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Netflix Premiered Nov 02, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • Just as my faith had built!

    I flip-flopped quite a bit during the first 10 episodes (I binged hard), but when my roommate came home I re-watched the first 5 episodes again. Knowing how some of the Easter eggs play out definitely brings back the humour of AD that I remember. It seemed like the series was too focused on dropping these Easter eggs that the first half of the season felt pretty bland. There were definitely a few great moments as AD will always be known for, but it never felt like if had that consistent substance I loved the previous 3 seasons of AD for.

    However, in the later episodes as most of the eggs have now been dropped, AD really picked back up. I can't say that I am fully in love with the 'let's focus on one character' model they emphasized this season as it really did leave out a lot of comedy from each episode. There were definitely times I felt that I'd gone too long without seeing Tobias or GOB for example.

    And much was the same in the final episode. However, the end lost me. No spoilers, as I'm sure everyone expects there to be something impactful happening at the end of a season finale but I can't say I agree with this end one bit.

    Sure, the humour is still there, but this ended way too... heavy for a AD finale. Yes, there always is a big moment to end an AD season, but this didn't set me up for a 'wonder what's next' feeling I want out of AD. It's too serious, too... drama. I wanted an AD style over-the-top "OH SNAP! Wonder what's next! That was hilarious!" finale. Not this.

    All that said, I love that AD is back and look forward to re-watching this season with less bingey friends.