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  • This is a show about an extremely dysfunctional family. Funny at many times. Not to mention an amazingly great all-star cast!

    When I first came across this show; I wasn't sure what to think. The first thing I noticed was the cast. Jason Bateman being the star of the show. Co-stars such as Will Arnett, Michael Cera, David Cross, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, and many others. Also this show is narrated by none other than the beloved Ron Howard. Some of these names may not be familiar, but their faces probably will be. Many other famous names have also made appearances on this show. The show itself can be very humorous. There will be a few little surprises. Arrested Development is a very creative idea. There are many shows about dysfunctional families, but I think Arrested Development takes that to a different level. One the negative side. I do not understand why they decided to have a bouncing camera. While this gives a semi-realistic feel; I wish they would have just kept it still. Overall this is a pretty good show. I'd say you have to check it out for yourself.
  • Fox made a huge mistake...

    Arrested Development is undeniably the best sitcom I have ever seen. It's original, sharp, witty and fun. What more can you ask of a 30min Sitcom.

    Every episode is a master piece, which one can watch repeatedly without becoing bored because one there are jokes there that you didn't notice the first time round.

    There are numerous things which are great about the show. 1) The characters. Every character is unique and show a different sort of humour to the audience, from Tobias with hsi gay innuendos to George-Michael as an Awkard Teenager. Even the occasional characters are funny and have unique characteristics which last in the memory rather than being outshone by the main cast.

    2) There is no laugh track. The producers arn't trying to tell you what to laugh at and makes you make up your own mind to what you find funny and thus caters to all type of humour.If there were a laugh track it would be continously playing!

    3)The Standard of acting is superb and adds to the enjoyability of the show.

    Its a pity that Fox killed the show before its time. But the cancellation hasn't stopped it being regarded as the best sitcom, if not prgram, of all time.

    In my opinion. Fox has made a huge mistake...
  • arrested DEVELOPMENT is the best show ever. Even if it is not my favorite, I know it's the best.

    "And now the story of a wealthy family, who lost everything. And the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. Is Arrested Development." The fact that this show is so very much underrated, is not much of a mystery. Actually, it just makes it better and more interesting due to it's not a mainstream, but is a hidden gem. Although it still won some awards and always had some recognition, this show can not be appreciated enough. The rating in this site is a joke, I guess everybody knows that. 9.0?! Laughable.

    A completely innovative way of making comedy.
    I'm glad there's such a show like this, that "finally"(my icon!) took away from "Seinfeld" the title of best comedy. This show really deserves it.
    This is the most clever, the most witty and the most humorous comedy that has ever existed, without any doubt. Is not funny, oh no... is HILARIOUS! I think the show receives most of the credit because of the superb writing of the series as a whole, but definitely the best of it is the funny scenes this show consistently put on screen. It is pure and genuine comedy, how is there actually funny jokes every minute. Sometimes it possibly could make you cry of the laughter. Wacthing this show kinda kills the idea of a sitcom, Arrested Development is how comedy should have been done years ago.

    We never see such a brilliant comedy, and then being cancelled after 3 seasons by the owner channel! But definitely it is very present when it is about comedy, as it is the #1 of them all!
  • Arrested Development is just brilliant.

    Wow, what a show. So clever, so well written, and so, so funny. It's perfectly casted, and should have lasted for many more glorious seasons. Its the kind of show that makes you want to tune in every week, unfortunately I had to tune in early hours of the morning to watch it, because the bbc gave it no credit what so ever. This show has been unfairly treated by just about every network it's been on. Many people have never heard of it, and my god, aren't they missing out. Those of you who love the show will know what I mean here, because once you let Arrested Development suck you in, you fight with your life defending such a fantastic show. From the crazy, gullible, never nude that is Tobias, to the arrogant, loud mouthed, yet totally insecure magician that is Gob, this show is a hidden gem.
  • This show is one of the greatest sitcoms in America, but apparently(!), Those people from Fox decided to cancel it.

    The Fox Network really made a lot of shows that were cancelled before five seasons, but "Arrested Development" proved that Fox made a stupid move. It was a really, really, REALLY good show! It had brilliant acting, famous guest stars, and it even won Best Comedy Series at the Emmys. It was a great show, and I just loved the show. But after three seasons, it got the axe...

    Even the jokes they made were so funny, that just one joke made me watch the whole series while it went on. All the famous jokes and quotes (Mr. Bananagrabber, Rita Wilson, questioning on Tobias' orientation, etc.) are like, tattooed in my head, and whenever I feel blue, I just remind myself about those fabulous jokes they made.

    So bottom line: I loved that show more than I love any sort of show that is aired on Fox right now. After only three seasons, I thought that Fox was one of the stupidest TV networks ever. So if there is a possibility, I am praying to God that they will make either a movie, bring the show back, or make a movie that becomes so successful that Fox Network will decide to bring the show back.
  • This show makes me laugh like a crazy person every time!

    The jokes are delivered so well, Lucille Bluth is my favorite for her comedic genius! To this day whenever I'm on a Ford car lot I tell the story of why Ford replaced the Bronco with the Escape. I'm really pleased to hear rumors that this story may be revived. I feel that it would be a great asset to the world if Arrested Development would go on for another few years. The humor in this show has influenced me so much. When I do magic tricks at dinner parties I make it a point to differentiate between magic and ILLUSIONS!
  • The best comedy ever!

    This show was clever, funny, and had great story lines! The way it was put together made it the best comedy of the millenia so far, if not the best of all time. The characters were unique, and well, strange. Sadly, it was taken off the air in it's prime, but at least we had three seasons. If you didn't watch it from the beginning, it was somewhat difficult to follow, but it certainly didn't deserve the boot so early. I really hope they make it into a movie, just so I can watch more of these charater's lives. My advice to you if you haven't seen it, see it!
  • A genius show. One of my all time personal favorites. It sucks it was canceled, but it went out on the top of its game. Simply perfect.

    One of the few shows (maybe the only) I would label perfect. I've watched through the series about three times now, each time being even more impressed then I was before. The writing, the cast, the story lines all worked perfectly together. Arrested Development is so much more than your ordinary comedy. The writers go above and beyond, which unfortunately, in my opinion, led to the show being canceled. The cleverness of the writing had some of the same jokes being weaved through multiple episodes, which for followers of the show made the jokes that much more relateable to and funny, but for people who hadn't seen the show before, the jokes may have come off as foreign. Some say that Arrested Development may have been too clever for its own good, but to me it was one of the most innovative new shows in a long time, and one of my lasting favorites.
  • A stroke of genuis, every character, even the really, really small ones make me laugh. Every episode has me crying, no matter how many times I've sene it - but this is more than just comic. It really should have survived a lot longer than it did.

    Pure brilliance is what this show is. The cast is just perfect, as are the characters, I can't even pick the character I love the most because it changes from episode to episode. This show is far more than just comedy though, there is something so real underneath the laugh a second action, the story of a family full of very different individuals, a story (in Michael's case) of honour and loyalty (most of the time) to said family, and a story of what it really takes to keep everyone you love together - and like I said this is just in Michael's case lol.
    The comedy itself is just down right clever, it never slips into vulgar and it has something to say about the zeitgeist, even down to the last little political statement, for example Buster's exclaim of 'mom signed me up to the army because the fat man dared her too.'
    But even aside from the comedy this show holds something else - it is down right addictive. I own all three seasons on dvd and yet if I flick onto an episode showing on the tv I have to watch it, no matter how many times I've seen it or how tired I am. Overall all I can say is this show died far too soon. It had everyhting, a knock out cast who obviously enjoyed making it, and incidentally are clearly talanted as they for the most part are not struggling for work at the moment, the genius of Ron Howard behind part of it, the adorable Jason Bateman isn't bad to look at, it was clever, it was funny, it was great, and it still had a lot of life left in it. Hopefully all the talk of a movie isn't just a pipe dream, because seeing AD on the big screen would be incredible.
  • Who ever said Americans can't produce intelligent comedy? Well, I have, on more that one occasion. But boy, I have never been more glad to be proven wrong.

    My prejudiced notion that, as a rule, British comedies compared to those of American make (or any other nation for that matter) are superior by far, sadly went unchallenged for what seemed an eternity. Time and time again abominations like "The Office US" or "Coupling US" hammered another nail in the coffin of my respect for American media. Until I stumbled upon this little piece of genius.
    I discovered this show by mere chance, as there has been no mentionable promotion for it outside of the US (nor inside apparently). And I must say, I now know how Howard Carter must have felt when he discovered the tombs of Tutankhamun. A true treasure indeed.

    Probably the best writing I've ever seen in a comedy series. Packed with jokes. Very high paced, you barely have time to recover from the last joke, and bam! you get hit by another. Great visual humor. All antics perfectly within character. It has got so many layers it would even make an onion envious; Some of the episodes I'm seeing for the third time by now, and I'm still noticing new jokes. (watch the episodes preceding 2.12 "My hand to God" a second time and you'll know what I'm talking about. I don't want to give any spoilers, but those of you who've seen them already will probably be smiling in agreement right now) Well rounded, and at the same time often totally ridiculous characters, all very well portrayed by gifted actors with subtlety and finesse. And then of course there is the "archive material"; flashbacks, statistics, simulations and security tapes (Family Guy, eat your heart out!) The shortest one lasting just over a second, but that's exactly one of the things that define the atmosphere created within this show. Details, details, details, (yes, I do love them) this show has truly mastered them.

    And then it was gone. "Exit Strategy" indeed! Apparently Fox agreed with the notion of the stereotypical dumb American and thought people couldn't handle this show! Clearly America is very capable of producing high quality television... it's just not very apt to maintaining it, because the boards and directors at the networks think their audience is as dimwitted as they themselves are! (ok jd, calm down. it's just a tv show)

    "I don't see it as a series. Maybe a movie?" 3 years ago I tried to convince my friends these words contained prophetic meaning. And what should my ears hear but... Hell yeah! Arrested Development movie announced! Initially overcome by shear joy, but as a well trained reflex doubt creeped in. I've seen what a movie can do to a good series; the Simpsons, Mr. Bean, Family Guy. All decent films in their own right, but its clearly very difficult to maintain the level of quality of an average episode, certainly with series such as these which have set the bar so high. On the other hand, Arrested Development should be able to handle long-term story lines a lot better.

    So it is with mixed feeling I look forward to this feature film, and with a bitter-sweet note I must end this review. For this until now unblemished work of art, what will the future hold? Only history can be the judge of that... What? No wait, that doesn't sound right-

    P.S. Mitchell Hurwitz, Ron Howard: thank you!
  • Why cancel such a brilliant show???? Why???

    Arrested Development is one of those underappreciated shows, which could have easily have been the biggest comedy show on tv if people actually understood the humour in it. It is possibly the funniest programme i have ever seen. Ever.

    It follows Michael Bluth, and his family, as he tries to get the family business, and his family, back on track after his father is arrested. The show is pure comic genius. The writing is excellent, the acting excellent, everything about it is excellent. And yet the network had the stupidity to cancel it. Bring it back!! It was just beginning to hit its stride before it was cancelled, and if it is brought back, perhaps people will realise just how brilliant this show is!
  • Its a great show and will never get old. Love it always have and always will.

    A funny show about a poor family with Jason Bateman playing Michael Bluth the son whose trying to get his familyout f thier money problems while nobody wants to get a job Michael spends day after day tring to get his family back on track money wise while the rest of the family refuses to get a job or help out and all they seem to do is take the money michael makes. This show is very funny in which the way mihael deals with this problem. Other actors include Portia De Rossi. This is a great show I wish it hadn't ended.
  • Watch this show it will make you pee your pants.

    although i have not seen all of the episodes i have seen the first couple seasons and i have to tell you that it is my favorite comedy on tv. Every joke is funnier than the one before. My family used to watch it every week. It is an excellent show that is going to make an excellent movie. Ironically the biggest star in the movie will be Michael Cera since he made it big with Superbad. This is a must see show and if you like this show i also recommend Curb your Enthusiasm which for everyone who watches it will have another season and a movie too. I am so exited for the Arrested development movie.
  • 8.5
    Arrested Development has so many great characters. Tobias is always funny no matter what he says. David Cross's awkward lines like "here is a sausage in the mouth for breakfast", when he is just referring to sausage is priceless. Gob and Buster usually are hilarious. The only character that is not funny is George Micheal, he is just boring. All around for a comedy it is really good. The thing its lacking most is just everything else. Its not supposed to have drama or anything else so the creators have made the show as good as possible. Arrested Development one of the best comedies ever, but it can never be more than that.
  • Fantastically funny, without question, the GREATEST "SIT-COM" EVER.

    Annyong, id like to tell you a little bit about a great show called Arrested Development.

    Critically acclaimed, this gem of a tv show proves my theory that most people are idiots. How can anyone think otherwise when this show gets canned 3 seasons in, and Stacked gets picked up in the same week!
    People would rather watch other idiots on reality tv which is the single worst thing to ever happen to the entertainment industry. Not a single mis-cast, all the writers should be sleeping on piles of awards, the direction was something new, and entertaining in its own right. The cast, my god, the cast!
    Tambor was so good as George, they created Oscar so we got more of him. Jason Bateman is as good a straight man as ive seen in recent years, and his relationship with the family is sometimes touching, sometimes biting, and always spectacularly funny. David Cross is the funniest hes ever been, even funnier than Mr. Show. Portia is both silly, and beautiful, and Jessica Walter was lightning in a "bottle"...Get it? Michael Cera plays awkward teen so well, or hes just awkward. His love story with Maeby is one of the best parts of the show. Doubt it, watch the pilot again, and watch him try to take a sip of soda after saying he was tempted to make out with her to teach their parents a lesson. Lets not forget Henry Winkler, Ed Begley Jr., and all the other guests who were all doing the best work they ever have, or probably will.

    And that brings me to Nathan Hale as Buster Bluth. I cant say enough, so I just wont say anything.


    What a great character, played by a tremendous talent.

    How good you ask.

    Ever really think you would like the song "Final Countdown"?

    In the words of Gob, "but where did the lighter fluid come from"

    There arent enough thumbs, or stars to rate this show, Please bring it back

    I realize im probably preaching to the choir, any true fan of comedy has to admit this shows got wheels. Not one moment of one episode went by where i wasnt crying from laughing so hard.

    Last but certainly not least is Ron Howard, the man who brought us coccoon, A beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, and many other phenomenal movies, and TV shows gave us the best hes ever given with this one.

    Stay tuned for the movie, rumored to be out in 2009. Normally im against tv shows becoming movies, but in this case ill make an exception, we can only hope there will be a series of movies, and in order for that to happen, others must be told.

    I urge you, if you own the dvd's, share them with friends who arent aware of how good this show truly was, tie them down and prop their eyes open if you have to. No one who really watches this show could possibly not like it. People just didnt know what we had, and i hope its not to late to regain it.

    Thanks for reading this, and have a great day.

    PS Keep hope alive, Obama 08
  • for developing in Iraq and His middle son, Michael is left to run the company. The Rest of the Bluth's, each with their own motivation, pitch in to help and the genius that is this show ensues.

    Do not miss this show!~ on DVD anyway. Why they cancelled this brilliantly written, uber funny show, I will never understand. The Bluth family and their shenanigans kept me enraptured through each episode. I think my favorite show is the one (this is so hard) where they are in the jetpacks and someone is dressed up like Godzilla stomping on the little town they had set up outside the window. Or it could be the one where Tobias decides to join the Blue Man Group and paints his "never nude" body blue from head to toe. The actors are Superbly cast and their chemestry and the animation of their characters are fabulous. My God, I watch a LOT of TV and this was the best written, most brilliantly executed show one television, possibly EVER. I am sooooooo disappointed it was cancelled. Please do yourself a favor and watch this series. Brilliant, Genius, Fabulous!
  • Jason Bateman stars as a head of a dysfunctional family who is under fraud investigation by the government. With a father in Jail and a crazy family on the outside, this show is guranteed to make you laugh.

    This show is about a family construction business that gets busted for fraud. That being said, the father is in jail, the family is living in a model home with Michael, his twin sister and her husband and daughter, Michaels son, and sometimes Gob and Buster as well. The omniscient narrator adds a little touch to the storytelling, and the characters all just work so well together, especially Michael Cera as George Michael. Arrested should have lasted longer, but with not enough support, this show is very under appreciated. Each character has such unique traits and flaws that are bound to make you crack up. Like Gob, Michaels older brother. He is an aspiring... magician, or Tobias, Michaels brother in law who was a doctor, but is now trying to become an actor. He has a phobia where he can't show his privates, thus he covers up with jean shorts. This show is hilarious and more people show know about it and watch it.
  • Micheal Bluth, son of founder George Bluth of Bluth Industries, tries to keep his company and family together, after their father is brought in on company scams.

    I never saw this show when it aired. I just finished watching all the episodes online. So what do I have to say about it? Well, if you've seen the rating I've given it, you can guess good things. This was a great show. Good, funny, and even breaking through the border of brillance, Arrested Development was still on a roll when it got taken off the air. Yes, it was cancelled as most big fans will tell you. And I'm with them in asking: Why? The show had it all. Interesting characters, interesting situations, and god was it funny. It also helped to have Ron Howard as a narrator and producer. Anyone else notice a few Happy Days pokes or cameos of the cast from the old show? Anyway, this show was more or less a real gem amoung the crap that comes out these days, especially with sitcoms. I also like to say I haven't seen a family this messed up since the Simpsons, and I'm pretty sure some critics have compared the family to that of the one from Hamlet. They wouldn't be far off. Well, coming back to the issue of its cancellation, I can say we can now only shake our heads and wait for the movie, which I've heard is supposed to be coming out sometime. Anyway, this show is one not to miss. Look it up online, go buy the DVD's, it'll be worth it.
  • A great comedy which ended before its time

    The think I love about this show is that it is different than others. The premise, writing and humor are all original and unexpected. The acting is also sublime, each actor makes their roles his or her own and brings something to the show. I think it's a shame that the has been cancelled, it definatly deserved a longer run. I suppose it all ties into the fact that networks are only focussing on making as much money as possible and are unwilling to keep a good show alive because it is good, and not successful. But I guess that's how the world works. Either way at least there will be a movie coming to satisfy some of my desire for more Arrested Development.

    If you are looking for a wel written different kind of humor, than this show is for you.
  • no summary just awesome

    Litteraly the best **** show ever i felt like i was the only one who watched it when it was on. b/c none of my friends watched it. when it got canceled i was sad and i hated people for getting this show canceled i don't understand this show was canceled and two and a half men is still on the air. that show is terrible but this show is da bomb. there is actually not one chraracter on this show who i didn't laugh at and wanted to die sometimes the mother is annoying but i think shes hillarious d
  • Do yourself a favor and watch at least 3 episodes of this show!!!

    When I first sat down with my girlfriend and watched this show on a Sunday evening in 2003, I wasn't sure if I liked it. I liked Jason Bateman and Jeffrey Tambor so I gave it another chance, plus there wasn't anything else on. After the second episode, I still wasn't sure. But let me tell you, after about the third or fourth episode, I was hooked. The jokes are non-stop. You will enjoy watching the episodes a second and third time as much as you enjoy it the first time. Now, sadly, the show is off the air, so I have to watch the DVD's. The first two seasons are gold, the third season isn't as good (in my opinion) but is still great. Also, the third season is very short. If you liked Seinfeld, chances are you will like this show. Other shows I enjoy are MASH, The Simpsons, Seinfeld and Three's Company.
  • Arrested Development was such a great series; it's a shame that so many people never bothered to give it a fair chance.

    There are many mysteries in life. These are things that we may never be able to figure out. One of those mysteries is why nobody cared about Arrested Development. The show was awesome; I know that it had an odd style of humor, due to the way in which the show was written, but I honestly believe the show was funny enough to where the masses should have been able to appreciate it. Arrested Development was a character driven show; the plots alone would not have been interesting if the characters involved didn't make it interesting, and that's why I give Arrested Development so much credit. The show had such a wide array of characters; each of them were hilarious in their own right, and I loved how their personalities developed throughout the course of the series. Could the show have been better? Sure. However, I think that the show was outstanding as it was and I was proud to consider myself a fan of such an underappreciated show; I would encourage anybody to check this series out, as if people just gave it a chance, I'm sure they would fall in love with it.
  • The Bluth family is as normal as families get. Actually they couldn't be any further. Michael Bluth tried to escape but due to his father's imprisonment he was unable to and had to start running the families company.

    I use to watch it something when it was new but only a few episodes. It wasn't until my brother got all the episodes that I started to watch them and at that time I watched all of them within a week start to finish. I loved it's characters and how outrageous they were at time. The story lines were amazing and extremely original unlike some shows that do the same ones over and over again. The cast does a great job taking on their out there roles making me laugh from the beginning to the end even without any words coming out of their mouths.
  • The only default of this series is that it stopped after three seasons !

    Arrested Development is my new comedy crush ! The casting is simply perfect, good actors who can pretty much do anything and i think it must be hard to pull off some lines like they did. The writing, too, is great they got an interesting storyline, and I think I've never laughed so hard watching TV, i hurt myself several times ... the GOB puppet, George Bluth Sr and his crazyness ... At the end of the third season, you just wish you had more, and fox makes a huge mistake cancelling that kind of show. Anyway, this i what i want to see on tv !
  • Deserves 10 more Emmy's!!

    When I first heard of this show...I didnt bother to watch it...nothing really caught my eye. But, after I fell in love with Michael Cera (which I still am) I decided to give it a shot..and started watching it online...and boy am I glad I did. It seems like a love it or hate it show...but most people love it!! This is probably the most dysfunctional family ever...which makes it hilarious and makes you want more and more!! Its comedy is quirky and unique. The narration also makes this show a one of a kind. Each character has its own story and crazy personality...which makes everyone catchy in their own way. You are always cheering for this family even though...undoubtly they will fail...but will always stuck together (but not in the cheesy way.. I swear). The writing is frankly genius...who comes up with this stuff...seriously i love you!! haha Everyone should give this show a shot...they won't regret it!! And if the rumors are true and they are making a movie...I am soo there!!!
  • Hilarious show that somehow never found its audience.

    'Arrested Development' is a great comedy. The humor is both smart and over-the top. It manages to mock real-world events (its own impending cancellation and lack of viewers) in clever ways and has many throwback/running jokes over the course of its 3 (sadly) short seasons. It also tells a surprisingly serialized story for a comedy which makes it more entertaining but it doesn't require one to be familiar with it. It is still a comedy and can be enjoyed as such, though it is MUCH better having seen all the previous episodes.

    I randomly watched half of an ep and was amazed at how funny it was, especially since I knew it was infamous for its running gags. While I know those jokes were there and going over my head, there was still enough to make me laugh out loud and enjoy. This is a series that I already want to watch over again just to see what jokes I missed and, knowing what is to come, see how they setup the ridiculously hilarious plot developments which makes everything even funnier.

    The end does its best to wrap up loose ends throughout the series but still leaves room to continue on if that is to happen one way or another. Hopefully the oft-rumored movie will actually come to be and allow this series to have the audience it deserved! BRING IT BACK!
  • This is one of the most funny,witty,bizarre,zany and hilarious shows around. I love it! I wish they would bring it back.

    This is such a funny and clever show. The name of the show accurately depicts the mentality of the Bluth family members. It centres around widower Michael and his son George-Michael. It also involves their extremely self-absorbed family. There are a multitude of on-going story lines that follow like a thread throughout the whole series, such as the patriarch who is in jail and trying to escape, the crush that George-Michael has on his female cousin (who turns out not to be his real cousin), the strange marriage between Michael's sister and her husband Tobias, the shady dealings of Buster, etc. It is unlike any other show. It was superbly acted and written, and always delivered big laughs for those people with an off-beat sense of humour. It is one show that definitely deserves to be resurrected.
  • Short and simple, Arrested Development was the best comedy on TV, and probaly one of the greatest TV shows ever produced.

    Arrested Development is the best comedy ever. If you don't belive me watch one episode. Its smart, clever writing keeps you fully immersed in the show. Another great thing about it is as the show goes on the charaters just get funnier because you understand their quirks more. The jokes never stop coming, and they never seem out of place. Even at its worst, it's still better than most comidies on TV. It's cruel that the show was cancelled because by the third season you actually want to hang out with some of these charaters. Now would someone get working on that movie?
  • fantastic

    one of the greatest shows ever, it was very sad to see it go off the air. With an incredibly talented cast, and hilarious guest stars and writing, it is a shame that this show is off air. The show about an extremely dysfunctional spoiled family still manages to amuse audiences everywhere, yet it sadly the show remains off air. However, their is hope on the horizon with a new animated show created by the creator of arrested development and three of the shows stars starring in it and a new AD movie coming out in the near future, there is hope for AD fans everywhere.
  • Want it back!

    this was one of the funniest shows ever made!

    I miss all of them, poor Gob:

    "Michael: I might not be the best witness either. I got a phone call from Kitty this morning.
    Barry: Your secretary?
    George Sr.: My secretary.
    Michael: She says that she's got some evidence, and she's threatening to bring down the company unless we meet her demands.
    Gob: Oh, that is just great. Now, I'm expected to climb back on top of Kitty and do my thing again. I mean, this family runs into problems and it's "Oh, let's have Gob (bleep) our way out of it."

    he he Absolutely Great Show!
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