Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 9

Storming the Castle

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 2004 on Netflix

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  • "I can't believe the legs screwed him!"

    One great thing about "Arrested Development" is the way that they can introduce a story early in the season, or at least in an early episode, and continue that story throughout a long period of time. We learned about Gob's girlfriend in the third episode of the show, and slowly but surely, the writers have built up Michael's affections towards her, as well as Gob's distasteful treatment of her. The plot point reaches somewhat of a peak here after Michael learns that Gob is sleeping around on her with one of the members of his new magic trick where he chops a woman in half (or at least appears to).
    The episode, as most great episodes of "Arrested Development" are, finds characters doing things that aren't necessarily in their nature, or at least trying to. It all starts when Michael, after being tempted to steal a chair from work ("Isn't stealing what got Pop-Pop put in jail in the first place") and hiding Gob's infidelities from Marta yet again, decides to be the bad guy for once in his life after Lindsey claims he doesn't have it in him to do anything bad. He begins setting up an elaborate plan that involves Marta discovering Gob has been cheating on her.
    Meanwhile, Maeby, who is once again feeling as if her parents are horrible, self-centered people, decides to annoy her mother by buying all leather after learning her mom is anti-leather wearing. George Michael, as usual, decides to copy Maeby to get on her good side, and especially after she notices his girly looking legs. Therefore, George Michael buys a leather jacket to appear cool (it'll look especially cool he "goes into a controlled slide on his hog." His words, not mine). And Tobias decides that he wants to do things to make his daughter realize he loves her, so he sells his wedding ring, buys a bunch of leather stuff (which is less fashionable leather and more "dominatrix" type leather) and tries to bond with hilarious results.

    "Arrested Development" takes all of these things and combines them with Gob's magic show at the "Gothic Castle" (NOT the "Gothic Ar*ehole" as that weird cab-driver said). We get our first glimpse at Gob performing to "The Final Countdown," while we also see numerous characters realizing that they can't hide who they are and end up doing the right thing: Michael doesn't go through with his plan to steal Marta from Gob, George Michael realizes that he can't pretend to be more manly than he is and puts his lady-like legs to good use… and I suppose Gob actually goes against who he is and does something good by giving back the watch he stole from Michael. It's a great episode with great pay-offs everywhere… and to think: this is STILL not the last we've seen of the Marta/Michael plots.

    There's plenty of stuff here for everybody: the moment where Tobias arrives at the strip club as "Leather Daddy" and asks for where the magic is, or seeing George Michael, Maeby and Tobias sitting on the couch in their leather together… it's just an episode filled with those delicious subtle moments we all live to watch.
  • Storming the Castle

    Michael's feelings for Marta come to a boil tonight, and I really loved seeing things come to light like they did here. The Leather Daddy thing was absolutely hilarious. Also a fun fact: how Gob did his trick. I like this love triangle, it's quite hilarious.

    The Lucille and Lucille 2 thing was also pretty funny. The tie ins were fantastic and Marta is a great addition to the cast. Great installment in the series.

    Overall, Arrested Development has proved itself yet again. All the characters are dynamic in their own way and their interactions are amazing. Felt like we could have used more Lindsay in this episode.
  • George Michael and Maeby go leather shopping

    This is one of the best episodes so far, basically because Gob is one of the central characters in the plot and is a hilarious addition to the episode, one of the best bits being in the “Next time” segment where he says the two assistants were his girlfriend and nephew.

    His character is developed very well in this episode as it is revealed he is cheating on his girlfriend/brother’s crush with the legs of his magic act which is very amusing as is Michael trying to be a mean guy and Tobias trying to wear leather.

    Overall, this episode proves that Michael is a nice guy even though he doesn’t like it and George Michael is proven to have smooth legs even though he certainly doesn’t like it.