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  • A fugitive, A magician, An actor, An army trooper, A snob, A hippie, A nerd, A rebel, and Micheal Bluth... all equal a genius show!

    Arrested Development is about Micheal, a son, brother, and father, who tries his best to help his family and buisness when his father gets arrested for imbeselment. The Bluth family is filled with lazy memebers who only look out for themselves. Micheal must put aside his annoying feelings for every member to try and save the family name. This show was ahead of its time and was cut shoet due to low viewer ship. I highly recommend picking up seasons 1 and 2 at your local store and season 3 when it arrives. You will love Arrested Develepmont from start to finish.

    Similar Shows: Family Guy, The Office, Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • A great comedy different from most other shows.

    Well I liked this show and I like friends and Family. Bother were funny and very similar and it looks like they are both going to be dead. I'm remeinded of the comment made to me by a few people over the years. "If you have to explain it, it's not funny." thats what I think about the people that didn't watch ... they didn't think it was funny. The fact that it would have to be explained to them doesn't mean it wasn't funny. It just means that they are or wern't smart enough to understnad it. The phrase "If you have to explain it, it's not funny" is not true much of the time.
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  • This show is (was?) fantastic, it has the kind of sense of humour i like the most! Brilliant, fast, sharp! Absolutely fabulous

    This is the perfect comedy for me! The plot gives many opportunities, and the several characters can focus (each of them) on different flaws or habits. The humour is sharp, brilliant, somehow surreal, but incredibly funny (i laugh 'till i cry!). All characters are just perfect, great actors in my opinion. I think Will Arnet (Gob, the older brother who's trying to make it as a magician), is making a cool character, one of the funnier, but i also love David Cross (Tobias, the brother-in-law "for crying out loud!") and of course the father George Bluth senior (a fantastic Jeffrey Tambor). The kids are awesome, they play perfectly their roles, as all of the actors do! I just can't believe this show hadn't the adience it has been ages since i laughed this much, but probably is a too-much-intelligent humour and many don't like it! However i would be proud to have done something like that, i sincerily hope they'll go on with this show. It could take the place left in my heart by the end of "Friends"!
    On the next Arrested Development:
    Fox producers: "We made a HUGE mistake!"
  • By far one of the greates television shows ever!

    It is hard to write a review for a show such as Arrested Development. It is witty, funny, twisted and so much more. With characters such as Michael, GOB, George Michael, Buster, and of course Tobias, Lucille (1 and 2) and so many others, what is not to like about this show. It is a shame that it had to go out the way that it did. It was never given the respect that it deserved. Who knows why it did not catch on as strongly as other shows? We all know that there are other shows out there that are less deserving of the popularity that they enjoy. Arrested Development is a show that is way ahead of its time in its jokes and timing. The jokes are so subtle that you sometimes you need to re-watch to catch them all, and other times you re-watch just to enjoy them all over again. Hopefully this show will live on in the hearts and minds of it s faithful followers.
  • Michael Bluth is the only one trying to keep his extravagant family together, after problems with justice take away their rich lifestyle.

    This show is hilarious. The 20-minute episodes are so full of humour and weird situations that they immediately put you in a good mood. Each character is weirder than the next, but you can\\\'t help growing fond of them. If you haven\\\'t watched the show before you can still enjoy each episode, but if you\\\'re a long-time fan there is always an allusion to something that previously happened, that will make you laugh even harder. The narrator sometimes stopping to explain the characters\\\' attitudes adds originality and a great deal of charm to the show. This is not a show where you\\\'ll be desperate to see what happens next, but I guarantee you\\\'ll nevertheless enjoy watching it.
  • You may say how can it be a classic allready, but it is...groundbreaking.

    A story about a family and family ties. That is nothing new. A comedy about this topic is also old news. What makes Arrested Devlopment brilliant? The comedy, writing, directing, camera work and acting are out of this world. It is just so amazing. I will never understand why people not watch it.
    The cast is just so amazing. In the first viewing you just lie on the floor laughing. The acting is so fluent and unpretensious. All of it.
    If you haven't seen this on tv it is pivotal for your development that you go out and by the DVD's. This show will change tv for you for ever.
  • A disfunctional family, whose suddenly penniless. The Bluth Family\'s been accustomed to their afluent lifestyles, whose father has been put in the slammer, and loving it. They must realise they have to get JOBS! The only son who undertsands is Michael w

    This is very smart, the writers provide laugh out loud moments that don\'t underestimate the ability of the audience to get it. The bonus is you don\'t have to always watch evry episode in order to understand the story line. The style is very different from anything i\'ve seen, its\'s just great.
  • Hey, reader this is only the best TV show in all history ever!

    Wow... This is an incredably (don't worry I know I can't spell) daunting task. How can I convey the televisual perfection that this programme is. Yes I am from England, UK. Well... Sometimes I just sit down and laugh for ten minutes just thinking about AD. Mmmmm... Exciting times. Just thinking about the characters makes me laugh and long for the time when I will let my self watch another episode. That's right, I have to ration my veiwing because otherwise I would just watch them all in one sitting. Mmmmm... AD is just soo good. Why am I sitting here typing when I could be watching another episode. (24 minutes later) hehehe... The only crime about AD is that it has no marketing behind it. Here in the UK its on at any old time as long as the BBC are sure that nobodies watching I'm just really glad that I managed to catch the pilot, I have been hooked ever since. There is not one episode that I don't enjoy! AAAAAAAA... I'm just going mad thinking about it. You probably think that I'm just a common or garden maniac that dosen't get out much... Well then you would be right but if you are ever going to spend money on any form of entertainment please, please, please buy every episode of AD you can get your hands on! Just trust me on this one it is seriously life changingly good! I mean I realy enjoy The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Malcome in the Middle, QI, Mr Bean, The Office (original version not Stromberg or what-ever its called), Extras, and all good comedy films but I beleive that AD is better than all of those combined.. TIMES TEN! I hate to see it go, hopefully someone will revive it, but maybe its for the best before it jumps the shark. Well if you have read to the end congratulations you have survived! If you have rushed out to buy the DVDs then you won't be reading this because you will be busy enjoying, and I say this with pride and confidence, the best television programme of all time!!!!! Woohoooooooooooowooooohoooo its soo good!

    My favourite character: Franklin (just thinking of him makes me laugh! LOLOLOLOL and I actualy mean it)

    My favourite moment: When I'm watching it

    Fond memeries: Anion, Franklin your breath smells funny, Luppe untie the balloons, Carl Weathers, I thinks a cupid I shall make, unless you mean world's greatest daddy, and a lot of love, bees? No touching, they don't call me a slight of hand artist for nothing, cat like agility? Well I hope it doesn't come to that, yeah moms great, el mano, loose-seal, Luselle winks, hey brother, not know buddy, well the blue part's the land, see if you can get it down to five, thanks for the heads up, the man inside me, cut-offs, The Blue Man Group, there's always money in the bannana stand, the big-yellow joint, hot cops, We Have UNLIMITED JUICE! Tea parties in the attic, frightened inmate number 2, Dorithy, White Power! Dadaa, I'll be in the hospital bar, mewmew, Jareth Cutestory, why are you surrounding me with your body? No dust Buster! It's a cloaking agent and of course Caged Wisdom... I almost forgot Mr Banana Grabber and the Sidwells!

    Your favourite moment: When I stop ranting and leave you in peace!

    Bye God bless



    Did you find all 2 references! LOL I'm insane and I love it!
  • One of the best TV shows ever!

    Arrested Development is such a funny show! It doesn't even need punchlines to make people get the joke. I would go up to the president of FOX and personally beg him to bring the series back to the network.

    I own the 2nd season on DVD, and I really want to get the 1st as well. This was a big hit with critics, but apparently, the viewers didn't watch it as much as they should have.

    My favorite character on the show is Buster. Or is it Anyong? Anyway, Buster is such an original character. It would take a heart of steel not to love this guy. Jason Bateman is also a very good actor and should move on to even bigger things.

    ^_^ East ^_^
  • The show that gave the Office their style

    Arrested was the first show to go hand held and choppy with the cameras. You have to give this show its props. They were also cutting edge with their dialogue and subject matter, and not to mention their excellent chemistry. The show never fails to entertain, and I believe that they set the tred for free camera movements. The Office does it, Curb Your Enthusiasm does too. Arrested has a free flowing script that allows the actors to use improv to fill in the gaps, and to keep the character development going. I appreciate Ron Howard and his creativity for this show.
  • Who does'nt like disfunction families.

    This is one of my many Favourites that I love.
    It's about a disfunctional family including Micheal, Gob, Lindsay, Buster, George Micheal, Luccile, Maeby, Tobias and George Sr.

    Now its up to Micheal to organise the family when the father George Sr is sent to jail. The show is hilarious with the family doing ridicilious things like Gob doing his magician trick making the Bluth family boat dissappear but actually blowing it up.

    Every episode is very funny and its a really good show to watch.
    Fox should'nt have cancelled it.It was a great success.They should really really bring it back. It's Arrested Devolpment.
  • Genius, the show is just plain fun to watch.

    The creators truly out did themselves in making this show.
    The plot, which focuses on the life of Michael Bluth and his odd family, is great. It provides soap opera twists in a comedic fashion, that expands the typical sit-com plot far beyond the mundane. Combine that with unique characters including an unlucky hippy twin brother and a never-nude (a man that will never be naked, he always wears cut off jean shorts under his clothes). To top it off Ron Howard provides a clever narration, which guides the story and sets up just as much comedy as the actors provide.

    Tis sad that it is leaving.
  • One of the greatest television sitcoms ever.

    This show was so absolutely brilliant that I don't even know where to begin.

    I guess I could start with the incredible writing. The entire series stayed true to the whole fake documentary feel. This meant that things that were said or done at any point on the series could (and frequently did) pop up at later dates. Whether it was running jokes concerning a particular line, or event, or just the blue paint all over the walls when Tobias was an understudy for Blue Man Group, the show was a powerhouse of continuity. It also operated at a level slightly above most television comedies. The density of jokes is impressive in itself, but the number of quick, subtle jokes (sight gags, background action, throwaway lines) elevate it further. The show respected the viewers' intelligence, and welcomed repeat viewings.

    It rivalled Seinfeld in having episodes circle around at the end, or multiple storylines converge. It even did this for the entire series run (the ending was so perfect, it almost feels like new episodes would ruin it).

    And there characters were all perfect and fully formed. A lot of these personalities can (and must) be credited to the excellent acting, but I like to give the writers their due. I like to say that GOB was my favourite, but they were all so great it is hard to choose. In the end, it's one of those television families that seems all the more real due to their extreme dysfunctions and flaws.

    Technically, it was always so fresh and novel. The show was presented like a documentary, which eliminates all but a single camera and laugh track. It went beyond single camera conventions, however, giving the so a very handheld feel. There were quick zooms, out of focus sections, etc. Also, flashbacks or cutaways were often shown as footage taken from home movies, or security cameras, or something even more creative, keeping to the documentary format. Finally, there is Ron Howard's narration, which is so serious and to the point, while wryly poking fun at the subject matter.

    All in all, this was a bloody brilliant, hilarious and innovative show. It had a great run, but will be missed nonetheless. Thankfully, it will live on through DVD. I've already gotten people hooked with them, and I hope to continue spreading the show to anyone that I can.
  • This show is one of the best ever. But for some reason barely anyone likes it.

    This show is UNDERAPPRECIATED!!!! Why did they cancel Arrested Development on Fox? I understand the ratings were not that good but that is just because people do not appreciate the jokes they make. This is the best show that was canceled because of its ratings. I think now it is sold on another channel now so watch that. Believe me if you are not an idiot watch Arrested Development. The actors are also good. Gob (George Oscar Bluth) is one of the best. Tobias is also good. Michael is probably the best actor. Go turn on the T.V. and watch.

    ~Priest Ohm~
  • As far as ensemble comedies go, Arrested Development leaves them all scratching their heads and wondering "Why aren't any of us that clever?" But what it always suffered from is a network that neither understood nor respected this cutting-edge comedy.

    Oddly enough, despite the declining state of the family in North America, it seems like Fox's viewership just couldn't identify with this dysfunctional family's antics. Sadly a victim of its own cleverness - Arrested Development serves as a cautionary tale for what lies in wait for shows that overestimate the intellect of the common man.

    It's hard to say who this project was a perfect vehicle for. The easy and obvious answer is Jason Bateman, the new poster boy for the Uber-Rich Everyman. But I think that this was the perfect opportunity for David Cross to show off his acting chops to a wider audience than the College Boys watching "Mister Show".

    The greatest tragedy of this show was that despite it's slough of awards, the networks still didn't give it the respect it deserved. Fox and Global both insisted on bouncing it around their schedule changing its night and time on a regular basis, so that anybody who was an avid fan would have to chase it, and anyone who might be a casual viewer would see it once and never see it again. What's even sadder is that in the show's death throes it schedule was changed even more drastically, but finally given a quick death in showing the last four episodes all at once. My question for that is, why?

    We're seeing it now with Lost, losing precious viewers as it fails to show new episodes regularly, and still nobody's learned from that lesson. Maybe if the networks hadn't overestimated the public's desire to chase the show, like the writers overestimated the viewers' ability to understand it, maybe it would still be alive today - but if it were any less smart, would I still want to watch it?
  • Wake up America! This show rocks!

    America just doesn't know what it has missed. This show is the funniest, most creative 30 minutes on television. Consistant writing and acting put it on a level far above all other comedies out there. Jokes are interspersed throughout episodes in lines and in props so much so that the punchline isn't revealed for several episodes or even a season.
  • A quirky show about an eccentric, spoiled, flawed, funny, and ultimately likeable family.

    Eccentric, flawed, quirky characters! Witty banter mixed with subtle, flagrant, and absurd humor make for a quick-paced, hysterical trip through the nightmares of family and the lenths we go through to keep our families going. Obviously over the top, but not so far that you miss the point. I can\\\'t believe someone would rather watch your typical sad-sitcom that this GEM!
  • TV was invented solely for this show. It is true, it really is!

    Ok, maybe a bit of an overstatement there, but it really is that overwhelming great. The multi-layer comedy format is genius. Everywhere you turn, there's something funny for devotees and commoners, from subtle to in-your-face, and everything inbetween.
    The acting is top notch, the casting department really got it right from Jason Bateman to Jeffery Tambor, there's something that each actor brings that contributes to one huge comedic success. Even the guest stars are spot on (argue all you want, each character was played to how they were supposed to be).
    This is truly the greatest show I've ran into, it takes a bit for you to really get it but it's well worth it. It's got that something that is missing from TV today.
  • The best non-animated tv show.

    Arrested Development is absolutely great. This show should have never been canceled. Someone should really grab the rights to this show and keep making it. If you really need to see something funny this is the show to see. Definately rent or buy the first two season dvd sets, they are great and funny throughout the whole season. There were definately no dry spells where there was not a funny episode. The best thing, it keeps getting better and funnier as the show matures. Hopefully Fox will bring this one back for a long time.
  • Instant Classic

    When FOX was first promoting this show, I knew I wanted to watch it. And while the Pilot was relatively weak compared to the subsequent episodes, it was still better than any sitcom on television, BY far. And it only got better from there. Everything they tried worked: Running jokes ("Her?" or "I've made a huge mistake," come to mind)? Check. "Has been" guest stars (Liza Minnelli, Carl Weathers, Henry Winkler, Scott Baio)? Check. Big name guest stars (Ben Stiller, Charlize Theron, Zach Braff, Heather Graham)? Check. You have to watch every episode more than once to catch all of the jokes and appreciate how great the writing is. And that is why I will not watch FOX again. They blew it by not supporting the best and smartest show on TV while continuing to support the mindless drivel like Stacked and American Idol. I may reconsider my boycott if Arrested Development finds a new home, but frankly, it's liberating to remove an entire station from my primetime menu (I still watch sports and syndicated stuff on my local FOX affiliate, though).

    Save Our Bluths!
  • Has all the elements of a comedy. It made me want to tune in so I wouldn't miss something and find myself out of the loop.

    i can't beleive that its over, and though i am sad i can't say that i am outraged. they gave me enough in three season to last a life time. ok so now i'm just being dramatic, but 'Come On!!!', this show is funny, and I am not s'ing around.
  • This is the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It's Arrested Development

    The Bluths, a wealthy disfunctional family living in O.C California. The Show takes on the lives of Parents Lucille and George and their kin Michael, Gob, Lindsey, Buster and sexually confused son in law Tobias. Also Grand Sons Maeby and George Michael. Their lives together and the spiked humor of modern times, complicated high level humor, lots of references and superb acting. The Best Since Seinfeld
  • Why o WHY did this get cancelled???

    O man!!! This show is FANTASTIC!!!!I can not believe that FOX cancelled this for what? Skating with Celebrities?WTF?I mean just because the shows not winning in the move it to different days and time slots?Seriously,I mean great reviews,awards,LOYAL FAN BASE!!Fox\'s need to wake up and stop copying other networks(and the other networks need to do the same)Nothin on TV is original anymore.This show was one of the few that stiood out.Maybe Arrested Development will be picked up hopefully by ABC,Showtime,or FOX again(you know if the DVD sales do extremely well and FOX relizes how STUPID they are again.Family Guy anyone?).SO in short.....FANTASTIC!!!!
  • This is what true comedy is about.

    That's right. This is the true definition of pure genious comedy! For one thing, unlike most comedy shows of the world, this one never went downhill! Every episode is better than the last and there isn't one episode that ruins the series.

    It has a lot of humour and references. My favorite episode is the one with three Charlie Brown references.

    The characters are truly the best part of this show. Buster is in love with his mother, but soon starts to have "affairs" with her. At one point, he even has his hand bitten off by a seal. Gob is the third-rate magician who always rides a Segway Scooter to travel. Most of the greatest humor revolves around him. Michael is the main character. He is the only responsible person in the family, yet at the same time, he can often be just as stupid and funny as characters like Gob.

    There are a lot of great characters, but this series would be nothing without George Senior! He's a convict who has been arrested for building houses in Iraq. (Constantly mentioned throughout the series) Sadly, after the Bluths finally bust him out of jail, he ends up under arrest again and Michael leaves his family.

    Truly, this show is the spawn of all comedy! This is a brilliant masterpiece, and at the same time, a way of life for the average viewer. Way to go, Arrested Development! You made comedy worth watching!
  • so damn funny you will die of laughter

    from the get go this was an instant comedy hit, so off the wall, so witty and full of a comedy i hadnt come across since seinfeld. This show just seemed to get funnier and funnier which was oh so painful from all the side splitting comedy. but why does a network go to axe another great, i truly believe that it deserves so much more help to try and keep it afloat. Support it
  • Not since Seinfeld have we seen anything this funny.

    So sad to see this show go, because it was funny. Smart funny. Often I find myself going back over episodes to get all the jokes that are smattered throughout. It's refreshing to see a show that actually believes that the audience has some intelligence. If you haven't seen this yet, find it because you will be hard pressed to find anything as funny out there.
  • Great Show.

    Arrested Development is another show that keeps you anxious for the new episode to come. When it does, it's always funnier than ever. I still can't believe that they got rid of this show, it had pretty good ratings and a great cast. This show deserved to be saved, and I know everybody who watches this show thinks so to.
  • Ever see a Life magazine from the 50's? It's sophisticated; and it assumes that the readers who will appreciate it are sophisticated enough to understand and cherish it. Arrested Development carves a narrow comedy niche for the Mental Floss reader and l

    Unfortunately, like Life magazine, the greatest common denominator and the business of show business have yielded an environment where the edgy, creative, and intelligent are quickly replaced with stereotypes, predictability, and cues for laughter.
    The Bluth family of Arrested Development is portrayed by the most talented comedy ensemble ever assembled. The writing is phenomenal, never slowing long enough for the viewer to suppose the solutions to juxtapositions until they are ripe.
    Very few comedies gain cult status in such a short time...and those that do attain it often do posthumously (BBC's The Office comes to mind) before they are fully appreciated.
    It is unfortunate that Fox's purse-string definition of a hit television show narrows only to blockbuster series like 24 and American Idol. Arrested Development could have had a long life on CBS or ABC or Showtime.
    Yes there will be attempts to copycat the patter; lots of attempts at inside jokes. But they will pale in the shadow of Jason Bateman's monstrously mixed-up seasons of Arrested Development; the most tightly compressed half-hour comedy to ever air. I'll miss the kissing cousins, a banana stand, model homes for Saddam, a loose seal, two slurring Lucille's, a never-nude, terrible magic, a hook hand...
    My hat is off to you guys...a perfect 10.
  • If you think your family is disfunctional, check these guys out...

    When I first started watching this show I didn't really get it, but shortly after I fell in love with it. Every caracter in the show is absolutely great in there own way although it's easy picking favourites. It's something for everyone wether you're an "actor", magician or terrebly insecure in yourself.


    "Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no other choice but to keep them all together."

    A brilliant show about a crazy family and some hillarious consequences....enjoy..
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