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  • One of the funniest television shows in a long time.

    You've got to love a comedy that takes risks like Arrested Development. It reminds me very much of the first few seasons of the Simpsons. The writing is sharp, witty and deviously subtle at times. The deadpan delivery from the characters is spot-on. Jason Bateman is perfect in the lead role--his character has some funny lines, but he makes him just believeable enough to keep some balance with the otherwise over-the-top cast of characters. There aren't many comedies on TV of this caliber. Heck, there aren't many sitcoms left, period. Arrested Development sets a new bar for clever writing and killer execution.
  • Everybody I know likes it, so why is it always hanging on by a thread?

    A one-camera sitcom, with no laugh track. Co-Starring David Cross! Good god, could they have targeted this show at my funny bone any more precisely? It seems to be a critical darling, and everybody I know think it is fabulous, but it's always hanging on by a thread. First there was the whole "we'll let them finish season one, but there probably won't be a season two." Then it won some Emmys, so it came back. But then they cut the season short. Now it's coming back... or is it? I'll believe it when I see it.

    The show itself is genius, but wondering whether it's going to be on from week to week is really killing me. Oh well, enjoy it while you've got it!
  • And now, the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together...It's Arrested Development

    Awesome show. My favorite on TV right now. Thank God it was brought back for season 3. Everyone should watch this show. I can\'t wait for the season 2 DVD, but in the meantime, I love watching the season 1 DVD over and over again. This is a highly recommended show and hopefully, more people will catch on.
  • Warning Advisory: The following show is not intended for those who do not utilize their brains, nor those who think intelligent humor is an oxymoron. Or those who don't understand what an oxymoron is.

    What's there to be said about this show that hasn't been said? It's outrageously funny and that's the only way to describe it - any less outrage or any less funny and you'll have a different creature.

    What makes Arrested Development a unique sitcom isn't just the family of dysfunctional characters - we've seen that time and again - but its freshness in tackling current affairs and ability to churn out episode after episode of relentless puns and double entendres. Unlike other smart comedies, where characters consistently point out how oblivious the rest of the world is, this sitcom continuously points to how oblivious the members of the Bluth family are. Nobody is spared, not even Michael Bluth, from whose eyes we view this mockumentary that goes for half an hour every week.

    Why do we love this show? Besides the outlandish scenarios in which the characters continually find themselves in, the show makes references to current real world events, makes fun of all taboo subjects and gets away with it by doing it in the right spirit. And for those truly attentive to the show, repeat viewings reveal hidden gems and well-crafted side gags. Finally, a sitcom that rewards you for effort!
  • The most under-appreciated TV series EVER!

    The acting. The writing. The style (Ron Howard narrating? Priceless). The jokes you get when you watch it a second time. I laugh so hard at some of these characters and the way they deliver their lines that it hurts (Jessica Walter!!! OMG, hilarious!!). This is the most under-appreciated TV show in the history of television. No doubt about it. I LOVE Arrested Development.
  • Problem

    The problem with making a show that is too brilliant is that most idiots aren't going to get it. Screw Fox for taking this off the air. Definitely the funniest show ever.
  • Absolute genius

    This show is evidence the the vast majority of TV-watchers are dumber than dirt. This is a near-perfect comedy that packs each episode with so many consecutive laughs that it is impossible to catch them all in a single viewing. Without the encumbrance of the laugh track (aka. comedy-cancer), this show bombards the viewer with rapid-fire comedic gold. Unfortunately, your typical sit-com watcher has a IQ of about 60 and can't keep up. And without being told explicitly when to laugh, they become confused and angry. Then they switch over to over to 'The Big Bang Theory' and pretend that they are intelligent because they laugh at the sciencey things that the laugh track tells them to and ignores the fact that every bit of canned laughter was immediately preceded by the same punchline ('look at how nerdy they are!'). (I know the timeline doesn't quite match up.)

    It is a tragedy that this show was so far ahead of its time and that Joe Sit-com-watcher is an absolute dunce. Thanks to the writers and actors for providing a few of us with box-sets that never collect dust. Here's hoping that the return is just as memorable.
  • Another under-appreciated masterpiece.

    This was one of those show's where nothing could go wrong. Actually everything could and did, that's what the show was about, but as far as storylines and episodes went, they could fit just about any non-sense in there and it would work. Gene Parmesan PI, the Blue Man Group storyline, well... anything.

    Every single character was drop-dead funny and the whole concept of comedy narrated with a familiar voice worked pretty well.

    Also, it made way for some pretty good actors to make a name for themselves.

    Can't wait for the movie. I'm sure it'll be one of my favorite comedies ever.
  • It's an incredible show that is halarious and should have NEVER GOTTEN CANCELLED!

    Arrested Development is about a rich yet disfunctional family that loses all their money.
    Now there have been MANY, MANY, MANY shows about disfunctional families, but there are a couple things that set Arrested Development apart from the rest: 1-Its clever humor that makes it funnier than the rest of the shows. 2-Its directing that is that of documentaries. 3-Its unique and halarious characters. 4-Its unique plots.
    This show has an all-star cast. Jason Bateman, Will Arentt, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, David Cross, Michael Cera, Alicia Swatcat, Jessica Walter, and Jeffery Tambor (as well as Ron Howard as the narrator) are all halarious in this show. Even the guest stars, such as Henry Winkler, Liza Minelli, Justin Lee as Annyong, Charlize Theron, Judy Greer, Justin Wade Grant as Steve Holt!, Ed Begley Jr., Scott Baio, and Carl Weathers.
    The characters are so original and funny. Even most of them seem evil, you can't help but love them. My favorite character is Tobias, who makes a lot of inintentional, gay innuendos. The writing is the best there is, the directing is unique and cool. I just love this show.
  • Arrested Development is a comedy about a rich family that loses all its money and whose patriarch is arrested for fraud.

    This show is pure comedy. The characters are extremely well developed and have hilarious relationships. The absence of a laugh track on the show adds to the hilarity of the show. The show's patriarch, George Bluth, is arrested in the first episode by the federal government for fraud and treason. His wife, Lucille, is an alcoholic, irresponsible mother of their 4 children. Will Arnett plays George Oscar Bluth or Gob (pronounced Jobe), the oldest of the Bluth children, who is personally my favorite character, is a terrible magician and utterly incapable, but struggles with his siblings for the affection of his parents. Michael and Lindsey, the next oldest, are twins. Michael, who is played by Jason Bateman, is the main character of the show, and he takes over his father's company when his father is arrested. He has a son, George Michael, played by Michael Cera, whose mother died of cancer before the show began. Lindsey, played by Portia de Rossi, is the drama queen sister who is involved in many ridiculous charities. She is married to Tobias Funke, and they have a daughter, Maeby. The youngest of the Bluth siblings is Buster, who is his mother's favorite child, and still lives with her, even though he is over 30 years old. The interactions between the characters, the witty dialogue, and Ron Howard's narration of this series make it the best comedy show in the past or present. The strength of this show is shown by the fact that since it was unfortunately cancelled in the middle of the third season due to its few viewers it has only gained watchers.
  • Amazing show...enough said

    This show is such a great comedy that I cannot believe it is no longer on the air. Truly, what was the network thinking to take such an amazing show and end it, I mean really? The family drama portrayed throughout the witty banter makes this a series that has you laughing out loud the entire time you are watching. Each character adds something to the show that is just...for lack of a better word, amazing. From Micheal's loyal, serious, yet somewhat corky attitude to Gob's down right ridiculousness...Lindsay and Tobias' "marriage"...all classic wonderfulness, which could easily be carried on. Not to mention, who wouldn't love the fact that everyone Maebee ends up liking turns out to be her cousin...come ON! Ridiculousness at it's finest!
  • Exposing the secrets of a rich family gone broke. Not only is each family member demented in their own little way, you just want to smear your face against theirs because it is love that will never fade. Hey brother.

    Any show with enough hilarious quotes to let me carry on a conversation all day long is a winner in my book. When times get rough and money is tight, I watch Arrested Development to ease my soul. It is the best show out there because there is something funny every time you watch it. I'm on my 4th round of watching all seasons over again, and I still find new things to laugh about! Not only that, the self-referential humor and clever writing makes me appreciate the idiot box. It's a shame that this show got canceled. I suppose Arrested Development's play on words did not amuse enough viewers. Luckily, a movie! yes, A MOVIE. If you have not watched this show, I recommend you do as soon as possible. You will instantly fall in love and randomly shout out quotes to your friends and/or strangers.

    Ko Ka Ko Ka Ko Ka
  • check out that is every AD fans wet dream :-D

    I love Arrested Development!!!!!!!!!! I love it sooo much!!! it's my favorite TV show!!! I love all the characters! I can't live without it! I'm gonna ask it to get pre-engaged! ;-) watch AD it's the best! it's better than all the shows out there. It would be a crime if you don't watch! :-)
    ...always remember it's okay to get Arrested...

  • Why did it end one more time?

    So it was just one more season and no more? That's very sad. Arrested Development was one of the funniest tv shows ever.

    It deserves many more seasons.

    I hope it comes back!!!
  • One of the best sitoms of the century.

    Quirky. Intelligent. Weird. Extremely funny. I fell in love with this show as soon as I'd finished the Pilot, which I cannot say about ANY other comedy that I like. The writing and acting are superb. This is one of the best shows of the 2000's.
  • Perfection all around.

    I've watched the show nearly 5 times from start to finish now. Still manages to get me laughing, and just brighten my day. I love the little details, and run on jokes, and just pure hilarity that makes this show one of my absolute favorites. I don't understand how this show was ever canceled, but I'm glad other people have noticed the genius that is this show. I am greatly looking forward to the 4th season.
  • Arrested Development

    I love this show, had to go out and buy Season 2 & 3. Hope they bring this show back. One of the best shows on TV!
  • The perfect comedy.

    Arrested Development is easily the most technically perfect comedy to ever grace our television screens. The jokes were wide-ranging and rapid fire, and more often than not, required a strong knowledge of the show and repeated viewings to be fully appreciated. The three short years in the life of AD provide some of the greatest running jokes ever created and a cast of characters that are not easily forgotten. Add star crossed cousins, a man baby enlisted in the army, an alcoholic mother hen, law evading father, poor excuse for a magician (ahem..illusionist), a self involved daughter, sexually confused and never-nude son-in-law, a marginally responsible middle son, and a sardonic narrator and you've got comedy GOLD.

    AD led the way for the smart comedies of today, such as 30 Rock, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother. A true cult classic of the sitcom genre.
  • Another brilliant show facing execution because of national stupidity!

    In a country where anyone with a triple digit IQ is persecuted for treason, it’s no wonder this show can’t seem to make a dent in the ratings! The Bluths are just as irreverent, but hardly as controversial as the Tates & Campbells were in their time, so the question is, what happened to our collective appreciation of clever satire?

    AD is one of those rare examples of television genius that defies every rule of the conventional network sitcom, yet embraces every canon of comedy writing. Is it really that difficult to comprehend a joke not constructed to hit a button at the end of a scene? And are oblivious, self-absorbed, dysfunctional characters only “relatable” when populating a drama series?

    Sure this show expects a lot of its viewers. It relies heavily on its history - both actual events from previous episodes and newly invented backstory solely created for the current joke. Random details, whether recurring or mentioned once in the first season, can pop up at any moment. They remember to bring up the banana stand, Maeby’s studio job or Annyong (well, maybe not as much as they should) and just assume the audience will follow. And of course, a joke is rarely limited to one scene, so if you miss a line or an image early on, you’ll never get the call-back 4 scenes later.

    I guess if there is but one consolation for us loyal viewers it’s that we are in fact smart enough to get the joke. So don’t complain that the sitcom is dead; get angry that it’s been dumbed down to the point of obsolescence! Arrested Development is the epitome of classic TV! Save Our Bluths!!
  • why don't more people watch this great show!!!

    this is one of the best comedies to ever come on television. I think it rates right up there with seinfeld! I realize that it is unconventional but once you get used to it and really give it a chance(at least watch 2 episodes before you decide you dont like it). Yes there is no laugh track but scrubs has none either and is still appreciated. I cannot understand why, after being sandwitched between 2 very popular shows, the simpsons and family guy, this show was so underwatched. I was skeptical at first but at its core its a great black comedy with a broad variety of colorful and memorable characters. The writing is dead on and never misses a beat. to have a rather strange but good comparison: its a bit like the family guy. odd i know but it has the some randomness and is just as funny. Please watch this show!
  • With its unique style, pace and humor this show will one day become known as a classic.

    Engaging characters, plot, underlying theme and an ability to entertain its audience for years beyond its death are just a few characteristics a classic tv show must possess in order to become known as a classic. While many shows come and go without leaving so much as a mark due to the copycat nature of Hollywood this show possesses these vital traits in spades. "Arrested Development" is what many would consider a cult classic if not an instant classic due to its ability to create such a loyal fan base within a relatively short amount of time. There are many genre shows that have had die-hard fans that have fought tooth and nail to keep their shows on the air despite low ratings(ie. Farscape, La Femme Nikita, Angel) but very few shows possess fanboys (and girls) amongst critics and the executive board of which the show airs. This show is one of them and for a good reason, it's smart but not condescending and will keep you laughing without going for the cheap and easy gag. It's like a diamond in the rough that hasn't been recognized by most of the American audience for the gem that it is and it may stay that way. But who cares, some of the best shows are cult classics.

    If you don't like it don't watch it!!!!!!

    I love this show so much! This is comedy at its finest! You can't help falling in love with all the characters and their personalities. I'm finishing up the third season and scared because then what will i watch? The crap on now is unbelievable. Can not wait for season 4:)
  • Season 4

    One of the only shows that I enjoy watching over and over again. I just found out that Season 4 will be coming to Netflix sometime in 2013. It's the entire original cast and is currently being filmed.
  • Huzzah! Comedic Genius!

    I have seen some very funny shows in my 15 year old life, but none are as stupidly clever or downright hysterical as Arrested Development. Every character is a joy to watch, such as the oblivious Tobias (a candadate for the funniest television character ever), the put upon Michael, the charismatic GOB or the weird Buster.

    Season 3 took a tiny dip in quality, but even a flawed episode of Arrested Development is better than a perfect episode of any sitcom on the air today. The funniest show of all time.
  • It still hurts to believe I will never see a new episode on TV ever again.

    I don't know if I'll ever get over this show being cancelled. It was the funniest show on television over the past decade and the cancellation of it still remains one of the greatest fluck-ups ever. The lack of promotion led to lack of viewers which is both sad and shameful. I've been hoping over the past few years that they would somehow restore the show and get it back on the air but I've come to realize that won't be happening. I'm excited for the movie but I'm fearful that it might just make me even more depressed at the prospect that the Bluths are no longer a part of my world.
  • Fox made a huge mistake...

    Arrested Development is undeniably the best sitcom I have ever seen. It's original, sharp, witty and fun. What more can you ask of a 30min Sitcom.

    Every episode is a master piece, which one can watch repeatedly without becoing bored because one there are jokes there that you didn't notice the first time round.

    There are numerous things which are great about the show. 1) The characters. Every character is unique and show a different sort of humour to the audience, from Tobias with hsi gay innuendos to George-Michael as an Awkard Teenager. Even the occasional characters are funny and have unique characteristics which last in the memory rather than being outshone by the main cast.

    2) There is no laugh track. The producers arn't trying to tell you what to laugh at and makes you make up your own mind to what you find funny and thus caters to all type of humour.If there were a laugh track it would be continously playing!

    3)The Standard of acting is superb and adds to the enjoyability of the show.

    Its a pity that Fox killed the show before its time. But the cancellation hasn't stopped it being regarded as the best sitcom, if not prgram, of all time.

    In my opinion. Fox has made a huge mistake...
  • arrested DEVELOPMENT is the best show ever. Even if it is not my favorite, I know it's the best.

    "And now the story of a wealthy family, who lost everything. And the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. Is Arrested Development." The fact that this show is so very much underrated, is not much of a mystery. Actually, it just makes it better and more interesting due to it's not a mainstream, but is a hidden gem. Although it still won some awards and always had some recognition, this show can not be appreciated enough. The rating in this site is a joke, I guess everybody knows that. 9.0?! Laughable.

    A completely innovative way of making comedy.
    I'm glad there's such a show like this, that "finally"(my icon!) took away from "Seinfeld" the title of best comedy. This show really deserves it.
    This is the most clever, the most witty and the most humorous comedy that has ever existed, without any doubt. Is not funny, oh no... is HILARIOUS! I think the show receives most of the credit because of the superb writing of the series as a whole, but definitely the best of it is the funny scenes this show consistently put on screen. It is pure and genuine comedy, how is there actually funny jokes every minute. Sometimes it possibly could make you cry of the laughter. Wacthing this show kinda kills the idea of a sitcom, Arrested Development is how comedy should have been done years ago.

    We never see such a brilliant comedy, and then being cancelled after 3 seasons by the owner channel! But definitely it is very present when it is about comedy, as it is the #1 of them all!
  • Arrested Development is just brilliant.

    Wow, what a show. So clever, so well written, and so, so funny. It's perfectly casted, and should have lasted for many more glorious seasons. Its the kind of show that makes you want to tune in every week, unfortunately I had to tune in early hours of the morning to watch it, because the bbc gave it no credit what so ever. This show has been unfairly treated by just about every network it's been on. Many people have never heard of it, and my god, aren't they missing out. Those of you who love the show will know what I mean here, because once you let Arrested Development suck you in, you fight with your life defending such a fantastic show. From the crazy, gullible, never nude that is Tobias, to the arrogant, loud mouthed, yet totally insecure magician that is Gob, this show is a hidden gem.
  • This show makes me laugh like a crazy person every time!

    The jokes are delivered so well, Lucille Bluth is my favorite for her comedic genius! To this day whenever I'm on a Ford car lot I tell the story of why Ford replaced the Bronco with the Escape. I'm really pleased to hear rumors that this story may be revived. I feel that it would be a great asset to the world if Arrested Development would go on for another few years. The humor in this show has influenced me so much. When I do magic tricks at dinner parties I make it a point to differentiate between magic and ILLUSIONS!
  • If you want to know why Arrested Development truly deserves a perfect 10 out of 10, Then please read.

    Acting (the performances of the main and supporting cast) - 10
    The acting by all of the cast members is absolutely magnificent. Even the younger actors who play Maybe and George Michael and the secondary characters act very, very well.

    Writing (dialogue and storytelling) - 10
    This show is ever so very superbly written. Arrested Development doesn't have one dimensional writing like so many other comedies, the writing can be irreverent, it can be very subtle, and it at times can be very silly, but it is always smart. In my opinion Arrested Development is one of the best written sitcoms in the history of television (I know that's a very bold statement, but I do not jest). I could write for hours about the writing, simply put it is brilliant.

    Production Values* (direction, casting, cinematography, art direction, make up, etc.) - 10
    The directing is absolutely fantastic. It really cannot get much better, Joe and Anthony Russo give grade A, cinema caliber direction. And the Casting, oh my goodness, what a brilliant cast. Everybody fits into their role perfectly, and even the few side characters that the show brings in are wonderfully casted. Not many people take the next thing into consideration, but being an editor myself I noticed that the single camera editing which Arrested Development uses is some of the best editing I've ever seen on a film-shot sitcom.
    Even the art direction, which the show shouldn't have to worry about being that it's so great in every other way, (but I'm glad that it did because it gives me more of a reason to give it a high rating) is very well done.

    Value (the consistency of being a good show throughout its seasons) - 10
    So far Arrested Development has been absolutely great. The show has yet to faultier.

    Overall (the shows overall entertainment) - 10
    I know this whole review I have been praising Aressted Development in every way possible, but I will say that its not for everybody. But if you get it, you will love it.

    Final score: 10.0
    I know that a lot of people on give tens all the time, but I'm a little weary of giving a show a perfect score. Can a show really be that good? I mean I never before have given a show a perfect score of ten. But I add up the score, and it indeed gets a perfect ten out of ten. The only thing that will keep this show from going down in history as one of the greatest shows of all time is simply... nobody watches it.

    (*) In the case of certain shows I may only take into consideration the production values that apply. And in the case of certain shows (mainly sitcoms shot on video), I may only take into account casting and direction. I'm not going to reprimand a show for something that isn't really apart of its presentation. But all shows will always be judged at least on casting and directing.
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