Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 1

The Cabin Show

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 2005 on Netflix

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  • The beginning of the end.

    It was nice, getting that final season of Arrested Development. Most networks would have given up after the disappointing ratings of the second season, but Fox, to their credit, gave it another try. The only ones to blame are the show for not being appealing enough and audiences for not being appealed to. It was kind of a death walk, this last season. It should have made me appreciate every moment a little more, but instead I found myself judging so much more critically, as if I expected each and every bit to be the best comedy ever produced. Naturally, even Arrested Development couldn't meet such high standards and I found myself dissapointed.

    But now as I revisit it on DVD, I feel that I can judge it with a fairer eye, and I find that this third season is cut from the same cloth as its predecessors. Here we have Gob's stab at fatherhood, the intensification of George-Michael and Maebe's relationship, and a rather dark turn in the saga of Buster and Lucille. My goodness but they don't hold back their repressed feelings in the Bluth family. And Barry - whatever will become of your sorry little law practice, which seems to have jumped the legal shark? Will you admit your love for your office boy? Or will you turn tricks on the streets of Reno?
  • Steve Holt is related to the Bluths!

    The continuous cabin changing plans were very entertaining in this episode, Lucille, Gob, Michael, George Michael and Buster all going to the cabin at some stage during the episode, Michael and son being the ones that get there eventually, at this point George Michael not wanting to go As his chance for one last cousin kiss were left behind.

    Gob’s cabin logic was great (“I'm either gonna take him to the cabin in the woods. Or I'm gonna promise to take him and then not take him, but the one thing that I will never do is not tell him that I'm taking him to a cabin in the woods, and then not take him”) as was the revelation that Steve Holt, a recurring character, who at one stage was humiliated by Gob in a school election is the son of Gob.

    With great revelations and plot twists this is the best season three opener that could have been hoped for.
  • the episode that got me hooked

    the episode that got me hooked i casually watched before this one but now i started wathcing every monday this one is hillarious i wish i taped it so i could watch it over and over i hope it is played again and again and hopefully again befor AD is gone.
  • Good beginning to the season...

    Well, this was a good beginning to the season. I absolutely loved it when Gob got all excited about finally getting to go to the cabin . However, when he got left home and he was just sitting there with his sleeping bag I felt so sorry for him and yet still cracked up at the same time. The whole cast was great as usual. Tambor was as magnificent as ever. I wish the series would get some better ratings, but I don’t think it’s going to happen which is entirely a shame.
  • Here we go again. This season is going to be great. As soon as I saw a shot with Steve Holt I knew it was gunna be awesome.

    Oh boy. This is going ot be great. This show is just off the hook, the directions it goes, wow.

    Anyways back to the episode. This episode was classic. The same winning combination of a new running joke, of the disappointed son. And a few of the smaller but stil classic jokes, like the kid who found the severed arm and Kitty with a blue hand print on the back of her head. Whoa I almost died laughing while watching it.

    Oh and I am soooo happy that Steve's back adn I just pray that he is permanant. I wouldn't mind seeing him on the intro. I also love all of the morally wrong kisses on the end of the episode.
  • Arrested Development is in the business of presenting the best plots this side of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm. This year's season premiere lives up to that lofty goal!

    Buster has a snoring problem that is driving his mother insane. George Michael is trying to avoid his cousin Maeby (who, incidentally, might not be his biological cousin) after an illicit kiss by sleeping in the stair-car. Maeby is trying to get past the George Michael incident by making out with Steve Holt (who, incidentally, IS her biological cousin). Tobias is a cocktail waitress, George Sr. is a Blue Man, Gob is learning what it's like to know instead of not know about the cabin and, through all this, Michael has managed to get the Bluth Company up from "Sell" to "Don't Buy."

    I love this show.
  • Michael tries to take his son camping while helping the rest of the family

    wasnt as laugh out loud funny as usual. But definately a well written episode and a good way to start the season off. It definately seemed like this was a good set up episode. I am looking forward to charlize theron next week, this season is definately off to a good start
  • One of the better episodes in the shows history. And praise doesn't get much higher than that.

    It's a rare thing for Arrested Development to top itself. It frequently matches, and is never poor, but to actually top itself is nearly impossible. Yet, with this third season premiere, it did. Arguably the show's funniest episode, easily beating the second season premiere and matching the pilot, The Cabin Show is pure gold.

    Revolving around the family's Lake Tahoe cabin, the show is all about parents and children. It's also the most effective episode at tieing previous jokes together. It's been a long time since I've laughed so hard in half an hour. Well, since last season anyway.

    If you're looking to get into the series this isn't the best place to start. The subtleties of the episode are numerous, from the recurring Steve Holt to the culmunation of Barry's fantasies, there's a lot here to confuse new viewiers. But for those of us who watch the show (why don't you?) it's pure gold. The best of what is literally the best.
  • There's not time to stop and be happy that this show got renewed for a 3rd season, now we have to start praying that it comes back for a 4th.

    Arrested Development seems to spawn an almost cult-like devotion among its fans, and this episode shows precisely why that's the case. It combines dynamic, interesting characters, plotlines and jokes that reward you for being a long-time fan, and fresh new twists, situations and storylines that leave you wanting more.

    It is the way in which this show creates a cultish following -- I know that my friends who own the first season on DVD and I all try to share those DVDs with people we know who haven't seen it -- that makes one wonder why it was so hard to get this show renewed for a third season. And anyone who hasn't seen the show and assumes that the reason it was almost cancelled is because it's not good, need only have watched this season premiere to stand corrected. And if you watched the Emmys this year, you would have seen that three of the five nominees for best writing were episodes of Arrested Development.

    So, why is it doing poorly, still? Why did the third season premiere get low ratings? It's hard to say. Perhaps it's the constantly shifting timeslot (now settled in against the juggernaut that is Monday Night Football). Perhaps it's just too intelligent for American audiences (although I'm inclined to give audiences more credit than that). Whatever the reason, this episode proves that all of us who know and love this show need to work harder to get our friends to watch it. And start praying, because it's a long road to getting renewed for a fourth season.
  • History repeats itself as Michael and GOB disappoint their sons as George Sr. had disappointed them. Michael find it is not his father who is imprisoned but his uncle Oscar, which could mean trouble for the company. Lucille goes off her meds as the kissin

    So much going on here. The changing fashions of George Sr. and his mistress from '76 to disco era '79 to aerobics fad '83, all the while Michael's "Grizzly Adams" sleeping bag remains the same, in tact for never having been unpacked. The sleeping bag reappears when GOB and then George Michael each believe Michael is taking them to the cabin. "Taste my sadness." "That's not a Volvo..." no, it's a vulva from Lindsey sitting on the copying machine. "Glad we didn't spring for the color printer." Lindsey walks away with the picture of her...self, then looks at it later like its the car she wants, "I don't know, it's so boxy." The Steve Holt/GOB connection was hinted at last season. When George Sr. disappoints a young Michael Bluth there's always the blond next to him, and when Michael disappoints his son, there's the Bluth co. logo on the side of the stairmobile very much in focus in the same shot.
  • As good as ever.

    The beginning of the third season of Arrested Development was exactly like the episodes before. I liked it as always. Michael is the soft character as ever and thinks that all will be good and his son is an angel. George Senior is clever and smart, so it’s hard to belief that he didn’t knew about the deals with Iraq. Lindsay and her Husband play their daily game. The question about Tobias is more obvious than ever: Is he gay?
    Maybe and George Michael begin to play their part in this crazy family.
    I liked most, when Buster tries to sleep in the car, so his snoring wouldn’t disturb his mother’s sleep, but he tries to hide this fact and let a tape with his snoring play. So his mother has the noise with him or without him. Brilliant.
  • Micheal wants to take George Micheal to the family cabin and his mother is off her medication. Lindsey wants Tobias back (but only if she thinks she cannot have him). Micheal visits his uncle in prison. GOB finds his son (although he does not know it is h

    This was a great episode, and as usual GOB did an excellent job using the play on words of the cabin joke along with when he was sitting at the bench with his "son" and said he wished he could have reach up and grab a severed hand. Mabe and George Micheal being akward and wanting to kiss each other. G.M. has to make an excuse about watching the sunset that is behind him.......GREAT way to start the season.
  • fantastic episode as usual

    This show is always consistent. The twisted black sense of humor gets better with each episode. The use of irony in the show is ever present as well. For example, Gob thinks he is being searched out by his dad but in turn finds out he has a son, Steve Holt, who in the next episode makes out with Maybe. Maybe had just made out with her cousin George michael and she leaves him to go make out with another cousin. I am thrilled for them emmy win for best writing and really hope the ratings go up this year for this smart and hilarious show.
  • The characters and random events piece together again to create a magnificent EMMY-worth episode.

    Michael Bluth has promised to take his son fishing but can't as he has to break Oscar out of jail. Maeby and Georgia Michael share a "halfway kiss" that confuses both of them. Michael fires their lawyer when he finds out he's been helping his father who he trying to catch.

    Gob's son he never knew he had tries to meet him at a reunion place for fathers and sons but Gob ends up ditching him in the parking lot in Reno. Michael takes Georgia Michael to the cabin but their father tows it away with them inside it. Georgia Michael has to say good-bye to his chances of kissing Maeby and Michael can't free Oscar.

    Meanwhile, Buster has finally annoyed his mother too much with his snoring that she tries to drive up to the cabin that she thinks is empty just to find he's asleep in her backseat.

  • Arrested Development...TV's best comedy is back!

    After a long drought, the best comedy on television has returned. Once again the writers have proven why Arrested Development won an Emmy. Right from minute one of the season premire, AD was awesome. I could not find anything wrong with it. The jokes were spot on perfect. What I love best about this show is how you need to think about the jokes, instead of just laughing at the first sight gag or mindless joke that comes on the screen. Arrested Development never fails to amuse, or cause one to stop think, and ask yourself...did they really just say that? This was a strong start to an already strong show, and I can't wait for the rest of this season.