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  • If only Fox could bring it back.

    This was probably one of the best shows to ever play on Fox. It was not appreciated for its innovative comedic style. My favorite part of every episode was the "next time on Arrested Development" It let you see funny, new things about all the characters that wouldn't be seen in the next episode. The show had excellent recurring themes, events, and characters that only avid watchers would truly understand. The narrator of the show offered an excellent insight into the minds of the characters. Overall this show will remain a classic even though it only lived through three seasons.
  • Why did this show have to end?

    This shows awkwardness was absolutely superb. David Cross alone made the half an hour a week worthwhile. This show should have never been cancelled. I suppose America just wasn't ready for this in your face comedy. I love this show with misfits. A family who really puts fun in disfunctional. These characters are suprisingly well developed. Ronald Howards on the top naration is a gut buster. Watching the character of Buster try to grow away from his mother is delightful. Watching George Michael trying not to have a crush on his cousin Maybe is not only funny but you feel guilty for laughing so you laugh harder. An all around good comedy that needs to come back one way or another.
  • A well deserved "10"!

    I have seen many ratings of "10" handed out willy-nilly, but I feel I need to make a commentary about that: A 10 should only be handed out if the show in question is absolutely PERFECT and cannot be improved in any way. This is the only show I've ever seen that qualifies. From the insane disfunctionality of the Bluth family to the flawless narration of Ron Howard to the brilliant omission of an idiotic laugh-track, this show hits the mark with each and every episode. There are absolutely no weak episodes and no uninteresting storylines. This show is a rare triumph that should be brought back without delay. Its cancellation was a crime.
  • This really is one of the best show!

    This is the kind a show that you have to watch all the episodes in order... you can't just catch a show somewhere in between the season and really appreciate it for what it really is. I think that might have been the problem. You have to evolve and grow with the show and get to know the characters to really get into it and realize why things happen the way they do. This is really one of the funniest shows I've ever watched, sucks that it ended after the 3rd season, but if you get the chance, grab the DVD's and enjoy it from the beginning, you won't regret it!
  • Quite simpley the best comedy ever.

    The reason Arrested Development is so great is also probably why it never got a huge audience. The storylines and humor build so much from episode to episode that they have to all be seen together for full effect. Unfortunately this made the show hard for new fans to jump in mid-run. But now that all three seasons are on DVD you can watch it to full effect. Jokes that are set up in the one episode may build and build until the punchline comes seemingly out of nowhere 3 or 4 episodes later. Soemtimes jokes are made that call back to events from an entire season or two before. But that doesn't mean you have to wait for the funny either. Each episode has plenty of stand-alone humor, both in the forground and background, both writing an visually. Just try the first didsc of the first season and you'll bee hooked.
  • From the opening credits: Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It's Arrested Development. And you are going to love it.

    As far as dysfunctional families go, the Bluths are a league of their own. Alleged treasonous Dad in prison, Mother who drinks 24/7, magician son, ego-centric daughter and her husband, a former doctor who wants to make it as a actor, a near-retarded brother and the least abnormal of the lot, Michael and his son George Michael. A friend of mine told me about this show and that I absolutely needed to watch it. I started watching and I just kept watching, sometimes till four in the morning. I was hooked almost immediately. The show uses a very rare kind of comedy, or at least a kind of comedy I never really saw. Also, the callbacks are brilliant, you really need to see every second of the show or you might miss a joke later on.
    I am not going to give too much, but I will say this to people who have yet to see this show: WATCH IT!! And I also recommend that when you are done watching, watch it again. You will understand twice as much jokes. This show is the best comedy ever made in my opinion, so watch it and you will not be disappointed.
  • Michael Bluth's family includes two brothers, 1 of which is THE mama's boy and the other loves magic. His sister married a visibly gay man and cheats on him. They're child is the crush of Michael's son. When he was ready to leave, his dad went to prison.

    The world may not have been ready for the genius show 'Arrested Development'. Filled with seriously twisted plots, hilarious characters where we can say 'I know someone like that!' about at least one of the characters and a fantastic cast, this show is one of the best for the decade. I love Will Arnett portraying Gob and David Cross. There is no way this show should've been cancelled after 3 seasons. There is so much more that could have been done with this show and it is a shame to see it gone. I have all 3 seasons and watch it over and over!
  • A Mock-umentary about a dysfunctional family, get ready to laugh, cry (of laughter and joy), and share with your friends.

    This show falls in line with other comedies such as The Office, The Simpsons, Scrubs, Family Guy. Arrested Development through its capture of a selfish family is able to teach lessons, make fun of society, and create great quotes that you cannot wait to use on your friends. The actors perform their role spectacular and its almost impossible to see them in any other form (for example Michael Cera plays a similar character in Superbad), no one seems to be overdoing it even if the characters are outrageous at times. The show makes use of flashbacks slap-stick comedy similar to what Family Guy uses. The show is like Seinfeld in the sense that you not only enjoy the main character of the show but fall in love with the supporting members. So I suggest you stop reading this review right now and go on and watch the episodes on MSN video, they are free, so what do you have to lose except time?

    -COME ON! or are you a chicken?
  • Bring it Back

    After viewing several episodes, I found this to be a witty, and sometimes delightfully funny program. Droll, hardworking, and recently widowed Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) has to endeavor with his father's (Jeffrey Tambor) imprisonment (in part to his real-estate company trading practices) his pampered mother Lucille (Jessica Walter), twin sister Lindsay, younger brother Byron "Buster" Bluth and his out-of-work oldest brother magician GOB. (or George Oscar Bluth II, pronounced "Jobe"). After George Sr. is sent to prison, the unbearable family members turn to Michael to head the corporation and handle their funds. Through it all, Michael has a son, George Michael, a timid and rather confounded young man who idolizes his daddy, has a mild infatuation with his only cousin, Maeby (Lindsay's daughter), and is in charge of the semi-popular Bluth frozen banana stand at Newport Beach's Balboa Island
  • This is the sort of TV show I'd leave home to marry.... (if I wasn't already married... and you could marry a TV show...) I can't believe that this show wasn't popular when it was aired on US television.

    This is a fantastic show, and such a terrible shame that it didn't rate high enough to continue longer than the 2.5 seasons it had.

    The writers did an awesome job. We grew to love all the characters and their quirks. There was at least 1 time in each episode where we laughed so hard that we cried.

    I've only recently been introduced to Arrested Development by a work colleague.

    He loaned me Season 1 on DVD. I took it home and after the first 5 minutes of the extended pilot episode, both my wife and I were hooked. We watched the whole of season 1 over 2 nights, then had to wait a few days while my colleague finished watching season 2 again. We've just started on disc 3 of season 2, and have season 3 waiting to go.

    Actually, I just remembered. I saw part of the episode where George Sr was having his conjugal visit in prison, when it was aired on Channel 7 here in Ausralia. So when I had the opportunity to watch the whole thing, I took it.

    Let's hope that the team can get back together to give us more in the future.
  • This was an amazing show and every time you rewatch an episode it is funnier than the last time. I'll never get tired of those Bluths.

    This is one of the funniest shows ever made. It was clever unlike any other show and FOX didn't appreciate it like it should have. But talks are going on for a movie if the writer's strik ever ends. Oh please, please, please give us a movie. You cancelled the show, you could at least have the decency to placate us with 2 1/2 hours more of the Bluth family.
    This show had some of the most loyal fans ever and as David Cross said, it was obviously a marketing problem because the people that heard about it loved it for consecutive years. Maybe SOMEBODY didn't do enough advertising.
  • I miss it.

    Arrested Development was a character-driven American television comedy series about a formerly wealthy, habitually dysfunctional family. The show is presented in a mockumentary format, complete with narration, archival photos, and historical footage. Although set in Newport Beach and Balboa Island, California, it was primarily filmed on location around Culver City and Marina Del Rey.
    I miss arrested development it was just genius the family was nuts and the storylines mad but it all made the show even funnier, it is great you will always laugh a this show and I recomend it to anyone with a good sense of humour you will love it.
  • one of the best TV show that is ever showed on TV, full of black humour, but full of wisdom and reality.

    The show express its altitude against people and families today. Of course the problems not only exist in the US, but in most parts of the world as well.Seemingly harmful "little" human weakness are showed in the show in a non-harmful but insightful ways.
    The show satirized the American ways of living, the thought on self-centering and materialism. But it also reflected the stuggle of Michael and his sense of family and the desire of keeping his family together. Of course, his prooud big family, and the need of burning down money to feed their desire and hyprocritical, Michael always having problems helping his family, but he never stopped trying.
    Even though, bring this show back seemed to be impossible now, Arrested Development will always stand out of its time, and it has always been a classic.
  • Decent

    After viewing several episodes, I found this to be a witty, and sometimes delightfully funny program. Droll, hardworking, and recently widowed Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) has to endeavor with his father's (Jeffrey Tambor) imprisonment (in part to his real-estate company trading practices) his pampered mother Lucille (Jessica Walter), twin sister Lindsay, younger brother Byron "Buster" Bluth and his out-of-work oldest brother magician GOB. (or George Oscar Bluth II, pronounced "Jobe"). After George Sr. is sent to prison, the unbearable family members turn to Michael to head the corporation and handle their funds. Through it all, Michael has a son, George Michael, a timid and rather confounded young man who idolizes his daddy, has a mild infatuation with his only cousin, Maeby (Lindsay's daughter), and is in charge of the semi-popular Bluth frozen banana stand at Newport Beach's Balboa Island.
  • A show about Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) and his disfunctional family getting into rediculous situations. The fact that a show this funny could get cancelled is beyond me?

    This would have to be the greatest sitcom of all time (except of course Seinfeld.) The situations the Bluth family get into each week are surreal. G.O.B. and Tobias would have to be the most rediculous out of the group. G.O.B. is hilarious because he just doesnt seem to know any better when he does things wrong and would always like to be right. Tobias on the other hand has many fears making him seem very feminine on the show. If you ever get the chance, watch the DVDs or it is actually being shown on HDNET if you get it. The fact that this show got cancelled is very sad and disappointing, now there are no sitcoms to rely on anymore to make you laugh.
  • One of the best sitcoms of our time!

    Arrested development is a brilliant sitcom, its just fantastic. It follows a family who were once rich but lost everything and one of the members of the family (Michael Bluth) is trying to get the family company back on its feet.

    The show has an original storyline and a very funny cast. The show uses, sarcastic and ironic humor which will make anyone laugh. It does not try too hard to be funny and is just right. Although each character is funny in their own way.

    Overall Arrested development is a superb show and i wish it was still around today so that more people could have the chance to experience the state of laughter you fall into while watching the show.
  • A great show was smart humor and lovable characters.

    This show was so hilarious, why only three seasons? It's a shame to put all of the potential to waste. Tobias is my personal second favorite. He's lovable, funny, witty, and strangely charming for a questional guy. He has great facial expressions and background humor [doing something funny when the scene isn't about him]. But David Cross isn't the only shining star. My favorite character by far is Buster Bluth. Tony Hale does a wonderful job with this acting challenge, and he almost forces you to love Buster. He's a lost and lonely guy, with a great side of humor, when he didn't even realize that what he said was funny. At least Buster doesn't, Tony Hale saw and expanded the true potential of Buster, and the entire cast made this show a wonderful, hilarious three season ride.
  • One of the best comedies that ever aired on television. Ahead of it's time and cancelled before it should've ended.

    The story of Arrested Development is hilarious and lovable however, the story of how it ended is depressing. The fact that it was cancelled is so frustrating because it was an amazing show that, if it was given a chance, would become big. But it wasn't given a chance, FOX cancelled it. For more reality shows like "skating with the stars"!?!? woww

    Okay, this isn't about how FOX made a "Huge Mistake" this is about how amazing Arrested development was! Michael Bluth is a great character, GOB is a great character...hell even the puppet Franklin was a great character. This show was full of comedy, great continuity (inside jokes from older episodes would be brought up a lot, unlike in other shows) and it even had some touching moments here and there that would get you choked up. Heres to you Arrested Development. If you've never seen this show you should really give it a chance
  • Best show ever to air on television. Too bad noone watched it.

    After three solid season of this show I can safely say that it is the best show that has ever been on Television, ever. The best cast on any show ever, the best continous writing ever(this is one of the only sitcoms that attempts to connect every show together, almost like a movie, at all, let alone successfully),and brillaint directing by none other than Ron Howard. There is no way to describe this show, its understated dry humor is appealing of course, only to those who like understated dry humor. You also have to watch the show from first episode to last, becasue of the above stated reason that it flows like a movie (though I did pick up the show in the first quarter of its second season). Every member of the cast seems like he/she must have been hand picked and pre written into the roll. Every cameo appearance is ridiculous and usually lasts for multiple episodes. The show is great, it's indiscribable, and just watch it. Who knows, if DVD sails are high enough maybe they'll bring it back some day, or at least do a reunion.
  • This was an excellant series; a curse on everyone who cancelled it.

    I love this show. Very few shows make me break out laughing these days anymore. Arrested Development is finally what all comedies should be: thick characters, rich plots, excellent talent and intelligent humor mixed with momentary nods to other shows by the cast; the only thing it lacked was support from the FOX netwok. Henry Winkler as lawyer Barry Zuckerkorn periodically has little "Fonzie" moments. Jason Bateman has been waiting for a great show like this. He's starred in shows like "It's Your Move" and "George and Leo" that were great, but they never bordered on excellence like this show. Portia De Rossi makes me forget she once did "Ally McBeal." She just never reached her full potential there. I can say the same thing for David Cross (The Drew Carey Show) and Jeffrey Tambor (The Ropers, Mr. Sunshine,); both of them reach to greater comedic heights here. I've never seen Jessica Walter do comedy before, but it's amazing the depth of antagonism she brings out as the spiteful and venomous family matriarch. Also part of the cast are Will Arnett, Tony Hale, Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat; four unknowns I've never heard of who ought to go far with this series in their resumes. It's just uncanny as to how the plots this repertoire of actors create constantly overlap; they do the show so effortlessly. Ron Howard coming out of his busy schedule to do narration also adds to this successful formula as he reveals past events and tidbits that may or may not have repercussions later. It's through his words we really enter this world and even thank the heavens we are not members of this crazy family, but to tell the truth, I kind of wish I was. I only wish the series was back on Sundays with "The Simpsons" and after "The War at Home." FOX sticking the series on Mondays seems to reveal they have contempt with the show the same way NBC had with "Star Trek" and CBS with "Gilligan's Island," and look where they are now: two TV legacies that never reached their full potential because some freaks with low intelligence pulled them off the air against the wishes of their fans.
  • Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It's Arrested Development.

    Arrested Development is brilliantly offbeat and hilarious. Mixing sharp satire, goofy slapstick, ridiculous story lines, and one of the most brilliant ensemble casts of all time. This show never got a fair chance,and I recommend to everyone that they rent or buy the seasons and watch them all, and trust me, after the first episode, you will be hooked. It was easily the greatest Television Sitcom of all time. Jason Bateman is wonderful as the dry witted straightman, and you really start to feel a connection to this insane family and their antics. When FOX cancelled Arrested Development, it was making the biggest little mistake of it's life.
  • Hilarious. Seriously hilarious.

    "Arrested Development" is quite possibly one of the best shows... ever. Similar to "The Office", it's filmed in a manner that mimics a documentary. The writing, casting, and acting are simply pure genius. When George Bluth gets imprisoned for illegal activities concerning his development business, it's up to his son, Michael Bluth, to keep his father's business afloat and to help out his greedy, crazy family. Every character in this show is perfect in its casting and development, and with a script that is just fantastic and absolutely hilarious, this show is a must-see! "Arrested Development" is a show that you'll want to watch over and over again. Every time you see an episode, you'll pick up more hilarious dialog and and innuendos that you may have missed the first time around. It's a shame that the show didn't last longer, and I definitely recommend not just renting, but BUYING it. I know that you'll love it, and that you will enjoy every episode.
  • Bring it back!

    How can you deprive the world of an obvious classic? If the cast would come back you should put it in the old Seinfeld time spot. I can't just watch three seasons of reruns, I've seen them all and they're all good but I need something new. Everyone I know wants the show to come back like family guy did; I need a little Funke & a lot of Bluth. Please Bring It Back Thanks and I hope you find it in your heart to make a funny show funny again... BTW just to let you know I didn't even know about the show when it was on T.V. so I never got to watch it the first time.
  • A wonderful comedy about a man who tries to keep a company, the family and his life in order after his father gets arrested.

    When I saw one episode of this show, I was hooked on it. Arrested Development is so witty and entertaining, I'm really surprised it was cancelled. In the first episode, the owner of the Bluth Company, George gets arrested. The second eldest son: reasonable, levelheaded, Michael takes control. He tries to get his father out of jail and he's got the rest of his wacky family to deal with. The characters are great, hilarious, and wonderfully entertaining. I really enjoy the situations they get into and how things tend to be connected when we never would have expected it. Arrested Development is by far the best comedy show I've ever seen.
  • Its one of the most loviest, funniest, orginal shows EVER I SAID EVER produced..

    this show is about a family like many other shows but its not about any other dysfunctional family its about a family that is so dysfunctional that it all actually works. its funny as hell and it makes me wanna laugh like a mad woman. Its a great fix when you're bored, or feeling upset or whatever it'll certainly get you laughing. what i dont understand at all!! i mean at all, is how in the world shows like you're it, grounded for life, even scrubs stay on air and a show this amazing and this original doesn't get called for another season. i mean what in the world is wrong with the viewers. well all i have to say is if you dont get the comedy in the show you're sense of humor needs a intervention!!!!... i seriously love it to bits! And I cant wait to get more of arrested development and the bluth family.
  • Pure gold!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quite possibly one of the most underrated shows of its time. All of the character interactions are executed flawlessly. David Cross is absolutely hilarious. Jeffrey Tambor plays the funniest role of his life. Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Tony Hale all give excellent performances. Why did Fox take it off the air. Only three seasons and I still want more. BRING IT BACK!!!!!! Why is it that every time I get really in to a show they take it off the air. It's a conspiracy. If there is anyone out there who is reading this and has any say in this show, I urge you to BRING IT BACK!!!!! Please!!
  • Dad in jail. Only trustworthy son runs business. Crazy family. Freakin' hilarious!!!

    When George Bluth, president of the Bluth Company, gets imprisoned for his activities it is up to his only trustworthy son, Michael Bluth, to keep not only his business together, but also the family. Michael, the only member of his family who is not completely selfish and greedy, is forced to stay and help out his family despite what is actually better for himself. His son George Michael has the same qualities of decency, but feels a constant pressure to live up to his father's expectations, and is reluctantly willing to follow his father's plans, which do not always agree with his. Michael's mother, Lucille is very manipulative, as well as materialistic, and hypercritical of every member of her family. In particular, she has a tight grip on her youngest son Byron "Buster" Bluth who, as a result of his mother's dominance and sheltering, is unstable, socially inept, and prone to panic attacks. His oldest brother Gob is an unsuccessful professional magician whose business and personal schemes usually fail. His twin sister Lindsay Funke is flamboyant and materialistic, continually desiring to be the center of attention and attracted to various social causes, usually for a week or so. She enjoys being objectified, but also protests it. She is married to Tobias Funke, a discredited psychiatrist, aspiring actor, and "never-nude", whose language and behavior have homosexual connotations. Their attention-starved but sweet daughter Mae "Maeby" Fünke is the polar opposite of her cousin George Michael-skipping school, cheating on homework, and stealing money from the family's banana-stand business. The ever-rebellious teen, Maeby's chief motivation is going against her parents' wishes. When all put together this story and cast makes this show one of the better, in my own view, television shows on network tv, and I would recomend buying this show to anyone.
  • Funniest show on tv since SOAP.

    This is truly a show that needs to be re-visited by the powers that be at any network with good sense. In lieu of it being brought back to network tv, a yearly movie keeping us up to date with the Bluth family would be very much welcomed---the show was THAT good people. It had subtle humor, it had WAY over the top humor. It was narrated perfectly by Ron Howard, and every character was cast absolutely PERFECTLY. Henry Winkler is a scene stealer as family attorney Barry Zuckercorn...until he is replaced by a character named Bob Loblaw (as in a lawyer is nothing but double talk and 'blah blah blah'...) who is played by...Scot Baio. Richie replaces The Fonz with Chachi...just a lot of levels of humor with this show. When Barry is about to comb his hair in front of the mens restroom mirror...all I can say is 'Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy!' to 'Arrested Development'!
  • Fox made a huge mistake...

    What can I possibly say about this show except that I can't believe it got cancelled. It was one of the best shows ever made, and few shows can even come close to this show in sheer comedic genius. The characters are fantastic, the acting is superb, the dialogue is hilarious, and the plot is exceptional. The writers did an excellent job of creating unique characters and carrying them through the series. This is a show that you watch over and over again, because its creative qualities are so far superior to almost any other show out there. Although there were only a few seasons made, this show earned a place in the hearts of all who long for originality in television. I miss this show so much!
  • Unique, Intelligent, and Irreverent -- no wonder it didn't last..

    Arrested Development was one of those rare television shows that truly broke the mold, and in doing so, created a genre unto itself. Similar to 'The Office', the cinematography led you to believe you were watching hidden cameras showing you people behaving as they normally do -- quite different from the staged look and laugh tracks that usually accompany sitcoms. The dialogue, while sometimes a bit contrived, rewards the intelligent viewer who is paying close attention (similar to 'Scrubs' in this regard). Furthermore, unlike the other programs that were accompanying this show on Fox's Sunday night lineup (Family Guy, Simpsons, etc.), you could not attain the full enjoyment from this show by just sitting down and catching any half-hour episode. I started watching toward the end of the first season, and since going back and catching up, it's amazing how much more of the dialogue takes on new (and hilarious) meaning..

    While it's a shame this show didn't survive any longer, I highly recommend grabbing the DVD set, starting from the first episode, and enjoying this great show. Review by Robert H. Goretsky of Hoboken, NJ
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