Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 18

Righteous Brothers

Aired Unknown Apr 17, 2005 on Netflix

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  • About the episode

    It was funny. It had wonderful storyline.
  • How much can you cram into twenty minutes?

    Over the years sitcoms have become shorter by a few minutes, but thank heavens for Arrested Development which gets the best out of its twenty minutes of fun. How many storylines are there in here? Come to think of it, how many different types of humour? On the one hand there is satire: it pokes fun at racism and political correctness, the law, the movie business and even religious fanaticism. And then there is the slapstick of Buster and Oscar, the absurd, surreal humour of Tobias, the gentle comedy of George Michael's predicament, the irony of the narrator, ... All of this whizzes by at breakneck speed, sometimes in scenes just a few minutes long. (This cannot have been a cheap show.) As such, you can watch it over and over again and discover new things. This must have been a labour of love or someone really worked too hard.
  • Second Season Finale

    Franklin returns in this terrific season finale which is incredibly well written, especially the conflict between Gob and Michael about Gob’s attempt at a CD, and the turns this episode make are very unexpected, such as George Sr performing a selfless act, turning himself in so that Michael and Gob learned about family, right before framing Oscar as himself and escaping, proving that brothers aren’t always as important.

    George Michael’s dream finally comes true, making out with the cousin he’s wanted to since the pilot, before Gob interrupts them with an all too literal statement “Dad’s going to be crushed”.

    Overall, the episode’s twists right up until the end are a fantastic way to end the season, George Sr secretly being a hypocrite while teaching a valuable lesson.
  • Michael gets arrested in a mixup, George manages to escape (once again), Oscar gets arrested when they believe he is George.

    Excellent episode. This show always manages to entertain in the most interesting ways. The arrest of Michael and why it happened was absolutely classic. The sequence where we got to see how George made Oscar into himself was also absolutely classic. This episode shows how dumb the TV audiences are for not watching this show. This is the best bit of comedy out there and yet it draws miniscule ratings compared to Two and a Half Men, Desperate Housewives and even not so well rated shows like According to Jim and George Lopez. This episode truly sums up why Arrested Development is the best show on TV.