Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 8

Queen for a Day

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2005 on Netflix

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  • The show that made Liza Minnelli cool again. Or, for the first time, maybe.

    So, I never understood what the fuss was about Liza Minnelli. Judy Garland's daughter, starred in one movie about Nazis or something a long time ago that everybody made a big deal about, and somehow that makes her some kind of national treasure. Whatever. Lucky for her, she was blessed with a supporting role in Arrested Development, and now a new generation gets to witness her talents. Everybody wins. Except Gob, who had to sleep with her; Michael, who lost his company to her; and Lucille, who lost her bathroom to her. Guess it always pays to be a little nicer to the neighbors.

    So, Tobias gets a little cash and he decides to buy himself a gay bar. And then his "gang" of dancers discovers how West Side Story really would have gone down. At least they didn't throw water. I guess all that snapping and dancing was a metaphor for violence or something. I always wondered when they found time to rehearse.

    And where can I find a car salesman like that guy? Here's a practical car. No, nobody ever buys those, they're worthless. You don't need a free windbreaker. What a guy. Geez, Gob f*#$ed Lucille 2. That's taking one for the team, right there. Or for himself, I guess.