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  • Someone bring it back!

    this show was recommended to me by a friend, who in turn first turned in as he is a huge ''Happy Days'' fan and heard this show is like a renuion.
    God bless that friend!!!!!
    Not since the early days of Friends/Fraiser, has there been such a funnt,sharp,cutting-ege,cevlerly written comedy.
    It focuses on the bluth family, and their weird,wild, and downright wacky adventures, through the eyes of Michael[the good son, who always has to sort out everyones problems],Lindsey[his sexy sister],Tobas[Lindseys wife,who is proberly the wriedest mem. of the family],and the rest of the gang.
    Watch it at every possible chance, as it has been cancelled recently and by watching the replys you could save it!
  • The best writing since Shakespeare.

    Apart from Freaks and Geeks, this is my favorite television show, and currently, it's the best thing on TV. Everything about this show is fantastic, from the writing, to the acting, the directing, and, above all, the humor.

    This show is smart - too smart for most people. Instead of just telling a crude joke, the writers will take it and set it up so, even though it's still crude, it's clever too. Apart from that, they have so many call-backs and references to other episodes, you won't catch most of the humor unless you've seen everything before it.

    The characters are all great, albeit not terribly likeable. Michael Bluth, son of George Bluth Sr., is forced to hold his completely disfunctional family together when his father is arrested for defrauding investors.

    Definately worth watching (one of the only shows I make sure I'm in front of the TV for), and "will you excuse me please!?"
  • One man + his crazy family = One heck of a show.

    Now just the other day I saw an episode of this show. And now I\'m seeing as much as I can. This show I had heard about but never watched and I regret it now because I would have laughed and enjoyed myself a little bit more the past couple years. I didn\'t understand it from just seeing a commercial here or there. This show deserves to and should stay on the air and if it\'s not on FOX then it needs to go to another channel, even if it\'s cable. This show is amazing and within one episode (although now I\'ve seen more) it\'s become one of my favorites. Each character is unique and great as are the storylines. Four stars for Arrested Development.
  • The show was not the best thing scence sliced bread but it is definitly up there .

    The show was not the best thing scence sliced bread but it is definitly up there . I say that because I always hear two extremes when people talk about this show . They either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it . I am right in the middle . I think that it is a good show but is not a must see . It is just good . I think the show had a good run and I would have liked to see the show go on for at least a couple more years but I am definitly not devistated . If it makes them feel any better the show was always on my Tivo .
  • Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

    For whatever reason, it took me until this year to find this show, accidentally 'bumping' into an episode from the 3rd season on a Monday night in January. Since then, I've been completely hooked. Of course, with the super-fast pace and extreme intelligence the show (constantly) provides, it has lead to a near zero TV audience, although the DVDs (thankfully) have been selling very well.

    No matter. This is funniest television show on the air and quite possibly the best show overall in general that I have ever seen in my 33 years on this planet. A true classic.
  • The greatest Thing Since Chocolate Milk!

    I think that this is the best show ever. i love it to death i cant get enough of it. i used to say that about the simpsons but that show is dying. anyway arrested development is a fantastic show and has some of the funniets things i have ever seen. and it ahs an excellent cast who fit each role perfectly. i dont think there is anything to do to make the show any better except have more seasons of it!!
  • Complete genius not since Seinfeld

    Arrested Development is complete genius, not since Seinfeld have I laughed so hard and thought all the characters on the show were played perfect. Even the minor characters like Steve Holt, Barry Zuckercorn, and Ann Veal. This show is the best show on tv and it's a shame that no one was watching it. I think GOB is the best character on the show and Will Arnett plays the character so well. The magical illusions and using the song "The Final Countdown" to do his shows. His constant womanizing and the catchphrase I have made a huge mistake. I really do hope that one network has some sense and picks up this show.
  • Phenomenal acting, writing, and direction. I have never before watched a television series that had more consistency or more layers of humour. A very unique television series that is best enjoyed by devoted viewers upon repeated viewings.

    For most people, “ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT” is the best show they’re not watching. To the rest of us, it’s a treasure, a once in a lifetime television series. From the very beginning, you can easily notice great chemistry between the cast. The show’s cast is diverse, filled with the types of characters you won’t see on any other show. Every character is original and humourous, each establishing a unique identity and style. Sometimes, the characters’ delivery of dialogue alone is all that is needed to the make the viewer laugh. Add to that the fact that the show’s dialogue IS funny, and this show will have you laughing out loud when you’re home alone.

    The show incorporates the use of a non-character narrator, which differentiates the show from many other comedies. The narrator often refers back to past events and validates what the viewer thinks he has observed. In a small way, the show is reminiscent of Seinfeld, with characters causing each other problems due to Seinfeld-ian misunderstandings. Furthermore, the show has fantastic foresight. When an event occurs in one episode, it flashes back to incidents from previous episodes that had foreshadowed the current event all along.

    What surprises me most about the show is its firm commitment to consistency. If you are a devoted viewer, the show presents subtle jokes that only a devoted viewer will comprehend. For this reason, the show has fantastic replay value, as you can continue watching episodes until you’re blue in the face, or rather, until you “blue yourself,” and you’ll continue to find new layers of humour that you may have missed.

    Simply put, this show’s acting, writing, and directing are phenomenal. I have never before watched a television show that had more consistency or more layers of humour. A very unique television series that is best enjoyed by devoted viewers upon repeated viewings.
  • Misunderstood classic

    To me this show defines modern comedy. Unfortunately misunderstood by the bigger audience, this show has so many comical layers, you often have to rewatch episodes to catch all the jokes. Let's hope there'll be a 4th season, so more viewers will get the chance to discover the depths of these series.
  • A fast-paced irreverently brilliant comedy that chronicles the adventures in the lives of the once prominent Bluth family, who loses their esteem when the family patriarch (Jeffery Tambor) is jailed for embezzlement.

    A critic favorite with a cult following, "Arrested Development" is easily one of the funniest shows to ever hit television. Boasting one of the best comedic casts on television, "Arrested Development" does not wait for viewers to catch up to its quick comedy but rather expects them to jump on board and take the ride of what each week is some of the finest comedy ever produced for the screen. Mitchell Hurwitz deserves to be revered among other television greats, such as Aaron Sorkin, David Milch, and Alan Ball. There is not much more to say besides saying that if a person is blessed enough to catch one episode of this destined classic, they will not be dissapointed.
  • A comedy show which makes me crack up in my seat

    Arrested Development is this modern show which shows this troubled family whose father is in prison. But the scenes are very funny and they have meanings. Some comedy shows are just aiming to make people laugh but this has a story behind it with a lot of unique characters that make the show more live and interesting. It is my best comedy show because i truly believe that the show would get better later and more exciting. And another reason why i like it because there isnt any \"fake\" laughs in the background which makes it nice. I recommand this show for people who want to laugh and feel that their family is better than the Bluth Family. Because the show proved that my family is way better than them. They have this embarrasing shy funny moments that i could never forget and thats why its my best.
  • even if it means taking a chubby, i will suck it up!

    mm, what can i say? simply one of the best sitcoms ever. It really wasnt meant to last, and it probably wont. Wouldn't be fair to blame it on fox, but whenever you can, spread the world on the sitcom tv show of the millenium.

    "everything they do is so dramatic and flamboyant... it just makes me want to set myself on fire"
  • Go to my website

    This show was an amazing show and will be a classis memory of TV history for me. I've seen the shows ups and downs. It has gotten through hard times and has made comebacks. This show is a classic of Fox TV and will live on through TV history. I would never imagine a comedy so funny as Arested Development. It has been an amazing unforgetable show and will never be forgotten. The season finale ended like the series premiere. So in conclusion never forget this show and always have it in your heart for the people who stared in the show Arrested Development.
  • Best show ever!!!!!!!

    Arrested Development is the best show ever created! Screw FOX and the stupid American audiences who wouldn't keep it alive! Save us Showtime! This show is just too funny. Tobias is the man! The casting, in general, is incredible. The writing is sensational. George Michael is the new Napoleon Dynamite!
  • It is a sin that America does not watch this show. Showtime, please spare me one of the few joys that I have in life and save our Bluths!

    I have to admit that I did not begin watching Arrested Development at the beginning. It's not that I disliked it, I just didn't know about it, thanks to the wonderful executives at FOX. Anyway, I came in at about the start of the second season, and I have never stopped watching. Now I have first and second seasons on DVD and I am waiting for the third. I have missed many of the episodes in the third season, however, due to the fact that I cannot figure out when to watch. No wonder the ratings were low; devoted fans couldn't even figure out the Arrested Development schedule. All that I can say is that for those of you out there who need a laugh track to inform you about what may or may not be funny, I think that you are dead inside. Due to the mindlessness of the majority of the viewing American public, I may not ever see this show or others like it again.
  • Incredible

    Smart, absurd, unpredictable, everything that a great comedy should be, but most are sadly lacking. Possibly the best comedy ever conceived on FOX. Its up there with Futurama and Family Guy. However, it's failure does highlight a larger problem. People who watch TV do not want smart funny shows. They'd much rather watch American Idol. Its a shame.
  • Everyone must listen to me arrested development is getting cancelled as we al know and it will most likely get picked up, the reason it got cancelled is the same reason as family guy everyone downloaded them im telling you now for a show to stay it needs

    This will be picked up most likely buy in order for it to stay on you must be patient and not download the episodes the show needs ratings to survive.Family guy got cancelled buy everyone rallied behind it but if we all download shows and we think theres no need for television your wrong theyll just be cancelled.
  • Purely Amazing.

    I'm not good at reviews, so. Personally, this show had all that I could want from a comedy. Well built characters (who are portrayed by great actors), the constant story development, and great writers (dialogue). I also love the way the show is filmed. I love the Bluth's. Save Our Bluths!
  • The End of "Arrested Development"

    Over the years I have come to truly love a selected amount of shows, one of which was Arrested Development. From the moment this show first aired I couldn't help but think that I might have finally found the one comedy that I would never get tired of, and would never sell out. (cough simpsons cough) As time went on, I was assured that my assumption was correct. Episode after episode the show just kept getting better and better with it's random guest stars (such as super dave osbourne, ben stiller, charize theron) and its sometimes wacky but always smart sense of humor. I can see why this show didnt last. It was one of the few smart comedies on television and most people don't want smart, (either because they're lazy or in my opinion just dont get it) so inevitably this show was doomed. Luckily for us fans, we got to see three amazing seasons of this show, all on an equal level of greatness. I have to say that the final four episodes were amazing, most of all the last one. Everything that us Bluth fans wanted to see come together, came together. And not in a bad way either like a lot of shows do often, in fact this was probably the best finale for a tv show i've ever seen. Everything came together well and with the hilarity of AD that we all love. (come on, I can't be the only one who was happy to see George Michael and Maeby get to second base! =D) Anyway, Arrested Development was an amazing show and although I, along with many others are sad to see it go, it had a great run and ended so well that I hope showtime doesn't pick it up. Lets let a great show stay great. Arrested Development, you will be missed.
  • Seriously one of, if not THE, funniest shows on television!

    Arrested Development is another show that Fox is probably going to regret cancelling... The series has hilarious plot lines and jokes that are so close to the edge I'm amazed they get away with airing a lot of them. The writers are so good at taking really REALLY dirty jokes and making them appropriate. Anyways, I'm really going to miss this show, it made me laugh... hopefully it'll pull a family guy and come back somehow...
  • The destruction of the modern comedy

    This is, for me and a lot of critics, one of the best comedies out there.
    The Bluth family rocks our weekely lives with their incredible stupidity, and our daily lives are lighter just by knowing you're a arrested fan.
    I can't understand how one of the greatest award winning comedy series of the 21'st century can be left outside on the rain... If you ask me, american tv execs have a lot to think about before they get their next paycheck! Pitty...
    It looks like n'our days comedy just doesn't pay like it used to.
  • Funniest show on tv. period.

    The show is amazingly funny. This show should be praised for it originality when so many sitcoms have a much wider viewer base when this show beats them all. This show should get more credit when shows one eighth as good get 10 times more attention. Hopefully it will be picked up by showtime.
  • It's the funniest show in a long time!

    Arrested Development is the best show i've seen i a long time, it is very funny and they always come up with new elements that make it even better. The Bluth family is a cluster of ambisious people, but it isn't always that easy to make all the ideas they have to be as perfect as they want. The personality of all the familymembers make you, when you got to know them, laugh just by thinking of them. Thing like "Gob"'s chickenimitation "co ca co ca co ca" is one of my favourite little things. All of the members have one personal chickenimitation, it's so funny. Watch it, and have a good time.
  • Bluth family in turmoil over family business antics.

    Jason Bateman is understated and in doing so, hilarious as Michael Bluth; son and family member to a crackpot development family. His family moves from one crazy, self indulgent story line to the next smoothly yet awkwardly as each member brings the family to a new low. Funny and inventive, this brings a new meaning to dysfunctional family.
  • best comedy to hit television, ever.

    SO original, SO funny, and flawlessly acted by a perfect ensemble cast; arrested development belongs in the television hall of fame. and on a better channel than fox. Mitchell Hurwitz should be given a gigantic award for creating what is, indisputably, the greatest comedy currently on TV, and possibly the best of all time. A++++++.
  • Possibly the funniest most perfect comedy ever made. This show needs to be picked up by another network other wise there is something wrong with the world

    At the moment i have only seen the first two seasons as i am english and dont get shows as fast as America does. They are outstanding. I cannot give enough prase to this show. There are a few episodes that do stand above the rest, but dont get me wrong there is not a bad episode in there. The first would have to be the pilot episode, next the two episodes with jullia luis drayfuss in as the pretend blind lawyer. In the second season the episodes i liked most were my hand to god and the immaculate election. I cannot wait for the third season to come over to England. Please save this show.
  • Just bought the first and second seasons on DVD, and watching the third on TV. This show is one of the most amazing and original shows I've seen in years... well until last year's crazy addition of DH, Lost and Grey's. I hope ABC picks up this show. Love

    Just bought the first and second seasons on DVD, and watching the third on TV. This show is one of the most amazing and original shows I've seen in years... well until last year's crazy addition of DH, Lost and Grey's. I hope ABC picks up this show. Love it!
  • Undoubtedly the funniest comedy on TV and possible the funniest of all time. Witty, clever and humorous; all the things you want in a comedy, that most others don’t.

    Undoubtedly the funniest comedy on TV and possible the funniest of all time. I know eveyone cries what about Seinfeld, believe me a big fan of that to, but this show was funnier in the begining and although hasn't taken off, if it wasn't shuffled around so much would be a ratings bonanza (in Australia shown at midnight). This comedy also dares to be different in that it is filmed in a documentry style without a laughing track, to tell all the "friends" watchers when to laugh. Clearly a favourite amoung critics and is proven by how many awards it has won. Witty, clever and humorous; all the things you want in a comedy, that most others don’t.

    Since all those MTV shows about stupid teens are so popular (Real World:Austin and Laguna Beach, I\'m talking to you), how could a show of this calibur even be appreciated? Idiocy is in. Being clever, as much as it hurts to type this, is somehow not the manditory trend that it should be.

    Showtime better pick this show up or Imma wowl out and throw a hamster in someone\'s Cake-Based pudding.

    Omar out.
  • Great show, how can't you love Arrested Development?

    Arrested Development is a show you get addicted to. You cherish it, you love it, and every time you watch it, you laugh your butt off. This show must not die. If it goes to Showtime, I don't care how much it costs, I'm getting Showtime. Because this show is worth it. How can't you love Arrested Development?
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