Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 17

Spring Breakout

Aired Unknown Apr 10, 2005 on Netflix

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  • Great episode of course, but one lingering question...

    Does anyone know why Tobias always enter the family livingroom via the chimney in this episode???

    Hopefully the dvd commentary mentions it!

    As it is, it's hilarious, I'm just wondering about the explanation. Maybe its funnier without explanation.

    Also, GOB uses the term "Howdy doo-dat" to refer to Michael, which is a callback to a previous episode. I don't think I saw that in the episode notes.
  • Lucille is destined to continue drinking

    Zach Braff, who plays JD in my favourite show, Scrubs, guest stars in this episode as the inappropriate director of Girls with low self esteem and is a hilarious addition to this Arrested Development episode, though isn’t the only entertaining character, the Narrator having many classic lines about how terrible the other narrator was, Lindsay the surfboard, Gob coming up with the cooler switching idea though failing to work in the fact that George Sr would be missing, and Lucille starting a drinking contest minutes out of rehab.

    Overall this episode is very funny with hilarious scenes throughout, whether they be the previous attempt at an intervention or Tobias acting George Sr, and is a clear example of how entertaining this show is.