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  • Damn this show is great...

    I WANT THiS SHOW BACK :'( why did they have to cancel it :(?!
    Well I guess I should review it now... Arrested Development has amazing acting, they are sooooo funny! They make you laugh after like each line they are so good! 9.8/10

    Script: Hilarious! one of the funniest scripts! The writers are great!9.7/10

    Settings: Its basically set in three places, The Banana Stand, The Model Home, The apartment with other places used quite a bit the prison, etc. But they also go to places like the high school and everything. 9.5/10

    I wish they didn't cancel it I love this show and always will! Bring it back!

    Thanks for reading :D
  • What a show!

    Ah, what can you say about this show that hasn't already been said? How about that it's the most consistent, fantastic, hilarious comedy ever filmed? Actually, quite a few people have been saying that but its worth saying again. No other show crams as many jokes into 22 minutes as AD. Really, the only way to watch this show is on disc since otherwise, you'll miss over half the jokes. Few shows would be brave enough to include incredibly low brow humor ("Those are balls.") with high poitical satire (Starting the Iraq War over balls.). Virtually every caption is a joke within itself. This show has more layers than an onion and is simply fantastic. I've only got two words for anyone not digging AD. COME ON!!!

    Please please please bring it back. If you can't get fox to make new episodes please move forward with making the movie or continue your efforts to get showtime or hbo to pick up the series. It was the funniest most original and smart show i have ever seen and it is a shame it was canceled after only three seasons.
  • Best US comedy ever

    i don't really like that much american comedy especially some of the films that are brought out, so i wasn't eagerly anticipating watching it, but i have to now say tha it is by far the best american comedy iv'e ever seen. first of it is incredibly clever and witty which is lacking in most US comedies iv'e seen, the way the stories interlink and the way the jokes are back referenced is fantastic i defenaitly recommend anyone and everyone to give this show, i understand a lot of people will not get the humour and think it is rubbish but if you get the comedy then you will absolutely love this
  • Ignorance is not bliss

    This is a refreshing comedy, a smart and original little piece of art.

    Nevertheless I must say I was shocked when watching episode 7 of the first season, when it is said that Michael is going to Portugal, a spanish spoken country in South America.

    As a portuguese myself I felt quite offended, but then I realized that the authors of that statement are the ones who got insulted by their own ignorance. Didn't anyone in the whole production team noticed the mistake??Do they even know that's a mistake??

    Portugal is an independent nation for almost 900 years, located in the westernmost part of Europe. We've discovered Brazil (and not the way around) in the year of 1500 when the United States were still centuries away from being a nation. That's why brazilians speak portuguese in case you've ever wondered...

    The portuguese colonized not only America, but Africa and even Asia. The fact that the President of the European Comission is portuguese gives a hint that Portugal might not be a south american nation...

    Well, this is quite an off topic subject but still I wanted to point this thing out.

    The show is great, watch it! But avoid learning geography lessons from it!

    By far a show you should watch! Ever since the first episode you can tell that there is no better humour than that of the Bluths.. Such a strange family and yet you can identify to all of them.. they're so senseless and inexplicable but still you know you've been in a similar situation at least once in your life- like running a banana-stand... or having unbearable brothers- or wanting to be an actor or play the drums and join the Blue Men... or even become a producer at 17! This show has true characters and laughters and humour!!! There will never be anything that truly compares to the mess that this family is!! And I love every single minute of it... no matter how many times I've seen it before
  • Classic comedy chronicling the wacky lives of the Bluth family.

    One for the ages as it got the chop. This clever comedy revolves around (Jason Bateman's) straight man Michael Bluth and his eccentric family. It rewards you handsomely for paying attention throughout the three seasons. Funniest characters include his brother G.O.B.(Will Arnett)and father George Snr(Jeffrey Tambor). The comedy itself is hard to categorise and define but is hilarious nonetheless. This show is funny not just on an individual episodic basis but also throughout the entire season and in fact it's entirety. There is also a huge list of cameos ranging from Charlize Theron, Scott Baio and Justine Bateman. Other stars include Portia De Rossi and David Cross and Ron Howard is hilarious as the narrator.
  • it

    is a character-driven Emmy Award-winning American comedy television series that ran from November 2, 2003 to February 10, 2006, about a formerly wealthy and habitually dysfunctional family. The series is presented in a fashion reminiscent of documentary film/cinéma vérité, with omniscient narration (by Ron Howard), archival photographs, and historic footage. Although set in Newport Beach and Balboa Island, California, it was primarily filmed in locations around Culver City and Marina del Rey, about an hour's drive north.

    The show was created by Mitchell Hurwitz, the creator of The Ellen Show, and writer for The John Larroquette Show and The Golden Girls. Hurwitz, together with Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and David Nevins (all part of Imagine Entertainment) is also an executive producer. It airs/aired on broadcast networks worldwide, including Fox in the United States and Latin America, G4 in the United States, TV3 in Ireland, BBC Two and Bravo in the United Kingdom, Global TV and CBC in Canada, in Asia on STAR World, in New Zealand on TV3 and in Australia on the Seven Network & The Comedy Channel.

    Since its debut, the series earned six Emmys, a Golden Globe, and a cult fan base. It was also recognized with the "Future Classic" award at the 2004 TV Land Awards. Despite the critical acclaim, however, the show struggled to find a wide audience throughout its run.

    Fox aired the final four episodes of the third season in a block as a two hour series finale on February 10, 2006; opposite the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics. In the United Kingdom, BBC Two picked up the series in September 2004, and started airing the third season on 24 September 2006. Bravo began airing the first season as a run in to another American import, the Adult Swim block of programming on the 30 August. Showtime was rumored to have offered to pick up the show with at least 26 planned episodes following its release from the Fox Network. However, Mitch Hurwitz's decision not to continue with the show[1] effectively ended any hopes for the series's continuation.
  • Arrested Development

    Arrested Development is a comedy show about a family who had everything then it lost everything it was a funny show most of the time but sometimes and a little boring and it wasn't funny at all and fox never wanted to give the show a real chance which remain me never tobe hopful that a good comdey not great comedy got a good run a really do not care that much for comedys as most of them are not funny at all but the show was funny most of the time that it was on the air all in all i like this show to bad it only lasted 3 season the is it THE END.
  • Shame about the audience.. (Note: Dont read this review if you're American, it might offend..)

    This show is, as my rating says, not only fantastic, but also before it's time.. Not only that, the show is, unfortunately, targeted at completely the wrong demographic. This show is clever, it's funny but its biggest downfall is that it requires some basic intelligence to understand it.

    I think that if this show had been tageted at English people or, for that matter, anyone BUT the Americans, it would have done very well. The fact that it got cancelled is, unfortunately, a testament to the stupidity of America as well as the inability for the owners/operators of Fox to do anything right!

    This show is well written, it's hilarious and it should never have been cancelled. As far as i'm concerned, this was an awesome concept that, for a change, was ruined by the American public, not the writers. I was sad to see this show go, but there's not much you can do about it, i guess, would have been nice to see a well written, clever show be a success for a change, instead of the usual horse s@#t that is usually written by the Americans..

    10/10, one of the best shows to come out of America, period.
  • A show that even makes a puppet one of your favorite characters. The kind of show that happens once in a lifetime. When genius, humor, writing, and talent all come together to create a Supernova that is Arrested Development.

    What in the hell is going on at FOX? First they drop Family Guy and I think we all know how that turned out. Now they drop AD. What the FUK Arrested Development is the best show to hit the small screen since SNL. The best show being reaired on TV. God bless G4 for recognizing genius as well as William Street with Animation.
  • The Bluth Family is a very rich and downright spoiled American family. Now, good son Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) takes control to free his father, save the family business and keep order among his bungling relatives.

    Fox Television continues to dominate dysfunctional family comedies with the surprising comedy series "Arrested Development". For Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), running the family business and raising his teenage son would be so simple if it wasn’t for his troublesome relatives. This odd group of characters includes his fugitive father George (Jeffrey Tambor), his cold-hearted mother Lucille (Jessica Walter), his bungling older brother Gob (Will Arnett), his timid younger brother Buster (Tony Hale), his selfish twin sister Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) and his clueless brother-in-law Tobias (David Cross). Produced by acclaimed director Ron Howard, "Arrested Development" is the most hilarious well written comedy since "Seinfeld". The episodes are wickedly clever with uproariously funny moments, amusing characters and cool guest stars. Jason Bateman, Tony Hale, Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor deliver good comedic performances. Despite winning two Emmy awards, the critically acclaimed sitcom failed to find an audience since its premiere in 2003.
  • This show was one of those marvels that come once in a lifetime, I personally don't believe there will be another show that made me laugh so much on so many different levels, just too good to be true.

    This show was a diamond in the ruff? rough? whatever it's not important. It stood above others in it's field because the cast had a great chemistry with one another as well as the writers etc. Many assume it was too clever or too witty for people to relate but maybe the problem wasn't with the show maybe it was that society has been dumbed down to the point where a satirical comedy isn't appreciated for what it is A SATIRE! I just hope the failure of the show doesn't turn away great writers who hoped of creating a show as great and influential as Arrested Development.
    I guess that was more a rant than a review, but I stand by what i wrote.
  • The amazingly funny story about A family that lost its money but managed to keep their head above water. Just a great show,lots of humor, and a good story line for eachepisode.

    One of the best shows I've seen in years. Its a real same that it was taken of the air. But now its back on G4! All the seasons are amazing! Truly one of the finest works of television! And the characters are just out standing, each personality is as funny as the next. I was really hoping they'd make a movie out of it though. but either way just an awesome series over all. I don't get why they canceled though. It just doesn't make sense! An outstanding 10 out of 10. One of my favorite parts,

    ~You hate White power Bill,

    -I have the government!

    ~You hate White power Bill,

    -I hate you!

    ~You hate White power Bill,

    -I hate my Dad!

    ~You hate White power Bill,

    -...I hate white power bill...
  • I get the sense that this show as just ahead of it's time, which would explain the troubles it had with getting renewed consistently.

    After watching this show on occasion here and there over the years I really think that it was just made ahead of it's time, which I think explains the trouble its has had in the past. But I do think that it is a pretty funny show. I wouldn't say that it was a show for all ages because it is a more sophisticated brand of comedy but I still enjoyed watching it on occasion. The cast is made up a variety of people, a character for everyone in a sense and they are all very quirky and unique. They defenitely know how to work the guest star angle on this show as well, unlike some other shows where guest stars are often times unwanted and way overrated. Overall I'd say if you like unique off beat comedy shows then this is defenitely something for you.
  • Best comedy ever!

    When I learned this show was being canceled, it was a very sad day for me. It almost makes me sick to think that a GENIUS comedy like this gets the axe, yet the mind numbing shows like "Two and a Half Men" get the ratings. Arrested Development is brilliantly written, acted and directed. I have seen the seasons several times over and marvel and how many layers of jokes this show has. I still catch things that I missed the first couple times around. FOX really dropped the ball in promoting this show, most people I turn on to this show hadn't even heard of it...good job FOX, well at least everyone knows about the stupid nanny show you have....terrible.
  • Greatest television comedy of all time, one of the greatest shows of all time, and its..........CANCELED!?!!?

    The show was hilarious! I felt sorry for the Bluths right when the show premired! I laughed, I cried, I laughed even harder than before.....and then, in the middle of all of that emotion.....they pull the plug!!?!?! If they brought the show back, FOX would have a TREMENDOUS ratings boost...... untill then, I guess theres always Heroes and 24! :P
  • Greatest Show of All Time!

    Arrested Development is my favorite show of all time. The humour and intelligence in the show is second to none. I have more hysterical laughing fits watching Arrested Development than any other show. All the characters are stellar. Tobias is my personal favorite. His lines are always hilarious. "Who wants a banger in the mouth?" is my personal favorite. GOB is also an excellent character. His chicken impression/dance is hilarious. I also love the jokes involving George Michael and Maby. "Don't be afraid to ride her. Hard." Classic. This show could not be any better if God himself had created it. Never again will there be a show on television as good as Arrested Development.
  • The Bluth family got alot of it worth it? Hell yeah it is!

    This show is freaking awesome. It has the documentary style type thing going on with hilarious characters with distinct personalities. The point of the show is that the Bluth family is all of a sudden broke and poor so their best offspring helps out. The show has hilarious guest actors and great stories, with excellent results. Another thing, if you like the Office, you'll love this show. Theres such a great humor to it its like the show is with you and knows your laughing, and wants to keep it up. The show is great, and I think it deserves all the awards it got. But, it was cancelled so go look at G4 or buy a dvd cause you cant miss this!
  • [Lucille replaces Lupe with a robot vacuum cleaner, then catches Buster in bed with it] Buster: Well, what do you expect, mother? [holds up his hook] Buster: I'm half machine. I'm a monster

    This show is honestly one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time. Its refreshingly different and a tragic shame that it has been axed, personally I have all 3 seasons on DVD to relive the good memories but the show was just beginning to get started. The story lines were original and very funny and the actors were brilliant particularly David Cross who plays Tobias the blue man episode was too funny. GOB’s constant antics were always amusing and George Michael chasing is ‘cousin’ Maybe never failed to keep me laughing. The creators of the show should be congratulated on a job well done!
  • Too clever for the typical American

    Arrested Development was one of the funniest shows ever. The stoylines, the dialog and the characters are so well written and thought through. The funniest elements of the show was Tobias\'s sever closet case. Mrs Featherbottom, Ann Veals nicknames from Michael, Franklin, Gob\'s puppet and Busters over affection for his mother. The reason it was canceled was because it was such a great show that it went straight over the American\'s heads. FOX didn\'t help either, they changed the timeslotes around and even aired the last four episodes at once, while the Olympics were on. Still i believe it to be one of the best shows ever and am happy that we still got 53 episodes.
  • Sitcom perfection.

    For sitcoms, the premise of a dysfunctional family is cliché almost even default for television, but just as The Wire revolutionized the cop show genre, the summit of familial sitcoms is Arrested Development. A mock-umentary, it’s a faux reality show about California’s once-wealthy Bluth family. Using single cameras, no laugh track and cuts showing newspaper articles, file photos and evidence documents to fly in the face of conventional sitcoms structures and create a whole self-reflexive universe of recurring items, themes and characters. Instead of the usual fat husband, out of his league attractive wife and 2.5 children; the Bluth clan is made up of 4 adult siblings, their parents and kids, who vaguely resemble the Corleone family in the Godfather saga. An anti-cinderella story, the opposite of the Beverly Hillbillies, the Bluth family goes from riches to rags when the authorities arrest George Bluth Sr. (delightfully droll Jeffrey Tambor) for using the home building, frozen banana selling Bluth Company as his own personal piggy bank and possibly some “light treason”. He puts the company in control of his alcoholic, controlling, high-life accustomed wife Lucille (Jessica Walter), mistakenly believing a husband and wife can’t be arrested for the same crime. Their son Michael (Jason Bateman), a straight-laced widower returns home to take charge of the company and valiantly try to keep it afloat legitimately. All the Bluth siblings and their children start living under one roof to cut costs, that roof happens to be a shoddy model home for the Bluth company, a glorified display model with few working parts. Michael and his equally hard working, honest but awkward son George Michael (Michael Cera) try to curb their families lying, spending and mistrust, but that is a difficult job for two people. Oldest brother George Oscar Bluth II (fantastic Will Arnett) or GOB pronounced like the biblical survivor Job wants to be a professional magician despite being not very talented at anything besides riding a segway and upstaging Michael. Michael’s twin sister Lindsay (equally lovely and talented Portia de Rossi) will jump on the bandwagon of any political cause of the week and dip into the company money for the latest fashions. Her husband Tobias (hilarious David Cross) was a bad psychiatrist and now aspires to be an actor with even less success. Their daughter Mae or “Maeby” is just the opposite of her cousin George Michael, lazy and will rebel against her parents’ latest actions at the drop of a hat. George Michael also has a secret crush on Maeby, but is she really his cousin? And the baby of the family in more ways than one, Michael’s youngest sibling Byron a.k.a.“Buster” is a professional grad student Momma’s boy with zero social skills. All the cast is absolutely perfect in their roles, one of the best ensemble comedic casts ever assembled. The guest stars range from Liza Minelli (as Lucille Bluth’s best friend and chief social rival Lucille Austero) to Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton (as the Warden of George Sr.’s prison) to Ben Stiller (a magician rival of GOB’s) and Henry “ The Fonz” Winkler (as the Bluth’s eccentric attorney Barry Zuckerkorn) and dozens of other surprising, hilarious cameos. The jokes are sometimes the usual sitcom dirty jokes, double entendres and misunderstandings in addition to puns, whip fast one-liners that you’ll probably miss the first time around and call backs (from the cornballer to “her?”) that harken back episodes that die hard fans will appreciate like a personal shout out. With a perfect cast, layered jokes and continuing storylines, hilarious but not gimmicky guest stars and smart topical humor (the Iraq war, low-carb diets and “the star wars kid”) make Arrested Development possibly television comedy at it’s best. Perhaps it was the unusual humor, the storylines lasting longer than 22 minutes and the references to previous episodes, or perhaps Fox’s questionable marketing and timeslot shuffling that caused Arrested to end up in the land of the brilliant but prematurely cancelled along with Futurama and Firefly. You’ll always be in my heart AD.
  • Genius

    What was Mitchell Hurwitz smoking when he thought of this show? I consider it an honor to even have the opportunity to watch a unique and funny show like this. All the characters are hilarious, especially Gob (pronounced “Jobe”), Tobias and Buster. But all the characters are incredibly funny in their own way, the way that Will Arnett plays Gob is hysterically funny, Tobias’ unintentional sexual innuendo in everyday conversation e.g. after setting him up with a girl Tobias expresses his thanks by saying to Michael: “Michael, you are quite the cupid. You can stick an arrow in my buttocks any time.” The way that Buster refers to the Army as just “Army” is hilarious and how when Lucille and Oscar are arguing they always say:
    Lucille-“You’re high!”
    Oscar-“You’re drunk!”
    That is classic. Why did Fox cancel this show? It’s is one of the most intelligent shows to hit our screens, a breath of fresh air from all this reality TV crap that we keep seeing.
  • Best Program ever...

    I dont need to say anymore..
    Ok, due to 100 word limit I do... If I were you id sit down in a quiet room and watch any episode and concentrate... you wont be dissapointed!! Hopefully a film will be made as hinted in the finale eppy but the chances of this are lessening every day... Buy the dvds, Save the show and more importantly... Save our Bluths!!!
  • The classic story of a seriously dysfunctional family, and a son who stuggles to keep them afloat. Truly Great

    Arressted Development should never have been taken off the air. It was not appreciated by people who were too stupid to grasp the brilliant plots and subtle jokes. You do not need a laughter recording after every joke for good comedy. All you need is a stellar cast, playing original, funny characters getting their way out of law suits, tax frauds and bizarre personal problems. The Orange County setting provided the perfect backdrop, and gave the opportunity for some fantastic stories. With layers upon layers of jokes, a full appreciation can only be achieved after watching the episodes again and again. On top of this is the wonderful narration by Ron Howard. One of the best sitcoms ever produced...Bring it back!!!
  • Meet the Bluths.

    Again, Fox cancels one of its best shows. S.T.U.P.I.D. decision.
    You have to watch the first few episodes to really get into the show, but once you go Bluth, youll never go back. Arrested Development is clearle one of the best sitcoms in tv history. You meet Michael Bluth, who has to lead his family's company after his father goes to prison. Not only must he deal with the company, he has a really annoying and rather hilarious family, too. GOB, his magician-wanna-be brother; Buster, his living-with-his-mommy little brother; Lindsay, his twin sister who turns out to be adopted; Maebe, Lindsay's forgotten and sneaky daughter; George Micheal, his shy and nervous son; Tobias (personal fav), Lindsay's husband, whom I cant eved describe. You have to experience him :) and last but not least, the parents: George Sr. who is in prison and Lucille, the alcoholic, annoying and needy mother. The family has its issues, but theyre hysterical. Ron Howard's narration makes the show even funnier.
    Go get the DVD sets if you havent done so!!
  • Almost Frighteningly Funny And Witty

    Arrested Development is essentially a show that was too smart for it's own good. That's the only possible reason for it's low success during it's rather short lasting length. Instead of randomness and stupidity, irony and razor-sharp wit drive the shows' humor. Every episode delivers a plot that in just so ridiculous, but executed so well that it just seems believable. And the best of all, each character is so refined in their personality that they are almost infinitely memorable. Hell, even the narrator is hilarious.

    The plot of Arrested Development is that George Bluth, owner of the Bluth housing company and head of the family itself, while celebrating his success with his family is arrested for several crimes including small treason. And now, with the father in jail and the companys', as well as the familys', profits dwindling, it seems that the prevailing dysfunction among the Bluth family must cease if they're to overcome the disaster now handed to them.

    With so many characters, it's a wonder how they all stay so funny and how they remain so perfectly executed. Starting the long roster is George Seniors' wife Lucille, the manipulative mother who's never without a wine glass in hand. Living with her is the youngest son Byron "Buster" Bluth, a man with a childlike personality. Then there's the oldest son George Oscar "Gob" Bluth, a magician who puts style ahead of quality in his acts and always seems to be the one to literally screw his family into or out of more trouble. Lindsey, the sister, almost always seems to want to be the most fashionable, rather than the most helpful. Her husband is Tobias Funke, an ex-doctor and now aspiring actor who is either in serious denial of his diminishing heterosexuality, or just a really bad choice of words most of the time. Their daughter is Maeby, who has a serious tendency to be ignored, no matter what she's doing. George Micheal, the grandson that seems to be having an awkward youth not so different from his father.

    And lastly is the middle son of the family, Michael Bluth, who's calm and actually normal personality masks his stress over having to keep this bunch of lunatics called a "family" together. Like just about every episode of the show, each character is extremely multi-dimensioned, which probably wouldn't have been so had they not worked so well together. And since the show is filmed in a documentary style, so even the aforementioned narrator, voiced by co-creator Ron Howard, is also realistic nearly to a fault, without breaking the shows' humor.

    Arrested Development also has several side characters that come up often, and also deserve their time in the show. Popular actors like Liza Minelli, Charlize Theron and even Henry Winkler, all of which seem to do a great job of extending the shows' ridiculousness outside just the familys' spectrum. Will Arnett nails Gobs' self-absorbed attitude, George Seniors' extremely devilish personality is expertly-executed by Jeffrey Tambor, and Jason Bateman is easily the best among them all for portraying arguably <i>the</i> best average-man, even among such a crazy cast of characters.

    As was said earlier, the show is run by irony, not randomness. While this does mean that you won't get full fun out of an episode if you haven't watched it, or even some of the last episodes for that matter, it does however mean that the writing and timing, hit home with deadly accuracy. The show also uses a lot of recurring gags, such as the fact that the Bluth model home the live in is constantly falling apart at the seams, or how often the phrase "I've made a huge mistake" is used, none of these seem to ever get old. And just how <i>amazingly</i> they seem to get each episodes', or series of episodes', plots to come together into an ultimatum, is just too astounding, and often, so funny it'll almost take your breath away.

    If there's a spot in the world for Arrested Development, it's easily among many of the other classics that we never forgot the first time we saw them. How ruthlessly, or rather, Bluth-fully the shows' overall plot and really, overall sense of humor builds is simply unrivaled by anyone, and even if we forget about any of the shows' magnificent characters, actors or even producers, it's way more than unlikely that we'll ever forget about the show, and just how much it made us laugh.
  • Michael Bluth needs to keep his family together after his father goes to jail. His family is so caught up in there richness and lack of familial morals that this proves to be a trying task.

    Arrested development is a show about family values and what happens when the lack of them isn’t enough to keep them apart. The show makes you laugh not of their misfortune, but rather the small successes they have in ruining each other’s plans. The way the mother tries to keep her children against one another, but always loving her more, the way the brothers all raise and lower each other’s maturity while trying to outdo the next in the eyes of their parents or other family members, the way the set up small coincidental mysteries that are so well written that every line can be interpreted as an answer to a different solution and the satire of documentaries and reality TV shows are all so well done that you can’ wait to see the next creative move they make.
    This is the tale of the Bluth family, and quite possibly one of the funniest shows you'll ever have to think about. It's not funny because it makes you laugh constantly, but funny because it is just so well written that once the nuances pile on top of each other you just sit there in comedic wonder and say THAT is arrested development.
  • Hilarious!!!

    Stumbled across this show late one night and thought it was funny as! The humour is quite dry and sometimes subtle, said deadpan, casual as and not usually "set-up" "walked into that" "kind of jokes... Think the cast gel very well together as a family going through hard times after the patriarch of the family is arrested for dodgy dealings and left to the oly "normal" one in the family tio try and keep the family business and the family itself together. Sad that this show seems to have finished before it's time rather abruptly but as they says "better to have loved and lost..."
  • Best comedy show I've ever seen......and it was cancelled. :(

    Arrested Development is a one off, a fluke, something that fans will remember for the rest of their lives. It simple was perfect comedy.

    From the first episode where Tobias mistakes homosexual men for pirates I knew I had found something special. Every episode has a joke a minute which gives the show huge longevity meaning you can watch episodes for the 10th time and realise a joke you hadn't noticed before.

    Its such a shame it was cancelled, although over time this may increase its legend as more and more people discover the genious that was Arrested Development. I hope.
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