Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2003 on Netflix

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  • Everything about Arrested Development - from the perfectly timed editing to the outstanding character acting - is ridiculously good!

    I think the moment I heard "Look what the homosexuals have done to me," delivered dead-pan by the Bluth matriarch...I knew I had stumbled upon greatness. With each family member being presented, the audience begins to form an idea of what kind of family this is. Characteristics developed throughout the three seasons begin to become more evident for each familiy member - George is the family patriarch with a knack for illegal business practice; Lucille is George's power-hungry wife; Job is a perverted, immature man with a love for magic; Buster is prone to panic attacks; Lindsey is obsessed with living a luxurious lifestyle; Tobias is a clueless and talentless actor; George Michael is Michael's shy son; Maeby is George Michael's rebellious and witty cousin; and Michael (the main character) is the only sane one in the family. And the probable theme of the whole series - "We are one extremely disappointing family. But we are family."