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  • this show was classic and original... check it out if you have a real sense of humor... We all look forward to the film should circumstances allow its development... lets hope that at least... shant be arrested...

    this show was classic and original... check it out if you have a real sense of humor... We all look forward to the film should circumstances allow its development... lets hope that at least... shant be arrested... its an amazing show with a lot of amazing moments... noteworthy appearances by thomas jane, andy richter, charlize theron, and so much more... Gob has some of the most ackwardly amazing scenes in recent memory and David Cross... well... hes David Cross... so of course he does an amazing job...
  • FUNNY!!!

    I can't believe that they canceled the show! Especially after a really great last season. It had it's ups and it's downs but I think it was Fox's fault for not advertising for the show. Not enough people knew about it to watch it. It's a little hard to watch the show if you come in the middle of a season because the jokes are a bit inside and cumulative. But if you watch the dvds in a row it's easy to understand. The characters are so unique and funny in a stupid way. I think they should bring the show back.
  • There has been no other show that has made me laugh so hard and I will never forget it.

    Arrested Development simply was the best show that ever was. There is no arguing about it. You simply can't get better than Arrested Development. There has been no other shoe that has had such a perfect cast. No other actor could play these people. It is simply impossible to think of anyone else playing Gob other than the amazing Will Arnett. Same with Jaessica Walter. She has alwasy been flawless playing Lucille. It is even impossibly to pick a favorite character because they are all so hilarious. What other show witht his big of cast can you say this about? NONE. This is why Arrested Development will always be a classic that never got a chance and I know we will never forget it.
  • I needs me some Bluth.

    Hands down one of the most unappreciated shows ever. David Cross is amazing in this show. The actor that plays George Sr. is genius and the kid that plays George Michael may be one of the most underrated parts of the show. That kid is hysterical. Portia di Rossi is so hot it bums me out that she digs chicks although that's pretty hot in and of itself. It is just a shame that it had to end so soon. What kills me about this show is that they gave it a second chance and nobody had its back. This is one of the all time best. Bring it back!
  • Probably one of the greatest shows in television history. The comedy was ahead of it's time and I guarentee that anybody who picks up the DVDs won't be disappointed.

    When I first heard of "Arrested Development" I was skeptical, I had heard tht it was on Fox once upon a time, I had also heard rave reviews over the internet. That still didn't exactly sell me on the show though, however, I had some money to spare and I decided in an act of complete impluse to buy the first season on DVD.


    This show brings the funny and brings it in a big way. Every single character is outstanding. Tobias, Michael, GOB, Buster, George Michael, each and every member of the cast put on an outstanding preformance. Each character has their own particular quirk and they mesh so well together that the final product is irresistable. There are a plethora of funny quotes to choose from and I can honesty say that after seeing all three seasons I couldn't find one bad episode. The reason the show didn't make it is mostly because people new to the series would have no idea what was going on, that's why I'd recommend watching the series from the beginning.

    I'm in love with this show, I've re-watched every single episode more times than I'd like to admit, and I'd recommend it to absolutly anybody. You owe it to yourself to check out "Arrested Development".
  • This has to be the best show ever made!

    This is my absolute favorite. I have never ever been so adicted to a show. When it ended I almost started crying. It is abselutely fantastic. Made by sombody who is a real genius. I love the humor, and the environment where everything is happening. It is so happy and simple, but still so complicated and frustrated. The rolepersons in the show is amasing and fits eachother perfectly. It makes me really sad to know that I never will se more of this fantastic piece of art called Arrested Development. I will recomend this show for anyone who haven't already seen it by all my heart!
  • Victim of the Lazy American

    Arrested Development was arguably the best sitcom in the last 20 years of television.Everything about it reflected the quality and care that Ron Howard and Brian Glaser bring to all of their projects. The casting was superb from unknowns(Will Arnett)to assumed hasbeens(Jason Bateman)and the skilled Vets(Jeffery Tambor),blended together to form a cast of characters whose love/hate relationship with their audience rivaled Seinfeld.How can these people get by in life? The brilliant writing equalled and surpassed the best on TV,but had one fatal flaw;you had to a)think and b}pay attention. The sad fact is the American TV viewer has become lazy and dumbed down.It is easier to watch "reality" where everything is laid out for you, or lap up the pablum of some pseudo game show that everyone can play without feeling stupid or inferior. AD joins a long list of shows that America didn't get.For those of you who did,don't ever give up screaming for quality.Who knows,once in a while we just might get it.
  • This has to be the worst show ever made.

    If you believed that here\'s three words for you DEE DEE DEE. Yes I know it\'s unoriginal, but oh well. This show has to be the best show that has ever been broadcasted on Fox or any other channel but the sad thing is that this great show never stood a chance due to ignorant retards that can\'t understand comedy that are a little smarter than others. Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and David Cross = success. Arrested Development had a great storlyine, great jokes, unique jokes, and many other things that I cannot seem to find out at the time. It had an Emmy I mean...COME ON!!!*Does the Chicken Dance* You scared Fox of a little, FIRE?!
  • Fox's canceling of this show for "War at Home", biggest #### up ever. SAVE OUR BLUTHS!!!!!!

    Arested Development is one of the greatest shows ever made and Fox is canceling it. AD was nominated for 5 Emmys last year [I think] and is a best of 2005 on here. AD could compete with Seinfeld at its best if more people knew about it. But fox put Arested on Mondays and screwed with the Time, killed episodes. Fox slaughtered one of the best shows on tv and ****** on its head. I blame Fox for screwing us like this.
  • It's like the Godfather...except no killing.

    This show was perhaps the best comedy of all time. It was brilliant with its use of hand held cameras and no laugh track. The jokes came so fast and the cast was superb. Everyone who appreciates great tv lamented the decline of this show. In the commentary it was revealed that the cameramen were told never to lead the action but only to follow it. They also decided to use no testimonials. These decisions made it much more realistic. The only thing that really hurt it is in the later episodes when they constantly referenced themselves as a tv show...but they were being cancelled anyway and they were desperate. I love this show.
  • Warning: Highly addictive and may cause Fits of laughter. Best show on T.V, Past, present and future! Come on!!!

    I miss this show so much, it actually makes me sad thinking about it. But then I think about any one line from the show and I start giggling.

    Nothing will ever even come close to Arrested development. I found this show late on a sunday night while I was bored, It was already half way through the second season. I soon started recording the episodes and on a trip away I found the season 1 and 2 dvds. I think that was the best purchase I ever made. I have watched every episode at least a couple of times and I'm still picking up things I missed the first time around. But that's what A.D is all about!
    I reccomend this show to everyone, it's so easy to get hooked and you'll love every minute of it.
  • Great Cast!

    Well I’ve just finished watching all three seasons in a row on DVD. The first word I would use to describe this show is refreshing. From the writing to the acting everything was a real breath of fresh air. Arrested Development never conformed to the status quo of network television comedies and they should be applauded for it. It also may be a big reason why they were canceled.

    I’d like to give a word of advice to anyone thinking of purchasing all three seasons like I did and watching them in a row. Don’t. By the end of season 3 I started to become a bit disenchanted by the show seeing how many storylines didn’t flow properly or were repeated. You have to remember they shot this show from the perspective that it would be viewed on a weekly basis and that minor storyline glitches probably wouldn’t be noticed as easily as it is from someone watching every episode back-to-back-to-back. I’d like to take a minute and reflect on the cast.

    Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) – welcome back Jason. You were outstanding in this role. Please stay true to yourself and find a role that can let you act in this manner again. It really works for you

    Will Arnett (Gob Bluth) – whoever wrote this character needs their head examined… and I love you. Will Arnett was outstanding as Gob and just nailed everything.

    Jeffrey Tambor (George & Oscar Bluth) – his portrayal of George in season 1 was one of the best acting jobs I’ve seen in any 1 season of TV since Tony Soprano in season 2 of The Sopranos.

    David Cross (Tobias Fünke) – I honestly can’t decide which part of Tobias cracked me up the most; The Blue Man Group, The Man Inside Me, never-nude, constant homosexual references, etc…

    Jessica Walter (Lucille Bluth) – perfectly cast for this role

    Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) – probably the most complex character on the show, but never made it seem that way. Another perfectly casted part.

    Portia de Rossi (Lindsay Bluth Fünke) – sexy and funny!

    Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth) – the teenage conscience of the cast… loved the shirts

    Alia Shawkat (Maeby Fünke) – She may have had the best part of all. She stole most of the scenes she was in.


    Aressted Development was the most creative and hilarious show ever. in parts of the episodes that didn't make sense later all came together and caused unstopable laughter. i never never watched a show that every single episode lived up to the one just before it. I was disheartened to learn it was being cancelled but also knew that it meant there was NEVER a bad episode of AD EVER. That is an amazing accomplishment and I honestly don't think any show will ever live up to it.
  • Arrested Development is a comedy starring a very dysfunctional family. The father in incarcerated for shady book keeping and the family must manage. Hilarity ensues.

    This is a rare gem of a show. There were three seasons of this fantastic show and it sadly got cancelled. This hsow is just so funny. I mean the characters are casted perfectly, with plots and all of the funny jokes. My favourite character is definietly GOB. His mgic tricks are just unbearable because they fail. The other characters are developed nicely throughout the show, with plenty of guest stars. I think that the creative genuises behind this show shuld try to make some more good shows. This show is one of those greats that gets cancelled unfairly. Just like Wonderfalls and Firefly.
  • A unique and hillarious dysfunctional family comedy!

    I think that Arrested Development ranks as one of the greatest comedies on TV. Even when it was "mediocre" (as I've heard some call the second season) it was still a real delight to watch. The humor and writing were sharp, though a lot of it did rely on previous shows (which is okay if you're a faithful viewer, since you can keep up with it all) and the characters wonderfully quirky, like Gob, the eldest child of the Bluth clan who is also a rather inept magician, and Lucille Bluth, the alcoholic, manipulative matriarch of the family. The episodes also contained hilarious pop culture easter eggs, like on one occasion where Richard Belzer guest stars as "Professor Munch" (an obvious reference to the character he plays on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", Detective John Munch) during a police sting to catch pedophiles. I agree with the general sentiment that because AD didn't dumb itself down for the masses, that led to its cancellation. I'd watch AD reruns before any other overrated crapfest the networks (including FOX) are airing now. If you enjoyed Scrubs, Seinfeld, or earlier seasons of The Simpsons, then I highly recommend AD.
  • There wont be another show like "Arrested Development."

    I'm proud to say that I saw all 52 episode of "Arrested Development," and I like to say that it a one-in-a-lifetime show that it is so perfect that there won't be another show that is good or entertaining as "Arrested Development." I saw all 52 episodes and I fee as if my time is well spent. A strong cast with a strong stript with a series this funny, I don't want to see the show end and that's what it happened. FOX pull the plug on the show, while lousy shows ike "Wife Swap" and "Nanny 911" continue to produce new episodes on Fox. The people at FOX had a miss opportunity of standing behind a great show. That's too bad.
  • best sitcom EVER.

    Season 3 ended prematurely. that made me very, very sad as I don't know if there will be any more sitcom as good as this. I love everyone in Arrested Development and all the actors did a pretty good job on playing their part. My favourite character would be GOB and Buster. I love how unique and hilarious their characters are. Next would be Michael, being the only sane one in the family. Not to mention Jason Bateman is hot and good to look at. :) and is it bad that Arrested Development had changed my views on incest? It doesnt seem wrong to me anymore...
  • Loved the show!

    This was a great show and shame it didn't get the ratings that it should had gotten but it will live on in reruns thanks to G4TV. Starring Jason Bateman as the straight man in the group. A lawyer who comes home when his father's sent to jail and recently coverted to Judaism. Jason is also a single dad and must work his private and personal life in as well.
  • After Michael Bluth's father is arrested, and jailed. Michael must take the reigns of the family business. Along the way he is consantly confronted by his family's secrets, and must decide wheter to leave them for a better life, or to stay with family.

    This has become one of my more favorite shows. It is not the kind of show that just comes out as funny, instead it is much more of a subtle funny. The writers manage to hide much of the jokes subtly so that you don't notice them until just the right time. Even so it is so well done you are likely to miss at least one-fourth of the jokes. Their is alot of very tasteful dramatic, and situational irony within the show. Leaving you after every episode having to rethink what you just saw, and remember many of the laughs you may have missed. This show doesn't just tell you what is, and what isn't funny like many other shows. It lets you find out for yourself, so with each joke two different people may find that one joke funny in two completely seperate ways. This is a must watch!
  • As much as I miss seeing the Bluths each week, I'm just happy for the three seasons I spent together with those loons...

    I was among those who didn’t watch Arrested Development at first. Even though I recognized and liked a few of the players, I was taking night courses when the show began so I was finicky about my TV time. About halfway through the first season, though, I followed the good advice of the folks at Entertainment Weekly (and, of course, the show’s own ardent fans) and gave it a try. After that, I never missed an episode. Arrested Development is one of those rare shows in which the skills of its writers, actors, and crew really are more than the sum of their parts, and everyone’s sheer love of crafting the story shows through in every last aspect of the presentation. Sharing the joy with my co-workers was also fruitful; two of them were converted just as I was, especially when the DVDs allowed them to catch up on the first two seasons. Sadly, the bell-ringers’ efforts were for naught. This wonderful show is gone, but I must say that I’m not terribly upset for two reasons. First, three seasons on DVD are much better than one, which is all the die-hard Browncoats have left of Firefly (plus one incredible film), which was also criminally overlooked in much the same way. Second, the finale of the third season was PERFECT in the sense of closure it provided. As a result, the Bluth tragicomedy fits nicely into a three-volume tale; the perfect size for a rainy weekend binge.
  • It's complicated. But it makes for good comedy.

    Arrested Development is unlike any sitcom I have ever seen. While most sitcoms tend to be characterized by consisting cheap laughs and very simple plot lines, Arrested Development is cleverly written and satisfying to watch. It is a shame that such a well-made show could not make enough money to continue on. Basically, it is the funniest show I have ever seen.
  • What a show!

    This was one of the funniest and most entertaining tv show ever to air. I can't understand why it was cancelled but its done now and there is no going back.

    Firstly there's the unique characters of the show. Michael, the one son who had no choice but to keep his whole family together. He is the only sensible and responcible adult of the Bluth family. He is the main character of the show and is hilarious, as is everyone else. He corrects everyone when they are wrong and is the only one that has an idea on how to run the family company properly. Then there's George Michael, Michael's son. He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and thinks and says the most hilarious things. In the beginning he has a crush on his cousin Maebe and is convinced that some way they are not related but, realy they are! Then there's GOB Michaels older brother. He is a so called "Magician" and tries to perform magic tricks infront of his family but they rarely work, as a matter of fact they never work. Then the youngest brother Buster. He still lives with his mam and would marry her if he could. Lucille is afraid to let go of him and stil treats him like a ten year old. At the moment im at the beginning of season 2 so im not sure if she ever lets go of him. The only sister of the family is Lindsey, self-centred vein blond. She is very funny due to her vanity and selfishness. Tobias is not a Bluth but is Lindsey's Husband who left his career as a Psychologist to persue a career in acting. Everyone is convinces thst he is gay but im not sure wether he turns out to be or not. Lastly there's The Grandfather George senior who was thrown in jail in the beginning for curruption and fraud. he escapes and....not that far yet.
    So far im loving theshow and i still cant come to the conclusion of cancelledng the show.
  • FOX really should be kicking themselves for cancelling this...

    Not being in America and not knowing this show existed until after it was cancelled I wasn't much help at keeping this show on the air.

    Had I known how hilarious this show was at the time, I would have moved to America just to give it more ratings. It wasn't until after the shows cancellation i noticed a major revolt against FOX for doing that and it came down to "Whats the fuss all about?" Well take it from me theres a reason people are kicking up about this.

    Arrested Development was one of the funniest shows ever created and i can't even explain why, true they repeated jokes but only if you watched it would you get that joke and theres something rewarding about that, it makes you feel sort of connected to the show like you are in on all the inside jokes thats going on.

    From the outset it was obvious you couldn't just put this show on and tune in and out, you had to pay attention to every minute. You miss one thing then you don't get the rest of that episode, but even that didn't stop this show from being one of the greats.

    The cast are absolutley spot on in every sense of the word(s), there is not one adjustment i'd make to that roster. Each character is funny in their own way, its like watching a multitude of shows in one.

    Next to the cast is the excellent team of writers who do the show great justice, with tightly woven plots and jokes its truely a miracle how they come up with everything they did.

    I strongly suggest you pick up Season 1 of Arrested Development and by the time you've finished watching it you'll have ordered Season 2 & 3. I thought Friends would be the comedy i would most want to return to TV until i saw this.
  • This has got to be the funniest comedy to ever be on TV!!

    I laughed so hard every week, all of the characters complimented each other, I have no idea why it was canceled, but i am extremely upset and i want to be in charge of what shows get canceled or not!!

    The season finale was the most hilarious show of all time!

    I wish the shows as funny and well put together with the crew, would stay on the air! After all, a miserable show like Friends, stayed on far far too long!!

  • They got screwed.

    I do not understand how gold like this is thrown of the air when complete crap like Friends aired for a decade. This show was obviously the next Seinfeld. On the other hand, I am glad it did not become overly-popular. We never had to watch it Jump the Shark. And I am pretty sure everyone knows this show was ripped off. It is still upsetting to know that they did not receive any Emmys after all those Emmy nominations. How unfortunate. They would have taken them all home if I was judging it. I still have not decided if I will show my support by buying the DVDs, or if I will show my support by setting the FOX network on fire.
  • A brilliant show!

    Arrested Development, in one word, is brilliant. It would be difficult to think of another show that is more perfectly cast that AD. Each and every role is played to perfection. From the awkward, yet identifiable George Michael, to the off-the-wall, antic-filled GOB, every member of the family fit so well into the tightly written, oft self-referencing, delight of a show. It is a real shame that so few people tuned in to absorb one of the best comedies that television has ever had to offer. For now, I will have to make due with the boxed sets for my AD fix. "There's always money in the banana stand."
  • Off the wall and amazing. The people who gave the show a chance by watching truely appreciated it's brillance.

    Original, genius, ahead of it's time, and hilarious. Those are a few words to describe this show, but the best way to describe it now is: missed. Arrested Development was cancelled in its prime, and its future promising. AD earned several Emmy's, and has a strong cult following. Unfortunately the mainstream audience was not ready for an intelligent show of this caliber and it suffered the ultimate consequence of cancellation. Who can forget the unreasonable GOB, who would constantly turn his back on his brother to impress his father? How about the undying cousin love George-Michael had for Maebe? I know I won't, nor will the fans who continue to show support for this show. While it may not be in production anymore, the fond memories I have with the Bluths (and Funkes) will be cherished on dvd for a long time to come.
  • What more can be said about this wonderful, wonderful show? Only that it is wonderful. And then some.

    Ah... when my friend who introduced me to Scrubs (the gateway comedy program) told me about another laugh-track free show where the jokes came thick and fast and almost unnoticeable, I got down on my knees and prayed it was true. And it was. I bought the season 1 dvd the next day (in Australia it's relagated to about 12:30 at night) and watched them all in a bunch. After watching the extended pilot, I thought to myself: "This is an OK show. Not as good as first season of Scrubs, but OK nonetheless." I then watched the next two episodes... then fell into a black haze, emerging twelve days later knowing every line and having random limb twitches.

    First off: Arrested Development, unlike nearly every other sitcom, does not look like it is laughing. Take this excerpt from season 3, episode 1 (it's paraphrased, I haven't seen the episode in a while):

    Lindsay: Don’t buy! We did it, Mikey! We’re super rich again! And, I’m going to buy a car. The Volvo.

    Michael: Lindsay, you’re not going to start spending money.

    Michael: And this is not a Volv (looking at paper).. oh!

    Lindsay: Oh, that’s from sitting on the copier.

    It goes by so quickly that you're not sure when to laugh, until later...

    Lindsay: I can’t believe he left me. I mean, this, and these and this (handing Michael a sheet of paper)!

    Michael: That’s the car.

    Lindsay: Oh. This (changing pages).

    Michael: Glad I didn’t spring for color.

    Absolutely fabulous. The characters are drawn out to the point where we don't really have any empathic bond to any besides George-Michael and Buster, which leaves them all ripe for parody. It's the sort of show you have to watch more than once to get the full effect of all of the jokes, as each episode contains small gags that you can only "get" after watching every other episode. See if you can find them all, you won't regret it!
  • Get arrested!

    Arrested Development is a wacky comedy by the Fox Network, and unfortunately another gem they decided to cancel. What makes this show so deverse and unique from other hit comedies is that it is different! It takes new leads with the wide variety of characters! Each character is well developed and very much insane in their own little ways. After a while, you begin to love each character for what they bring to each episode. With fantastic script writing and improvisation, it's hard to miss this comedy classic!
  • Just more proof that the FOX network advisors are complete and total idiots...

    For some reason, whenever I like something, and even if it is proven that I am not the only person who likes it as in this case, it goes away. I wanted to watch this show, as did whenever i could, but FOX kept throwing it around the schedule so I could never find it. And then, when I had found it again, they cancel it. Why does this always happen? Just my luck I suppose. But really. This is a wonderful show. Completely out there. Reinventing the idea of television sit-coms. Great show. Bring it back!
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