Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 15

Sword of Destiny

Aired Unknown Mar 27, 2005 on Netflix

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  • One of the best!

    One of my favourites, this episode has two guest stars, the amusing Ben Stiller and hilarious Dan Castellaneta, who even says “D’oh”, the catchphrase of his character on the Simpsons, Homer Simpson, which is a great inside joke.

    My favourite plot is Gob and Buster’s, Gob’s trademark music, The Final Countdown, once again being used at his magic show though Buster is the magician on paper. The sword is one of the funniest aspects of the show, Gob putting it through his side instead of the holster and Buster slicing Gob’s fingers off, a comeuppance for Gob inadvertently losing Buster’s hand since he released the seal.

    Michael and Dr Frank Stein (I wonder if his middle name starts with the initial N) was also hilarious and shows there can be worse doctors than the literal one the Bluths have always detested.

    Overall, the episode is definitely among my favourites for many reasons including the end which bring up a theme from the previous episode which they think is a terrorist training film.