Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 8

Queen for a Day

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2005 on Netflix

Episode Recap

George-Michael is getting dressed when he comes across a box of love notes he had written, but never sent, to his cousin Maeby. One letter, titled "If You Weren't My Cousin," was particularly incriminating. Michael enters offering his son a ride to school, but George-Michael, nervous about the letters, says he doesn't want to ride in the stair car. George-Michael decides to hide the letters in the attic.

Buster, feeling lonely, wants to meet somebody. Tobias offers to take him out on the town. Gob, meanwhile, has been fired from Sitwell Enterprises after suggesting a housing development for single swingers. Gob wants a job with the Bluth Company again, and he'll need a company car, just like Dad used to give him. Michael, upset that he never got a company car, confronts his father in the attic.

Later, Barry reports to Michael that the company stock is finally unfrozen. Meanwhile, Maeby sneaks upstairs to secretly read the stack of scripts she got after conning a film exec into believing that she's a young hotshot. But when Maeby leaves, George Sr., bored stiff, starts reading some of the scripts. Michael is out buying himself a new car and settles on a red convertible Corvette.

Tobias takes Buster, still wearing his Army uniform, out on the town. But Tobias unknowingly takes him to a gay drag bar, where Buster runs into Lucille 2. She asks Buster if he wants to renew their relationship.

Later, Michael gets an urgent call from his mother. About Buster and Lucille 2. Michael tries to talk Buster out of Lucille 2, and when assistant Starla delivers Michael some papers at Lucille's penthouse, Michael thinks he has a new girl for Buster. But Michael starts getting bad news. Each of the family members sold off their stock, putting the family in danger of losing control of the company.

Barry advises Michael that he needs to find 2,000 shares of stock to buy to regain control. A company named Standpoor holds shares of the company, and Lucille recognizes that company as belonging to Lucille 2. Lucille tells Michael to send Buster back to her so she'll sell the stock. But Buster has already fallen for Starla.

In the attic, Maeby discovers that all of her scripts have been noted so she goes to George-Michael, figuring he's responsible for helping her out. But when she tells him she's read his notes, he thinks she means the love letters. And when she says she loved his notes, he doesn't know what to do. Elsewhere, Buster breaks up with Starla after Michael talks him back into Lucille 2. But when Michael sees how sad losing Starla makes Buster, he tells his brother to go after Starla. He'll handle Lucille 2.

Michael picks up Lucille 2 in the Corvette to charm her, which re-triggers her vertigo. Michael confesses his stock scheme to her, and she says she loves the family and bought up the stock to help support them. She'll give him some of her extra stock…as long as he calls her a cab.

The next day, Gob is proud to tell Michael that he fixed the company's problem. By having sex with Lucille 2. But after he tells Lucille 2 that Lucille Bluth used the contractors Lucille 2 paid for to expand her bathroom, Lucille 2 decides not to sell her stock after all.

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