Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 8

Queen for a Day

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2005 on Netflix



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    • Barry: A company called Stanpor.
      Gob: Stanpor?
      Michael: As in the opposite of Sitwell, which is run by a certain hairless man who could be very upset with you right now.
      Gob: What has he to be upset with me about? (one of his eyebrows drops down)
      Michael: You are wearing his eyebrows?
      Gob: It made me feel dressier.

    • Gob: So, get this. I took (Sitwell's) dress eyebrows.
      Michael: He's not gonna be happy about that.
      Gob: No. Especially when he goes to the opera with two mustaches on his forehead.

    • Michael: I'm driving a staircase, for God's sake, okay? It smells like gas, I get hop-ons ...
      George Sr.: Well, of course, you're gonna get hop-ons.
      Michael: And most importantly, Dad, my son does not like to be seen in it.
      George Sr.: (laughing) But he likes being seen with that girl!

    • Oscar: I think we're going to need a new floating thermometer. And can I have your Blue Cross number?

    • Barry: Unfortunately, it's a private stock, so you cannot just buy up the shares unless someone is willing to sell.
      Michael: Are you sure?
      Barry: That's what they said on "Ask Jeeves".

    • George Sr.: I'm going crazy with the boredom, Michael. At least in prison, we had knife fights and we had movie night and once, both. Those men did not enjoy Soapdish.

    • Narrator: George Michael stumbled across a box of love letters he had written, but never sent, to his cousin Maeby. One of these, entitled "If You Weren't My Cousin," was particularly incriminating.

    • Gob: I'm an idea man, Michael. That's how I came up with F(bleep) Mountain!

    • Gob: Yeah, mothers. It's like, f(bleep)in' die already!

    • Tobias: Even if I have to take a chubby, I'm willing to suck it up!

    • Buster: Mom's becoming a little controlling.
      Michael: What tipped you off? When she locked you out on the balcony again?
      Buster: That was half my fault. I thought I saw a graham cracker out there.
      Michael: [to Lucille]You baited the balcony?
      Lucille: Prove it.

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  • Allusions

    • n/a: Ask Jeeves
      Barry says he got the stock information from "Ask Jeeves", a search engine that lets you ask questions instead of entering keywords.

    • The script Maeby leaves and George Sr. reads is Armageddon 2: Armageddon.
      Armageddon was a movie about an asteroid that was going to destroy the Earth. It starred Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler and Billy Bob Thornton to name a few. The original has no sequels.

    • George Sr. mentions that in prison, they didn't like Soapdish.
      Soapdish is a 1991 film about the world of soap operas. The comedy had lots of stars, including Sally Field, Kevin Kline, and Whoopi Goldberg.

    • Lucille Austero: Everyone thinks of Frank Sinatra.

      This is a reference to the fact that Frank Sinatra's version of the "Theme from New York, New York" is much more famous than the original recording, which was performed by Liza Minnelli (who plays Lucille Austero) for the film "New York, New York".