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  • One of the funniest television shows in a long time.

    You've got to love a comedy that takes risks like Arrested Development. It reminds me very much of the first few seasons of the Simpsons. The writing is sharp, witty and deviously subtle at times. The deadpan delivery from the characters is spot-on. Jason Bateman is perfect in the lead role--his character has some funny lines, but he makes him just believeable enough to keep some balance with the otherwise over-the-top cast of characters. There aren't many comedies on TV of this caliber. Heck, there aren't many sitcoms left, period. Arrested Development sets a new bar for clever writing and killer execution.
  • And now, the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together...It's Arrested Development

    Awesome show. My favorite on TV right now. Thank God it was brought back for season 3. Everyone should watch this show. I can\'t wait for the season 2 DVD, but in the meantime, I love watching the season 1 DVD over and over again. This is a highly recommended show and hopefully, more people will catch on.
  • Everybody I know likes it, so why is it always hanging on by a thread?

    A one-camera sitcom, with no laugh track. Co-Starring David Cross! Good god, could they have targeted this show at my funny bone any more precisely? It seems to be a critical darling, and everybody I know think it is fabulous, but it's always hanging on by a thread. First there was the whole "we'll let them finish season one, but there probably won't be a season two." Then it won some Emmys, so it came back. But then they cut the season short. Now it's coming back... or is it? I'll believe it when I see it.

    The show itself is genius, but wondering whether it's going to be on from week to week is really killing me. Oh well, enjoy it while you've got it!
  • Television's finest comedy ever. Never has a show been as funny as Arrested Development.

    There was a reason why Arrested Development won the Emmy for best comedy as well as four other Emmys. Never has a situation comedy been as funny, original, or rich as Arrested Development (AD). AD is so filled with comedy that it’s easy to miss some jokes, which makes AD’s rewatchability so high. This of course led to great DVD sales for the first season. It is also one of the easiest shows to download on p2p networks thanks to its popularity and hardcore following. The range of the comedy is so broad from skillful physical humor to subtle verbal quips and puns (“Get rid of the Seaward.” “I’ll leave when I’m good and ready.”) to perfectly timed awkward silence. Do yourself a favor and catch the funniest show on television.
  • This has got to be the smartest, most genius comedy since Seinfeld. But I believe this show has the potential to pass Seinfeld. Season 3 will be premiering this fall at a new timeslot (Mondays 8/7c) and I truly hope this will be the breakout season.

    Although I am a small part of the Arrested Development fan community, I encourage the Fox Network to please look at what they could be losing! Fox cancelled Family Guy, which was a huge mistake, and now they came crawling back pleading to get the show back on the network due to it's excellent DVD sales and cable ratings. Sure the ratings aren't very spectacular, but those nielsen statistics aren't always as accurate as they seem. The DVD sales aren't half bad and the show will premiere at the top of the order this fall on FOX. But at least there is one group of people watching this show, critics. This show has been critically acclaimed too much to take account for. Not to mention the 5 Emmys it's won. I would have been heartbroken if this show was taken off the air. It'd be one of the biggest mistakes in the networks short history, but thank god they brought it back! The show just needs time, look at Seinfeld, it never broke the top 20 ratings until season five!
  • check out that is every AD fans wet dream :-D

    I love Arrested Development!!!!!!!!!! I love it sooo much!!! it's my favorite TV show!!! I love all the characters! I can't live without it! I'm gonna ask it to get pre-engaged! ;-) watch AD it's the best! it's better than all the shows out there. It would be a crime if you don't watch! :-)
    ...always remember it's okay to get Arrested...

  • Best show on TV.

    What can I say? Arrested Development is THE funniest program on television today. Anyone that I know that's heard of it, loves it. FOX would have made a huge mistake had they cancelled Arrested. This show has absolutely everything going for it, except maybe the ratings. So, why aren't you watching my favorite show?
  • Best cast on TV

    This show is so so funny and has the best ensemble comedy cast on TV and still no one watches it. I can't believe that this show is always on the brink of cancellation. The show is definitely funnier if you have been watching it from the beginning, but that's why the show is on DVD, so everyone can catch up. I made two of my roommates watch the DVDs and now they are hooked and watched all of this year and loved it.
  • If you watch three episodes of this show, you will be hooked for life.

    What can you say about a show like this? It's like they ground up every funny sitcom ever made, cut out the fat, and condensed it into one half hour.

    It has zaniness worthy of I Love Lucy, characters worthy of The Simpsons, catchphrases and circular plots worthy of Seinfeld, a reality feel worthy of Larry Sanders or Curb Your Enthusiasm, writing worthy of Dick Van Dyke or Newsradio, and underneath it all, the heart of Cosby Show.

    If you've never heard of this show before, RUN out to find a DVD somewhere, because you're missing out on one of the funniest television shows ever made.

    If you have heard of it and didn't like it, try it again. Like I said, it takes three episodes to really be able to see the appeal of this show, but once you do, you'll be hooked for life just like the rest of us.
  • My first Ten review, but for this show, 10 doesn't even do it justice

    The funniest show ever! Complete Genius! Amazing Acting! Amazing cast! Amazing characters! When you here this about a sitcom, you would usually think of Seinfeld, but not anymore. Arrested Development takes you into the world of these crazy characters. Whether it is the alchoholic mother, the jailbird father, the man-child brother, or the almost gay brother-in-law, you will feel as though you know these people. I might take heat for this... Scratch that, I WILL take heat for this, but Jason Bateman is the best actor currently on Televison... THERE, I SAID IT!
  • Dysfunctional Bluth family only remaining intact by son, Michael Bluth.

    Undeniably the greatest show on television. The characters are perfectly played by an amazing team of actors and the plots and jokes that the show consists of is just genius. No wonder it's critically acclaimed.. people should listen to the critics in this case! This show needs to stay on the air!
  • And now, the story of the greatest tv show that everybody loves and the one fan base who had no choice but to watch it...It's Arrested Development

    If you have ever laughed at a joke, you will love this show. With a fan base expanding by the minute, Arrested Development is getting (heck, it's already there) to be the best show on television. With an allstar cast featuring Jason Bateman, Jeffery Tambor, David Cross, and even hotter stars with them, the comedy keeps on coming. If you like shows like Family guy, South Park, Seinfeld, or the Chapelle Show, this program could be easily added to your list. With the Season 1 DVDs already out, it's not too late to join in on the comedy that everybody loves.

    There are dozens of us who watch this show.

    ~Yours truly
    Operation Hot Mother
  • "And, now, the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together." More specifically, when George Bluth, Sr., is arrested for spending company money, Michael Bluth is forced to take care of his d

    With a talented cast and fabulous writing, this is by far the funniest show on television. Every character brings something hilarious to the show, whether it be horrible attempts at magic tricks (or "illusions... A 'trick' is something a whore does for money, or candy"), sarcastic remarks, or sexual innuendos (delivered completely obliviously), among other things. The humor ranges from subtle to slapstick, with plenty of stuff in between. The wonderful continuity of the show often rewards loyal viewers with inside jokes, but there's still plenty of comedy to be found for the new viewer in each episode (seeing if from the beginning is still highly recommended, if only to see some of the great episodes found at the beginning of season 1). No show deserved to be renewed for another season more than this one, and I can only hope that it will be renewed for many more to come.
  • The incredibly wealthy and dysfunctional family, The Bluths, are trying to survive once their father is imprisoned for tax fraud and their trust fund is frozen.

    The characters are ridiculously off balance and brilliant: specifically Gob (Will Arnett), Buster (Tony Hale), Tobias (David Cross) and Lucille (Jessica Walter). Jason Bateman, the lead, is the perfect calm in the chaos providing some much needed sanity. The emmy award winning show was created by Mitch Hurwitz and is approaching it's third season. Thank God.
  • Arrested Development makes other shows seem lacking, in humour!

    Meet the Bluths, yes sir! Since becoming aware only this year of this little gem of a show and having not had the opportunity to see the second season, I will only say that this is the funniest and most original comedy show out of the USA for many many years.

    The humour is at times subtle the refrences always funny and the dialouge of pure Classic contention. The winner of 5 Emmy's in its first season gives this reviewer the idea that it is not good (never trust the Emmy's) but no this is pure comedy classic stuff.

    If you do nothing else this year please, Meet the Bluths!
  • Arrested Development is easily one of the best written comedies of our time. With their ability to hone political and social satire, and capitalize on todays society's lack of an attention span, Arrested Development is sure to amuse even the semi-insight

    I've followed Arrested Development from the beginning, looking forward to the next coming episode each week. My only complaint has ever been "Over already?! Why is it only a half an hour long!?" Unfortunately it's creative writing tends to be underappreciated as it has struggled to stay on air.

    This outrages myself, and people like me, who have an appreciation for good writing and creativity. We've repeatidly seen shows we've loved crushed down by the menace that is 'reality t.v.'

    I hope that this is merely a phase and that this show will continue on season after season, if you haven't caught it yet, no need to wait for it to be on Television, go buy the DVD right now.
  • Uncommonly funny. Anyone who gives it a try will almost certainly fall in love.

    "Arrested Development" is quite possibly the funniest comedy on television.

    The cast members are all terrific in their roles, and the writing is spectacular. Many times, a line is funny in more than one way, and there are tons of jokes in the background that you probably won't notice the first time. Episodes get better and better with repeated viewings. This show is a gem.

    Admittedly, it takes some getting used to--without a laugh track, the show has a different rhythm than many viewers are used to. That combined with the rather large ensemble cast means it might take an episode or two for new viewers to really get into the show. I turned it off halfway through the pilot, and it wasn't until near the end of the first season that I gave it another chance and realized what a huge mistake I'd made. This show is uncommonly funny, and anyone who gives it a try will almost certainly fall in love.
  • you have to check out Arrested Development! come on!

    hey hermano's watch Arrested Development it is the best show out there! the cast itself are hilarious but add the writers and everything else you got a masterpiece! check AD out! ..the new season of Arrested Development starts Mondays @ 8:00 PM FOX in the fall.. ~it would be a crime not to watch~
  • Innovative and hilarious. This show is ahead of its time. We have all heard about the "death of the sitcom" but if this is what will take its place, I say die faster.

    There is absolutley nothing about this show that isn't stellar. Great writing, great acting, great production value. It has removed some of the more traditional sitcom elements (use of multi-camera, laugh tracks) and created soemthing much better. On top of this, it is a show that is not afraid to take risks, lampooning the war in Iraq, the 2004 election as well as the FOX network for cutting back its second seaon episode order. The humor is so absurd that you can't help but laugh and because there's no laugh track, you're laughing because it's actually funny. Granted it takes a few episodes to truly understand the show's pacing, humor and the constant looping back on itself but the show is incredible. As more and more traditional sitcoms come to the end of their runs, we can only hope they will be replaced by more shows like this: innovative, intelligent, and just flat out hilarious.
  • This show is one of the worst shows that I've ever seen. I really wish that I didn't watch it.

    Arrested Developement is very boring! It has the most stupid plot, and storylines, on every episode. All it's about is this one guys family and how weird things happen to them. The characters suck, they are really bad at acting, because its never funny, or dramatic or whatever its supposed to be, it's kind of hard to tell. I've watched about four or five episodes, and I found myself asking myself if I watched the same episode three times, but I realized that the names of the episodes were different, so I new that I watched different episode, they just seemed the same, because the plot of each episode is just like the others, and there is very little new things that happen in the new episodes.

    There was one good thing that I saw throughout all five episodes that I watched. There was one time that I laughed, about a joke about how the bald guy was stupid or something like that. It was mildly funny, but definately not a great episode compared to any other show.

    This show SUCKS!! If you haven't seen it yet, make sure that you never watch it, unless your looking for an example of a really bad show. Make sure that you don't watch it to see if it's good, because its not. I can't stress this enough, DON'T WATCH THIS SHOW!!!!!!.
  • why don't more people watch this great show!!!

    this is one of the best comedies to ever come on television. I think it rates right up there with seinfeld! I realize that it is unconventional but once you get used to it and really give it a chance(at least watch 2 episodes before you decide you dont like it). Yes there is no laugh track but scrubs has none either and is still appreciated. I cannot understand why, after being sandwitched between 2 very popular shows, the simpsons and family guy, this show was so underwatched. I was skeptical at first but at its core its a great black comedy with a broad variety of colorful and memorable characters. The writing is dead on and never misses a beat. to have a rather strange but good comparison: its a bit like the family guy. odd i know but it has the some randomness and is just as funny. Please watch this show!
  • life of a sweetly crazy family

    IF your not watching please do. Finally a comedy that does not resort to the same old "dumb fat husband with hot wife" cutouts. Since the end of seinfeld i have not faithfully watched a single sitcom then GOD waved his hand and brought me arrested. Its a shame it has not fully found an audience yet but it has been renewed and hopelfully the monday night time slot will cause it to flourish.
  • This is possibly the most underappreciated show ever to appear on television. Easily one of my favorites.

    Arrested Development is one of the funniest and smartest show on television. The minds behind this are what really meake it above the average sitcom. With the way the scenes are shot, written, and acted, I do not understand why it is so close to cancellation. I encourage you, tell anyone you know to watch this show, or before we know it, we'll have missed our chance to enjoy.
  • An instant classic. Presumed dead a gazillion times, the show owes its survival to the (deserved) critical acclaim, and the (too few) hardcore fans trying to show their peers how a jem the show really is.

    Arrested development is disturbing in many ways. It's supposed to be a comedy, yet there is no laugh tracks. It's supposed to be cutting edge, yet it's on FOX.
    From the brilliant folks at Imagine entertainment, Ron Howard and Michael Hurwitz bring us the story of Michael Bluth, widower at the center of a family so dysfunctionnal it makes the Jacksons look like the Cunninghams.
    In a brilliant combination of fast-paced editing, incredibly dense/funny dialogue and, above all, one of the most talented and coherent cast ensemble, this marvelous, sadistic-to-watch cocktail distance Arrested Development from other comedies from an interstellar mile.
    At worst, the best underrated show ever. At best, an icon for generations of aspiring comedy writers.
  • By far the best sitcom on television.

    I didn't expect much from this show when I first saw commercials for it. But, once I started watching it, I got hooked. This show is absolutely HILARIOUS. Not gag humor, like the kind in Family Guy (don't get me wrong, I love that show). This show's humor is very deep and it's extremely clever.

    The characters in this show are all each unique and are extremely well developed, even the secondary characters. The show is extremely well written on a weekly basis, and every single event that happens leads to hilarity.

    All I can say about this show is that it is a future classic. If Fox cancels it, it'll be the worst decision they've ever made. Only they could succesfully pull off a comedy about a kid in love with his cousin.
  • Arrested Development picks up tricks from both sitcom spoofs and fly-on-the-wall documentary spoofs, then wields them flawlessly.

    Arrested Development isn't obviously, dazzlingly original, and its humour may fail to register with you on first viewing. It succeeds because it grows on you very quickly; once you've seen three or four episodes, it's easy to slip into its mindset and follow the show's own twisted (in all senses of the word) sense of humour.

    I think Arrested Development is as great as it is because even though the plot, the characters, and the situations they get into are entirely plausible, the whole thing feels a little off. It's as if the writers have grabbed hold of reality and just shifted it a little, while the characters remain completely oblivious. Well, except for Michael - he's always on the ball - but the others are constantly screwing things up and getting into insane, tangled messes. It's a wonder there's any room to fit so much comedy into the remaining space.

    You can tell that the writers know exactly what they're doing. Each episode is plotted and each line is assigned with laserlike precision to allow for follow-up jokes. When they take so much care over their scripts and setups, it shows. Let's hope Arrested Development can hold on for another three or four series.
  • With its unique style, pace and humor this show will one day become known as a classic.

    Engaging characters, plot, underlying theme and an ability to entertain its audience for years beyond its death are just a few characteristics a classic tv show must possess in order to become known as a classic. While many shows come and go without leaving so much as a mark due to the copycat nature of Hollywood this show possesses these vital traits in spades. "Arrested Development" is what many would consider a cult classic if not an instant classic due to its ability to create such a loyal fan base within a relatively short amount of time. There are many genre shows that have had die-hard fans that have fought tooth and nail to keep their shows on the air despite low ratings(ie. Farscape, La Femme Nikita, Angel) but very few shows possess fanboys (and girls) amongst critics and the executive board of which the show airs. This show is one of them and for a good reason, it's smart but not condescending and will keep you laughing without going for the cheap and easy gag. It's like a diamond in the rough that hasn't been recognized by most of the American audience for the gem that it is and it may stay that way. But who cares, some of the best shows are cult classics.
  • A dry lifeless show that is passed off as a comedy. The large amount of dead space between dialoged is very apparent because the show seems to lack any kind of musical score. The acting is robotic.

    A dry lifeless show that is passed off as a comedy. The large amount of dead space between dialoged is very apparent because the show seems to lack any kind of musical score. The acting is robotic.

    The show is passed off as original "original", but it isn't. The UK show "the office" first aired in 2001. It has the similar camera work and style of humor. But, unlike Arrested Development people can relate to the setting and characters.
  • A very unique but at the same time common show.

    This is an example of a good quality show that will make you laugh and not want to wait for the next episode. It has auniqe feel to it but follows the akward, disrupt, family show which everyone has seen enough of (or so they thought). No matter what people think this show will be around a while longer.

  • The best sitcom on television now, and probably the best since Seinfeld.

    The cast of this show is amazing, and I probably couldn't laugh harder if I tried. The dry, sardonic wit of this show is priceless. My favorite characters would have to be the poor, put-upon George Michael, and the flawlessly funny Gob. George Michael is always having some sort of unfortunate incident, usually not at all his fault, and Gob is always causing problems for everyone else. I knew I was hooked on this show forever when in the first episode Gob has that Aztec Tomb magic stunt thingee and Michael refers to it as a "magic trick" and Gob says, "ILLUSION, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money." I about wet myself. Honestly. Good times.
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