Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 15

Sword of Destiny

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 2005 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael Bluth had just been stunned to discover that a contract his company was counting on was being cut back. While on the phone trying to persuade the partner, Lindsey entered, hung up the phone and demanded that Michael give Tobias a job so Lindsey could get a break from Mrs. Featherbottom, Tobias new alter ego. Tobias then entered, overly eager to be Michael's new assistant. Michael's current assistant, Starla, was bothered by this, and quickly told the company the latest order was being cut back.

Tobias jumped into the new role and told Michael that if he didn't begin to release some control, he would start to feel sick. Lindsey then recommended an herbal store called Ancient Chinese Secret that would help him. Gob, meanwhile, was at that exact same store looking for a tea that would prevent premature ejaculation. But he then took an interest in a sword on display, which the proprietor described as the Sword of Destiny, an ancient weapon. Gob bought the sword to use in his act, ignoring the Chinese man's warnings of the sword's turbulent history.

Gob caught up with Michael and complained that the magician's alliance had banned him from the Gothic Castle. So Gob needed Michael to register as the magician with Gob as his assistant. But Michael had to teach his son how to drive. Which actually would only consist of George-Michael observing as Michael drove and gave him pointers.

George Sr. was in the attic making a videotape when Michael found him. They discussed the reduced order and George Sr. told Michael to play the videotape for the company employees. He thought the staff needed to be reassured that a real authority figure was still overseeing everything. And, in a flashback, we learned that George Sr. was trying to plant Tobias inside Bluth Co. as a mole.

Michael was finally ready to make his son watch him drive. Michael once again felt pain in his side, and that's when he decided that perhaps it was time for a sick day. After heading to the hospital and being admitted, Michael was reassured by Lucille, Tobias and Lindsey that they could all fill in for him. A prospect that did not comfort him. However, Michael's new physician, Dr. Stein, the self-proclaimed number one surgeon in the entire county, was more than confident in his abilities, and though Michael's appendix wasn't quite inflamed, decided to take it out just to be sure.

Meanwhile, Gob was still trying to arrange his comeback in magic, this time recruiting Buster to ram the Sword of Destiny through Gob's belly. A trick that Gob thought would put him on a level with Tony Wonder. That night, George Sr. heard about Michael's illness and gave Tobias the videotape he made. At the Gothic Castle, Buster had been outfitted with a Halloween hand, and was trying to prove that he was the magician. They quickly ran into Tony Wonder, whom both Buster and Gob loved meeting.

The next morning, Tobias headed up a meeting at Bluth Co., assuring the staff that Michael was just fine and leaving the videotape for them to watch. Meanwhile, Lindsey had also violated Michael's authority and was teaching George-Michael how to drive. And Buster and Gob were performing the Sword of Destiny illusion at the Gothic Castle. But while brandishing the sword for the audience's enjoyment, Gob accidentally cut off Buster's fake hand, which, being a Halloween toy, wriggled around on the stage. Gob quickly grabbed the hand and jammed it back on Buster's stump. Backstage, Tony Wonder complimented the Buster on his illusion and asked him and Gob to be on his next DVD.

Michael had just awoken from his appendectomy and Lucille told him about Lindsey teaching the George-Michael how to drive. Then Dr. Stein told Michael that once he opened him up, his appendix wasn't actually inflamed. So it was probably just stress. But he now had a bacterial infection from the operation that left an abscess on his abdominal wall. Dr. Stein recommended going in and cutting it out, which Michael agreed to despite Lucille's protests. Then Michael saw a newsbreak. Starla had turned in the tape of George Sr., which contained Michael walking through the background. The FBI matched the design of the attic to one of Saddam's houses and assumed George and son were in Iraq.

Elsewhere, Buster and Gob were waiting to meet with Tony Wonder about the DVD. Tony quickly got down to business and pointed out that Buster probably didn't need his assistant, Gob. Gob angrily jumped up, ripped off his mask and proclaimed that he was the actual magician and that the real Sword of Destiny trick hadn't even been performed yet.

Michael awoke from his second surgery and Lucille told him the pressure was off because the FBI thought George Sr. was in Iraq. And that Tobias was handling things back at the office, who was leading the FBI to Michael's hospital bed. But at the office, Michael found that his worst fears had come true. The entire office had emptied out. Michael had never felt worse. Until he went down a floor, where the Bluth Co. was setting up. An employee named Ted told Michael that they had leased out the expensive top floor to another company and were moving in one floor below, a move that would save the company enough money to stay afloat despite the order cutback. The employees were jubilant. Incidentially, this was a strategy that Ted had suggested earlier, only to be rejected by Michael.

Back at the Gothic Castle, Buster and Gob were again onstage. Gob whispers to Buster to swap out the real sword for the fake one, then announced to the crowd that he was the real magician and Buster was only his assistant. Buster took the real sword and cut off Gob's fingers, which blew the audience away.

And Michael came to a decision. He was going let go of some control and, for starters, let George-Michael drive home. But George-Michael had learned to drive on the stair car, which required the driver to stomp the gas pedal to go anywhere. So when he got behind the wheel of the family Mercedes, he gunned it and hit his father, breaking Michael's leg. When Michael awoke at the hospital, Dr. Stein told him not to worry about getting hit by any more cars, because he had shortened Michael's calf muscles to theoretically increase his jumping ability. Michael then decided he wanted a second opinion. Meanwhile, Gob had been put in the same room as Michael, and discovered that Dr. Stein had reattached his index and middle fingers, only in the wrong order.