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  • Arrested devlopment is another one of my favourite comedy series that unfortunately ended after the third season. Bring it back!!!

    Arrested development is such a funny comedy series, I love the actors and the lines that they say that are just amazing. I'm so mad that they ended the series after the third season because not enough people were watching the show. Which I think is pathetic because this show was funny I don't know why people didn't like it, maybe because they didn't understand the type of smart comedy, that was intended for a smart audiance to understand. I don't know, but I really started to like the show and then I find out it ended in 2003 and that just maid me more mad. Overall I thought this show was hilarious and smart, so they should bring it back and give it another chance.
  • Best Comedy Ever!

    Arrested Development may be the greatest comedy that I have seen. It's just perfect. The writing,the cast,the acting,the jokes, its all perfect. I have no clue why FOX would cancel one of the best shows on at that time. I mean how can you not love this show and once you buy the dvd set its alot more fun because I never watched while it was on the air and now that I've found out about this show and bought the dvds I'm always watching at least one epi a day. All in all, Its a great show and if you want real smart comedy instead of these other shows with laugh tracks, I highly suggest trying out Arrested Development.
  • One of the greatest comedies I have ever watched.

    Arrested Development is unbelievably funny it's amazing!!!!!!! All the characters are hilarious, the acting is pefect, and the writing is great. Tons of inside jokes and memorable line from this show its crazy. Its without a doubt the best comedy i've had the pleasure to buy on dvd and one of the best shows of all time. It should have stayed on the air for a much longer time and who knows how many more laughs we all would have had if it did? All in All, anybody who wants to see some real, amazing, genious comedy rent or buy arrested development. I mean its just THAT good.
  • Arrested Development!

    Bring it back! This was so hilarious, and I loved siting down and watching this show with my family. I enjoyed laughing for 30 minutes about the crazy things that everyone did on the show. I liked all the characters in Arrested Development, because they were all just so funny. I loved the characters George Michael Bluth and Maeby Funke. They were just so funny together, and they would always talk. And George Michael would always be funny with his friends when he ran the frozen yogurt stand. Everyone in this show would totally crack me up. I really wish that they didn't cancel it. The 30 minutes went by really fast, and I would always be so excited about the next episode. The shows never were boring, and they were always fantastic. I seriously love this show. I hope they at least do a reunion episode in a couple of years for the Arrested Development, because I really want to watch it again.

    Ok well this programme is insane,but excellent at the same time.Each character brings there own insane personality to make this tv programme a work of genius.It's basically about a screwed up family that's family company is going down the drain because of some bad & dodgy dealings within the company.The dad is arrested because of this,which make the oldest and only sane character in the series michael bluth take over the company.So basically it's all about michael bluth trying to get the company up and running,while the rest of his family makes his life a living hell.

    Ok well this programme is insane,but excellent at the same time.Each character brings there own insane personality to make this tv programme a work of genius.It's basically about a screwed up family that's family company is going down the drain because of some bad & dodgy dealings within the company.The dad is arrested because of this,which make the oldest and only sane character in the series michael bluth take over the company.So basically it's all about michael bluth trying to get the company up and running,while the rest of his family makes his life a living hell.
  • Arrested Development is probably the best sitcom since the end of Seinfeld or even in terms, better then Seinfeld. The show is fast paced, funny, great characters and most important a good story. This unwatched gem is a classic onto itself.

    Arrested Development follows the story of Michael Bluth a man who has worked for his father's company and eyeing to run the company from his father, however when his father George Sr. gets arrested it's up to Michael to try and take care of the company and at the same time try to keep his family together and prevent them from destroying the entire company. The characters include GOB who is Michael's older brother and a lousy womanizing magician, then there is Lindsay who is Michael's socialite and lazy twin sister, then there is Buster who is Michael's younger brother and who is a total mama's boy and wimp, then there is Lucille who is Michael's socialite and aggressive natured mother, and of course Michael's teenage son George Michael who is nerdy and awkward, then there is Tobias who is Lindsay's husband who's sexual orientation isn't visible, then there is Maebe who is the daughter of Lindsay and Tobias, and George Sr. who is the father of the Bluth children and of course involved with illegal dealings. The show is fast-paced, enlightening and features great cameos from Henry Winkler, etc. This show was an unwatched gem that was unfortunately never really as potentially big as it could have been. Despite the Emmy Wins, I personally feel that the idiotic marketing by Fox and not putting it behind the American Idol time slot really hurt this show. Arrested Development was downright hysterical, downright grand and downright a great show that millions of people never glanced at. Just a great amazing classic sitcom.
  • I really wish this show did not get cancelled because it was one of the best shows of television. They had a great cast and I wanted to see this show shine more than the network let it. Of course now it is getting popular for showing it on other stations!

    The cast is remarkable and brought the show to a new level. The characters are ahead of time. I don't think people realize how realistic this was and the world wasn't ready for it yet. This is a normal dysfunctional family and Michael tries to keep them together. It is like an average family (almost with exaggerations now and then.) It definately brought a whole lot of laughs to the viewers. I really wish this show would of gotten another chance to make more people laugh and coming up with more situations that we could sit and laugh at out loud.
  • best show ever

    this is the most amazi ng show ever it rules it rocks it should nt have been canc elled what the he ll were they think ing every char acter is awesome every episode is funny all through out the whole time the writing is great its different no annoying laugh track, great actors and actres ses, hilar ious all the time no other show comp ares to this on the only one I can think that is at all similar is curb your enthu siasm which is awesome too but not as great as this and not unfairly cancelled!
  • Arrested Development was a one of a kind comedy!

    I'll admit, I didn't watch this show at first. Then I gave it a look, & WOW! The storylines were outrageous, the writing was superb, & I was hooked from then on! The cast was fantastic, they meshed so well, it was just astounding - & the way they delivered some of their lines... couldn't have been done better! One of my favorites was the recurring character of Barry Zuckerkorn (Henry Winkler), the Bluth family attorney. All 3 seasons of this wonderful show are out on DVD & well worth buying - go ahead, you know you want to!
  • Oh, the brilliance that is Arrested Development.

    This ambitious comedy launched by Fox back in 2003 proved to be a hit. Winning an Emmy for Best Comedy Series in its first season, the show was recognized as hilarious; genius; one of the best shows television had seen in quite a while.

    Unfortunately, the show’s popularity just didn’t last. Struggling with ratings and the perfect timeslot, Fox mercilessly axed Arrested Development in its third season.

    The reason? Simple. The average American audience (which is where the ‘ratings’ come from) couldn’t appreciate the subtle and allusive humour infused in Arrested Development. There were a strong five or so million, not counting the worldwide audience, who recognized the show’s brilliance. Yet there remained many others who wanted the blatant in-your-face comedies they’d been fed before; the types of shows where the jokes are obvious, and the in-house audience has to laugh for you. They couldn’t connect one episode with the other, which is how so many jokes are formed on this show. They were unable to appreciate the many double entendres; or maybe they just weren’t smart enough.

    Regardless of the “other” population, the rest of us were getting side aches from laughing so hard, and still are. Just the mention of a joke from Arrested Development gets me in a fit of laughter that is hard to stop.

    Each actor on the show is perfect. They are all able to capture the essence of their character, and better yet, they make it believable. This aspect is something that many comedies are sorely lacking. (But, for some reason, that appeals to the major American audience. Go figure.)

    While the short-lived Arrested Development is forgotten by many, we, the appreciative few, will continue to wear the DVDs thin. I just can’t get enough of Michael’s numerous attempts to straighten out his family; Gob’s tricks (uh, I mean allusions); George Michael’s awkward ramblings; Tobias’s analraping; Lindsay’s protests; Maeby being smarter than her parents combined; Buster’s odd childlike behaviour; Lucille’s ceaseless rantings…

    …oh, I could go on forever. Long live Arrested Development, this generation’s funniest and smartest show.
  • Smartest and most absurd comedy of all time

    Arrested Development is a hilarious comedy about the escapades of a rich and dysfunctional family. The combination of brilliant acting, writing and directing make it appeal to viewers who are not satisfied by the drivel that makes up most mindless sitcoms. The unique characters, while hilarious on their own, come together to paint a picture of the absurd life of the Bluth family. Not a moment is wasted in this series. Every joke is hysterical and every episode a classic. The reactions of the "straight man," Michael, and the neutrality of the narrator (director Ron Howard) provide the optimal balance to the behavior of the wackier characters. If you are sick of lame laugh-tracks, predictable jokes, tired characters and recycled plot lines, check out Arrested Development, the greatest sitcom ever cancelled.
  • Need more!

    I agree with most people that this show needs to be brought back!! How could they cancel this show. This is really funny and addicting, especially if you watch it in a bunch, like I did. I don't understand Fox at all, why did they cancel this? The cast is great, and the third season was one the best ones too. People need to start watching this show, it's so funny and smart. It didn't get the recognition it deserved, and I think people should start buying the DVD's, and watch this great show. This is classic comedy, and I definately recommend people to start watching it.

    I'm writing a short review, mainly for people who are already fans of the show rather than to new viewers finding out more, so apologies there.

    But I'm sure die-hard fans will not mind if I make a quick note to ask you to sign a petition for a Christmas 2009 Special. Please come along to to add a message of support.

    I've rambled a bit as I had to make this 100 words!
  • Smart

    I confess...I never watched this show until it was way too late for that. I think I tried to watch the pilot when it first came on and I was all confused and disorientated by it. It was weird.
    But then I watched the DVD's and that's where it's at. You've gotta be able to watch a block of them at a time for the full awesomeness to come on.
    The whole Bluth family is a mess, a complete absolute mess. They don't stick together, they barely respect each other, they lie, cheat and steal from each other. One hides his insults behind a jive-talkin doll, several of them are drunks and the main character, Michael, doesn't understand that he is just as bad as the rest courtesy of a martyr complex. They could quite be the best worst family I've ever seen on TV, but I would never go to a Save Our Bluth's fundraiser ever.
  • This show makes your family seem normal!

    One of the quickest, wittiest and funniest shows around. If you sit down and watch a few episodes, you will be hooked.
    The casting is perfect. Could not imagine this show with anyone else. Bateman, Arnett and Walter are soo terrific. this show is downright irreverent and random, its simply delightful. The characters of Buster, Tobias and George Michael are all played with astounding ease and dexterity. Every time you watch the show, you find something new to laugh at and enjoy. i just wish they made more seasons but at the same time, respect that they threw the hat in when they did.
  • a very funny show with deep character driven comedic styling. That being said, served its purpose and was headed downhill

    there are few shows on television which really make jokes with as many layers as Arrested Development. There's something for everyone: the situations are funny for first time viewers, there is a decent plot which twists and turns several times throughout the respective seasons and as a whole and there is a plethora of hidden and/or running gags for serious fans of the show. When watching Arrested development you could be laughing at something completely different from someone else and not even notice. This Also allows for a large amount of re-watchability (i'm aware this isn't a word). You can watch the dvds or tapes or even just watch it on tv multiple times just to see a joke you didn't get the first time but now you do. MAximum entertainment.
  • More addictive than episodes of 24...

    What can I say? Genius. The show is pure genius. I have never seen a show more intricately use situational comedy before in my life. As the seasons go on things get even more zaney. What's even more ridiculous then this selfish and totally involved family is the fact that the episodes actually have morals. You won't be around to catch them though. You'll be on your floor or at your washer trying to get the piss out of your pants, because that's how hard you'll be laughing. If you have not watched the final season yet, I strongly urge you to, and if you have not seen it at all race out to the store and BUY THE DVDS. You will be so happy.
  • If laughter is the best medicine, this show should be mandatory viewing in all hospitals.

    Rating: 10 (because nothing makes me laugh harder)

    I'd heard about Arrested Development from other people, about how hilarious it was, but never got a chance to watch it... despite one of my house mates owning all three seasons. And then my parents gave me the first season for Christmas and I watched the whole thing in two days. And got hooked. HARD. I watched the rest of the series when I got back to school and loved it just as much as I thought it would.

    The only thing that isn't cool is that there are no new episodes. Why? Because it's canceled. Which is lame. But basically? The show is funny as hell. The Bluths are completely bizarre and you watch them thinking about how, despite the hilarity, you're glad your family isn't like that... but sometimes, just sometimes, they actually remind you of your family. Which is scary and great.

    Things I've Learned From Watching:
    - Family is important. Even when they suck.
    - Keep an eye on your mother.
    - There's always money in the banana stand
  • The best comedy!

    Strange, Fox's promos almost made me miss out on this whole thing.

    It's a sit-com made with very high standards, it's a career revival for Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Liza Minelli, and it's a show that puts Fox's profile into HBO territory. "It's Arrested Development"

    "In fact...", a Ron Howard quote that has become a cliché around our house, in fact, it's all those things and more. The writing is as good as everyone says it is, the cast is on par with that of Seinfeld or Roseanne. (Say what you will about her, that was a dream cast) Whenever new characters appear, they are inevitably played by people familiar to fans of edgy, intelligent humor. People like Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Bateman are dependably good, Michael Cera is a standout, and David Cross is finally being seen for the talent that he is. The strongest thing I can say about this is that I find myself repeating various running gags, things that, like "In fact...", have become clichés. "I've made a huge mistake." "I'm having the time of my LIFE in here!" "surprisingly cat-like" "Take a powder, willya fellas?"

    This last one, uttered by Liza Minelli as Lucille Austero, sticks with me especially, and I hope that Liza stays with the show longer. As good as the principles are, she manages to outclass even them. The same with Henry Winkler, whose Barry Zuckercorn is the sort of lawyer television's been dying for. Among those main players, Lindsay and Tobias are pretty strange characters to begin with, but when you consider that they are an old married couple, that crosses the line into the bizarre. This show is full of people and situations you just won't see anywhere else, at least until other derivative shows start appearing.

    Watch carefully, as there are many bit and pieces lingering in the background that you might miss. Recently, George Michael was dumped by his girlfriend. As he trudged home in a state of misery, you could hear sad Charlie Brown music. In the background, you could see a real - but bright red - dog house, with a real dog lying on top of it. It's things like these that tell me that the creators are just pleased to be doing this show for it's own sake, and that kind of love of the work shows through in the end.

    Who knows if this show will last? There's an audience out there for this sort of thing, but they've generally settled into the Sunday night HBO schedule. Hopefully the Emmys, the word of mouth, and the critical raves will draw attention to this show. If not, we'll just have our A.D. dvds to keep us warm, and thank God for 'em!
  • Just Plain Great

    Ron Howard is to smart for television. First the Pj's and now Arrested Development. I hope the FOX execs are still kicking themselves for pulling the plug on these 2 shows.

    There is nothing really wrong with this show, it was a tripple threat. The cast, the writers and the directors are all as strong as they come. It's only problem was that it might have been a little too different. I'll be the first to admit, I was slow to warm to this show. A show about a true dysfunctional family is hard to pull off, especially in live action. Dysfunctional shows (Titus, Malcolm in the Middle, Starved, ect.) are often uneven, sometimes just plain wrong, and usually implode on themselves.

    I'm glad that Arrested Development was able to wrap up the story in the end. I don't know if this was because Mr. Howard pulled the plug himself of Fox gave them enough of a heads up on the cancelation that they were able to wrap the show up properly. At least it didn't end like Soap.
  • Can't get enough of the Bluth familly!

    Hands down Arrested Development was the most ridiculously hilarious show that i have ever seen in my life. I haven't watched a single episode only once. To my own amazement each time I repeat an episode I catch more and more hilarious tidbits that I missed the times before. I love all the characters and their ridiculous lives. The humor is so witty it makes me jealous. I didn't discover AD until after it was canceled, but I love it just the same. There are so many great quotes from this show over the 3 seasons it aired. I especially love the jokes that are long-running from season to season. If you have never watched this show, please I will let you borrow the seasons from me, it's definitely worth your time.
  • A riches to rags story about a family of shallow, terrible people whose lives are turned upside down when their father is arrested and the family company is nearly bankrupted.

    The first time I saw this show, I was confused and didn't really like it. After a couple of episodes, I was totally hooked. Once I accepted the fact that the characters were all terrible people and were never going to change, I was able to sit back and watch as the hilarity ensued. This is one of the most brilliant show ever written, and I am constantly awed and bewildered at the amount of planning the writers must put into it. Like the Family Guy, this show was inadvertently made for DVD. You have to watch the episodes over and over in order to get all the jokes you missed the first time because you were laughing too loudly to hear them. Also, it is amazing to watch them set up references to events that don't happen until ten episodes later, like the Loose Seal news story that plays on a television long before the episode where Buster actually encounters it. The actors on this show are phenomenal as well. It just doesn't get any better than this show.
  • Too bad it's gone

    I have no idea why this show was canceled, I blame tivo. It's definitely one of those shows you either get it or you don't, but when you get it, the gettin is good. I was hoping it would be picked up by Showtime like everyone was saying, but no such luck. If that were the case, then they really could have let loose and done some really interesting and funny things. If you haven't seen this and are curious, I definitely recommend renting -- it may take an episode or two for it to click, but give it a chance and you'll be happy you did.
  • Shows that the TV world isn't fair.

    This show is a comedic masterpiece. The fact that it didn't become a success is a travesty. I guess that the only thing to say is it's a crying shame. If you're looking for a laugh, WATCH THIS SHOW! The wit and humor of this show is unparalleled. I don't think that I can speak highly enough about this show.
  • A modern American classic!

    Arrested Development is one of my absolute favorite television shows. Rarely, (especially lately), has a show been so funny, original, clever, influential, and addicting. I dare you to watch an episode in full and not have the urge to watch the subsequent episode after. In a time when T.V. is absolutely dreadful - (tell me the artisitic value of shows like Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Family Guy, and American Idol..all mind-numbing garbage) - I was very taken aback when Arrested Development began airing on FOX, (the network that has only two redeeming qualities, the gave us The Simpsons and The Critic; the latter being cancelled only 2 1/2 seasons in).
    Anyway, buy AD on DVD!
  • Why didnt this catch on? Too far ahead of the competition perhaps.

    I first caught a couplke of episodes of Arrested Development on late night BBC2 on a sunday. Thought it was good so got the DVD of the first season. I was amazed at how good it was. I was shocked to see it was being cancelled and got season 2 and 3 on dvd. Working through them was a pleasure and many a time i had to pause the DVD because i was laughing too much.

    Theres a great ensemble cast of the Bluth family and each character plays an important part. I cant really pick a favourite as they are all brilliant.

    This is a show that you should give a chance to, you wont regret it.
  • One of those shows that I really miss but in a way I'm also a little glad it's gone ... but just a little.

    Now let me explain. I loved Arrested Development. It could easily be my favorite TV show of all time, and that's saying something! I loved every episode from the pilot to the end and was pretty upset when Fox stupidly decided to cancel it. My anger subsided eventually and a sense of relief moved in. Fox obviously didn't like this show, as was apparent by the way it was treated during its last season and its last episode(s) in particular. If they had kept it around for another season they probably would have moved its time slot around all season long again and the viewership would've been horrible again. With that in mind I became okay with the cancellation because at least they allowed the show to end itself in a dignified manner.

    Now that's not saying that I think they were right for doing so (they were definitely wrong) but I'd rather see a show end on its own terms as opposed to the network's. The end was known for a while and the creators were able to write a good series finale to wrap things up instead of just leaving the audience hanging. At least the network gave the show the send-off it deserved. Obviously Fox didn't know what they had on their hands or this review would be entirely different.

    All in all, however, I'm happy with the show and the ending. Sure, I wanted another season, Showtime would've been a good fit, but at least I have the three wonderful seasons that I have. I bought all three as soon as possible and still watch them over and over. This simple replayability makes it one of the best shows of all time in my opinion. I can put a disc in and laugh all over again, I constantly catch new jokes when I rewatch the episodes, a rare feat in today's television market.

    So if you're looking for a good series that will make you laugh time and again then this show is for you. Great comedies are hard to find but this one should be available at a local retailer near you, pick it up and thank me later.
  • A perfect comedy, and with the garbage being delivered by the networks these days it may be the last truly great comedy.

    I'm gonna come right out and say it. This is the funniest show that's ever been on television. It's the only show I've rated a perfect "10" on this site. The writing was fabulous, witty and quick. The plot set up elaborate callbacks and the running gags throughout the series rewarded viewers for their time. The dialogue was hilarious, substituting puns and double entendres for the more traditional but less sophisticated comedic devices. One of the more subtle but crucial strengths of this show was the complete absence of the laugh track. Maybe some viewers need to know when they're supposed to be laughing, but I found it much more enjoyable to simply laugh at whatever I thought was funny. Without the laugh track taking up valuable time, the show was able to keep up an incredible pace. The entire cast was incredible and fit together perfectly. I am still angry at FOX for how they treated this show like something one would scrape off a shoe.
  • The very best show ever!

    This show is full of non stop laughter, so much fresh comedy you probably have to watch every episode more than once to get all the jokes ! The characters are very diverse and interesting. In my opinion the whole series has never had an episode flop every single episode is pure comedic genius. The story is good with some pretty interesting twists whether its George Senior building houses in Iraq or watching George Micheal and Maeby's awkward relationship. Watching this show might be one of the smartest things you could do. You can not go wrong by buying the DVD box sets to. Sadly its probably the only way to watch it right now.
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