancy test. There's something we never had, huh, Lindsay? No, we had to create our little Frankenstein monster out of science, and money, and just a dash of... (Notices Maeby has entered) Maeby... would... how... how long have you been standing there?
      Maeby: I just walked in.
      Tobias: Just walked in! (chuckles) Seems like only yesterday you were bursting forth from your mother's fertile womb!

    • Michael: (about Sally) I'm dating her, but I just want to make sure that you're comfortable with that.
      George Michael: Well, of course! We can double-date. You and Sally, and me and Ann.
      Michael: Who?
      George Michael: Wh... Ann?
      Michael: Ah, yes. Of course I know Ann. I didn't mean "who", I meant, uh, "her".

    • Michael: (to Maggie) You know, there's zero trust here. Good-bye, it's been fun. Not.
      Narrator: Michael had hoped something a little more dramatic would have come out of his mouth. Or at least more current.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tobias quotes a Hepburn line "you old poop" from the movie On Golden Pond (which starred Henry Fonda, not Spencer Tracey). This quote is why Lindsey sighs and says Tobias is going to be Hepburn.

    • Maggie Lizer: What's the deal on Zuckerkorn?
      Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Maggie, lampoons the popular line by Jerry Seinfeld, her co-star on the series Seinfeld.

    • Tobias: We'll be like Tracy and Hepburn.
      This refers to the famous couple, Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. The two were a couple offstage (although never married) and starred in numerous movies together.

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