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  • Get ready to laugh!

    Thank you to netflix for bringing this great show back. Want them to finally make the movie! - Aaron Kocourek

    This is the funniest show I have ever seen! I wish there were more seasons!
  • Excellent Show

    Cannot wait for it to return after 3 amazing seasons.
  • Bravo

    One of the few comedy show that are actually funny. Perfect, no more and no less!

    The fourth season was a big downfall.
  • I love Arrested Development.

    This is the best show in the world.

    - Andrew Blum Fairfield, CT

  • Why did it end one more time?

    So it was just one more season and no more? That's very sad. Arrested Development was one of the funniest tv shows ever.

    It deserves many more seasons.

    I hope it comes back!!!
  • Title

  • About the series

    It had great written episodes and casting in season one.
  • I love it!

    I've just reached season 3 but I love it. It's great... it's crazy and fun and has some really clever jokes. Most of the characters are really likeable and the plots are ridiculous (in a good way). If you're looking for a sitcom to watch, this would be a great option. I particularly enjoy Michael and George Michael's relationship and Buster, Tobias and Gob's ridiculous dialogue :)

  • It isn't every day a show like "Arrested Development" comes along

    It's not every day you come across a show with the history that the popular sitcom Arrested Development has. This show was on for three seasons and it got cancelled after the third season due to low ratings. A good number of audiences were upset by its cancellation, while some new audiences took a look back at the past seasons. And I guess critics and audiences alike really liked the past seasons enough to the point where this show is now officially back on the air only on Netflix.

    Before I delve further into what I think of this show, it should be noted that I've only seen the first season of this show so far. In other words, this review will be solely based on season one. Based on what I've seen from season one of Arrested Development so far, I can understand why people like this show even though I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's one of my favorite shows yet. Arrested Development centers around Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) who essentially tries to keep his dysfunctional family together and try to prevent certain family members from basically doing something stupid.

    Among Michael's family members are his son (Michael Cera) who seems to try a little too hard to live up to his father's standards, his trouble- making father (Jeffrey Tambor), his alcoholic mother (Jessica Walter) who is judgmental of every family member. There's also his socially awkward younger brother (Tony Hale), his older brother (Will Arnett) who is an unsuccessful magician, his spoiled twin sister (Portia de Rossi), her husband (David Cross) who is also an actor, and their rebellious daughter (Alia Shawkat). This show basically follows these family members and whatever funny situations they experience.

    Thinking about what to write for a show like this, given that I've only seen one season, is a challenge since there isn't much to analyze about either side really. I can't say that I'm a fan of either Michael Cera or Will Arnett, but I think they're tolerable in this show. I liked how in one episode I've seen, Will Arnett's character tries to break out of prison, gets beaten up in prison, is sent to the hospital, and in his hospital bed, he simply says "Ta-da". That was a good joke. If the actor came up with more comedic material like that, I'd be less mixed on him as a comedic actor. As for Michael Cera, he does do the same old routine he would continue on doing later in his career. His act works here though because it fits with the character he plays as opposed to just being awkward and tiresome.

    This is one of those shows in which I am able to identify with the characters and yet unable to identify with them both at the same time. Tony Hale's character, aka the socially awkward brother, is a great example. Like this specific character, I seem to get along more with people older than me than I do with people younger than me. But at the same time, I wouldn't date anyone that was at least 10 years older than me because that would be too weird. Portia de Rossi's character, aka the spoiled twin sister, is another noteworthy example. While I'm willing to admit that I'm used to living the good life and not having to take care of everything, I'm also pretty careful when it comes to deciding how much money to spend on a weekly basis unlike Portia de Rossi's character.

    The other characters are interesting including Michael's father, played by Jeffrey Tambor. I like how the in the first few episodes when he's in prison, he says to his son that he actually likes it there and claims that it's like being on vacation. That's one way of looking at time in prison, and as a writer, I'm up for looking at things through different points of view. David Cross' character, aka the husband of Michael's sister, is also entertaining. He's got plenty of funny moments particularly when he and his wife attend couples therapy in one episode and this therapy turns into an acting rehearsal of sorts for him as the therapist has taken interest in his profession. I don't want to reveal too much but that story in that episode is hilarious because of David Cross.

    Based on what I've seen so far of Arrested Development, I'll continue watching the show a little more. While I don't think that I'd declare it one of the greatest television sitcoms like everyone else seems to, I do understand why critics and audiences generally like it. I like most of the characters, I think that most of the jokes hit their targets, the acting in general is well done, the storytelling is efficient and so is the narration by Ron Howard that accompanies it. Even if a couple episodes or jokes aren't quite up my alley, I'd still say that it's a show that's worth your time.
  • Which parts do you want to fast-forward thru?

    Let's be honest, nearly every show has parts we don't really want to watch, and that's when we skip ahead. For me it's the overload of sappy overparenting by Michael over his son, George Michael. The point is already made; the two have a great bond, but it seems like half the show is about the less-than-funny stuff going on with George Michael and his dad. If I am facing 13 hours of viewing time ahead, I don't have time to sit through all the milquetoast.
  • Legal Analysis

    If You've Suffered Due to an Arrested-Development-Related Accident, You May be Thinking I've Made a Huge Mistake. - But Don't Worry, We May be Able to Help!

  • 10
    I've missed seeing GOB doing his thing to "the final countdown"! We didn't really get to see it in these 15 episodes, but just hearing the music in that wedding scene was enough to make me smile =)
  • Just as my faith had built!

    I flip-flopped quite a bit during the first 10 episodes (I binged hard), but when my roommate came home I re-watched the first 5 episodes again. Knowing how some of the Easter eggs play out definitely brings back the humour of AD that I remember. It seemed like the series was too focused on dropping these Easter eggs that the first half of the season felt pretty bland. There were definitely a few great moments as AD will always be known for, but it never felt like if had that consistent substance I loved the previous 3 seasons of AD for.

    However, in the later episodes as most of the eggs have now been dropped, AD really picked back up. I can't say that I am fully in love with the 'let's focus on one character' model they emphasized this season as it really did leave out a lot of comedy from each episode. There were definitely times I felt that I'd gone too long without seeing Tobias or GOB for example.

    And much was the same in the final episode. However, the end lost me. No spoilers, as I'm sure everyone expects there to be something impactful happening at the end of a season finale but I can't say I agree with this end one bit.

    Sure, the humour is still there, but this ended way too... heavy for a AD finale. Yes, there always is a big moment to end an AD season, but this didn't set me up for a 'wonder what's next' feeling I want out of AD. It's too serious, too... drama. I wanted an AD style over-the-top "OH SNAP! Wonder what's next! That was hilarious!" finale. Not this.

    All that said, I love that AD is back and look forward to re-watching this season with less bingey friends.
  • A D 4

  • F'ing GENIUS

    I was genuinely heart broken when the show was cancelled- but now with the delightful anticipation and resurrection of the new season, I am once again able to fully relish into my profound love and obsession for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. It makes me sad when I hear that people have never watched the show, but at the same time I feel special... like I'm in a super secret, awesome, super intelligent underground club. LONG LIVE THE BLUTH FAMILY. And Carl Weathers.

    If you don't like it don't watch it!!!!!!

    I love this show so much! This is comedy at its finest! You can't help falling in love with all the characters and their personalities. I'm finishing up the third season and scared because then what will i watch? The crap on now is unbelievable. Can not wait for season 4:)
  • Somebody please defend the show against this critique

    WHY?? Why do people think this show is 'genius'? I agree this show is funny, however it is nowhere NEAR the 'genius' level. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like the show's humor relies mainly on quips and dramatic irony that stems from idiotic characters who's motives and actions are all basically the same (other than Michael) - selfishness. This is funny because it creates interesting situations and opportunities for the writers to be clever with funny quips. My problem with this is though, is that the characters don't actually change! Nobody grows or learns or well... develops! This is what makes the show mediocre in my opinion. The show continues to add subplots and new characters and diversions - which are funny! - but never truly moves foreword with the characters. Therefore, in the end I don't care at all about any of the characters because it turns out they are all selfish shallow or idiotic people who will never change. Thus I feel like the show is watching dumb people do dumb things and laughing at the irony of it all. While I agree this is funny, it is not 'genius' in any regard.
  • One of the best sitoms of the century.

    Quirky. Intelligent. Weird. Extremely funny. I fell in love with this show as soon as I'd finished the Pilot, which I cannot say about ANY other comedy that I like. The writing and acting are superb. This is one of the best shows of the 2000's.

    Watched this in Philly,then it ended suddenly. Never understood why. Now im in Tx, Recovering from the bad economy & other stuff, this show is my official poison,my escape, my relief. I''m midway thru season the whole hilarious experience. Season 4 is the best news! So grateful the actors agreed to it & hope Ronnie Howard still narrates....
  • This is a piece of crap.

    this show is not funny. when i watched at my uncle's house, i wanted to kill myself. The evening news is funnier than this.
  • The most under-appreciated TV series EVER!

    The acting. The writing. The style (Ron Howard narrating? Priceless). The jokes you get when you watch it a second time. I laugh so hard at some of these characters and the way they deliver their lines that it hurts (Jessica Walter!!! OMG, hilarious!!). This is the most under-appreciated TV show in the history of television. No doubt about it. I LOVE Arrested Development.
  • Perfection all around.

    I've watched the show nearly 5 times from start to finish now. Still manages to get me laughing, and just brighten my day. I love the little details, and run on jokes, and just pure hilarity that makes this show one of my absolute favorites. I don't understand how this show was ever canceled, but I'm glad other people have noticed the genius that is this show. I am greatly looking forward to the 4th season.
  • Season 4

    One of the only shows that I enjoy watching over and over again. I just found out that Season 4 will be coming to Netflix sometime in 2013. It's the entire original cast and is currently being filmed.
  • Such a classic!

    Great show. If you really love it, check out the best recurring jokes at HyperVocal:
  • Best cast ever!

    Best cast ever. Whenever there's a new show or movie with one of the memebers i definitely watch is. I especially love Will Arnett on 30 rock
  • Problem

    The problem with making a show that is too brilliant is that most idiots aren't going to get it. Screw Fox for taking this off the air. Definitely the funniest show ever.
  • Absolute genius

    This show is evidence the the vast majority of TV-watchers are dumber than dirt. This is a near-perfect comedy that packs each episode with so many consecutive laughs that it is impossible to catch them all in a single viewing. Without the encumbrance of the laugh track (aka. comedy-cancer), this show bombards the viewer with rapid-fire comedic gold. Unfortunately, your typical sit-com watcher has a IQ of about 60 and can't keep up. And without being told explicitly when to laugh, they become confused and angry. Then they switch over to over to 'The Big Bang Theory' and pretend that they are intelligent because they laugh at the sciencey things that the laugh track tells them to and ignores the fact that every bit of canned laughter was immediately preceded by the same punchline ('look at how nerdy they are!'). (I know the timeline doesn't quite match up.)

    It is a tragedy that this show was so far ahead of its time and that Joe Sit-com-watcher is an absolute dunce. Thanks to the writers and actors for providing a few of us with box-sets that never collect dust. Here's hoping that the return is just as memorable.
  • Greatest comedy of the noughties

    Maybe the greatest comedy of all time. If you haven't watched it yet, you've made a huge mistake. Go grab it now. You won't regret it. Superb cast, good acting, excellent writing, hilarious storylines, genius references. Easily the best show I've watched in along long time
  • Arrested Development

    I love this show, had to go out and buy Season 2 & 3. Hope they bring this show back. One of the best shows on TV!