Arrested Development

Netflix Premiered Nov 02, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • Absolute genius

    This show is evidence the the vast majority of TV-watchers are dumber than dirt. This is a near-perfect comedy that packs each episode with so many consecutive laughs that it is impossible to catch them all in a single viewing. Without the encumbrance of the laugh track (aka. comedy-cancer), this show bombards the viewer with rapid-fire comedic gold. Unfortunately, your typical sit-com watcher has a IQ of about 60 and can't keep up. And without being told explicitly when to laugh, they become confused and angry. Then they switch over to over to 'The Big Bang Theory' and pretend that they are intelligent because they laugh at the sciencey things that the laugh track tells them to and ignores the fact that every bit of canned laughter was immediately preceded by the same punchline ('look at how nerdy they are!'). (I know the timeline doesn't quite match up.)

    It is a tragedy that this show was so far ahead of its time and that Joe Sit-com-watcher is an absolute dunce. Thanks to the writers and actors for providing a few of us with box-sets that never collect dust. Here's hoping that the return is just as memorable.