Arrested Development

Season 3 Episode 6

The Ocean Walker

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2005 on Netflix

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  • Michael's fiance is retarded

    The flashbacks when Michael comes to the realisation that the woman he proposed to isn't the smartest thorn in the bush were very well placed and clearly the show has been hinting at it all season without it actually seeming to be this way, possibly masked by the British accent.

    Gob's magic trick was a hilarious addition to the episode, showing that he's not the best magician in the world and it was a great ending, with Rita walking on water (that's not my trick) and in the next time scene he points out that it's his illusion!

    Overall, this episode cannot be beaten and is a hilarious installment of Arrested Development.
  • Best of the season

    Arrested Development once again demonstrates why it is the best comedy on television while simultaneously showing us why it can't find an audience. "The Ocean Walker" pushes the limits of good taste as Michael considers consummating his relationship with the mentally challenged Rita, and once again scores its best laughs with running gags dating back at least to the Pilot ("That wasn't my trick, Michael," says Gob, "It was my Illusion!"). The story arc of the first half of the season is neatly tied up as the Rita's secret(s) is revealed, although Michael fails to prevent another wedding disaster. And poor George Michael still can't get over that Star Wars video. Sigh. The days are numbered until the end of this great program.
  • One of the best!

    This entire episode had me and my wife rolling on the floor! The best line was Rita's "Married! Married! OK, night-night!" and when she falls on the bed and "shuts down" we must've hit the skip back button 10 times! It is a damned shame that it is being cancelled - this'll sit on my shelf of DVDs along with Titus, Scrubs, and other pearls that couldn't find an audience.
  • Another Hilarious Episode, Michael finally learns that Rita is Mentally challenged and calls of his wedding.

    All of us had to wait so long to finally see arrested again that this episode seemed so so funny. The way arrested builds and builds upon past episodes for comic relief is much like another funny show did and that show was Seinfeld. Charlize Theron played her role so well, she really is a great actress and I look forward to seeing her new movie Aeon Flux. Also the ending of this one is wonderfully done when Rita walks on the water and Gob says it isn't his trick (we all wonder what the heck just happened). Then cue the credits and the next time on arrested development, Gob comes back and says it's my illusion(haha)...and sets Tobias hair on fire and a flashback ala Michaels first wedding to Tracy ensues. A wonderfully done episode which everyone should watch.
  • Back on the air, despite FOX.

    Got together with about 400 of my friends to view this episode at the University of Southern California. There was a huge rally to save this show, and they managed to get the the actors who played George Michael (Michael Serra), Maeby (Alie Shawkat) and Steve Holt (Justin Wade) to attend and answer questions. A huge success.

    The episode itself was wonderful, winding up the plot line with Rita (and it appears Larry is gone as well). Buster\'s dance in the stair car was the \"robot\" that he did in a commercial several years ago. The references to \"pop pop\" were back again, along with supposed euphamisims.

    This is just a wonderful show, I will miss it.
  • Once again, the show delivers. I get choked up thinking of this fantastic show going off the air!

    Fox is "making a huge mistake" by letting this show go. I know it's all about money--it's a business, but I know plenty of people who are watching this. I guess there aren't enough Nelson TV Boxes in the homes of those with good taste and a sense of humor.

    This episode was hillarious and even a little touching. Michael, as always, is tragically brought back to reality upon learning his new lady is somewhat "slow". GOB is brilliant--I particularly enjoyed the end of the episode with the "illusion" bit and Tobias' hair. So funny!

    I wish Fox would have never put this show on the air--we're losing so much by way of good TV. It's getting harder and harder to find. Is there any chance another network would pick this show up?
  • No one in this family can wink.

    A brilliant episode that makes everyone uncomfortable for a majority of the time, leaving no possible way for it to end up well, but it did. A touching episode that makes you laugh the entire way through. How this show got cancelled, I'll never know. Well, I suppose nobody watching it was part of the problem.

    Why does nobody watch this show? That lamenting aside.

    This episode, great after almost a month of no new episodes, brought many classic elements of the show (the inability to wink, "The fact that you call it that just shows that you're not ready", "It's part of my illusion!").

    And special mention to Super Dave. You rock, Super Dave.
  • Every single detail is utterly brilliant. And with this episode they really show what a fantastic show it is, and waht a complete waste it is to can this.

    This show is so brilliant, in every detail, and this episode really showed that, the brilliant humor in the little things, the details, everuthing is just amazing.
    The Rita, im gonna miss her, she was really good.
    And, when i start to think about how much i am gonan miss all hte regular member its just crazy, what are they thinking?

    I think David Cross said it best when he said they should fire the PR department for not being able to sell this brilliant show.

    I use briliant to much, i know, but what other word describes it better?

    Fox, i belive i speak for everybody when i say this, please die and burn in hell ************* *********** ********** ************ ******** ********** ****** *** ***** **********.
  • Michael draws closer to Rita as their wedding gets nearer and some people get suspicious of her mental health.

    Oh my Lord. This episode was hilarious. This episode is the show at it's best. A huge amount of references and inside jokes and ridiulousness that does so far. Instead of trying to say all of the hilarious things I'll just put it in a list. I loved it when:
    1 The reaction to Rita that Lucille gives Michael, the same one that Michael gave George Michael about Ann.
    2 Ron Howard was hilarious his little comments like how wrong it is that Mishael is going to marry a retard.
    3 Learning how Lucille weasled her way int a marriage with George Sr. as a waitress.
    4 Buster remaking his Volkswagen commercial, Tony Hales biggest resume experience before AD.
    5 Tobias' hair problems getting out of control.
    6 Michael calling Lindsey and Rita tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum.
    7 Lindsey doing Lucilles wink.
    8 Charlize Threron finally interacting with the other characters like Maeby, George Michael, GOB and Lindsey. SOOO funny.
    9 George Michael first noticing that things might not be normal with Rita.
    10 The bumpaddle magazine and Oscars smile sang playing in the background.
    11 That Rita's parents were cousins.
    12 Showing Rita before her plastic surgery as her character in Monster.
    13 Rita eating the plastic fruit.
    14 "Rita corny, Michael."
    15 "I want to get married, and have sexual relations like you promised."
    16 Larry getting fired.
    17 "Maybe you're not smart either! I didn't know until they told me."

    Oh boy way too much fun. So sad that it's going to come to an end. Well maybe not. Just remember to keep watching everyone.
  • They proofed to me, that I will miss this show!

    OMG! I liked this episode so much! Michael finally wants to do something for himself and what’s the result of it? His fiancée is mentally challenged, so he can’t marry her! It was really sad. I think you can say this was one of the saddest episodes of Arrested Development (in the sense of its content). But once again Michael’s family is hilarious. His parents first disapprove completely only to force him to marry Rita, because of her money.
    The episode ended so great. When Rita walked over the water and it isn’t an installed trick and then Michael’s brother turning the whole thing into a battlefield (once again) and burning Tobias’s new hair. Tobias came a bit short this time, but he was great once again.
    We saw some new aspects of George Michael in this episode. I think it’s the first time he really stands up to his dad, when he tries to tell him, that Rita has some “mental damage” (The tape was so hilarious, I had to press pause on my DVR!). Lindsay and Rita in the partner look was s special moment too. First I couldn’t tell who’s who.
    Because I think, this will be the last time, we saw Charlize Theron in this show, I have to say, she really did a great job! She played her difficult role amazing!
    It really was an episode which proofed to me, that I will miss this show very much!
  • The fates of Charlize Theron and Super Dave Osbourne are revealed!

    I'll try to keep this focused on reviewing the episode rather than just commiserating over its inevitable demise. Ah screw it, keep this show on the air! This ep marked the final chapter of the Charlize Theron arc, and quite possibly the last episode that was filmed before the death knell was sounded for the show. That means the last few might be able to squeeze in some jokes about the cancellation. The arc ended well, with the episode coming up with some pretty good lines. It was mostly recycled gags from earlier episodes, but its these that make the show so great. It breathes life into old jokes where other shows merely beat them to death. Oh yeah, and Super Dave was fired. Good episode to a great show.

    And the 'Monster' gag was hilarious.
  • Yet another indication of what will be missing after this season...

    "The Ocean Walker" was a prime example of what makes Arrested Development so great. Whether it's the off-screen humor ("Why can't I go under the water?!") or the stuff you'd only get by watching previous episodes ("Look at banner, Michael."), this episode was chock full of it ("It's a cricket magazine!"). Definitely worth another viewing...or two...or three. "And that's where they get you." Or when the Poppins hit Michael once again. If this is your first episode, and you do not like it, do not judge the entire show. It is best to start at the beginning of the season, or just go out and buy the DVD; the humor compiles after every show.
  • Yes, another great installment of this doomed show

    Considering how many times I laughed out loud at this episode, I'm somehow even more enraged that they're cancelling this show.

    The Ocean Walker provided all of the best elements that Arrested Development has to offer. Inside jokes from previous episodes, some nice romance, clever tie-ins to outside society, and of course, the episode was gutbustingly hilarious.

    Charlize Theron puts on another hilariously fantastic performance as the sweet but dimwitted Rita as her story arc seems to reach its end. Hopefully, she'll make further appearances-oh wait, that's right. THEY'RE CANCELLING THE SHOW.

    I'm sorry, I just love this show so much. This episode is a prime example of what makes Arrested Development one of, if not the most brilliant and funny shows on television.

    Tee-hee. Bumpaddle.