Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 1

The One Where Michael Leaves (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2004 on Netflix
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In the second season premiere, George Sr. is at large, making Michael next in line to be prosecuted for the Bluth Co. crimes. Meanwhile, Michael is vexed to find that the family is fine without him, and police mistake Oscar for George Sr. and arrest him.

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  • Good start to an even better season

    Season 2 of Arrested Development remains to be one of the greatest seasons of television ever produced. The premiere is a rather weak episode when compared to the rest of the season, but it is still a very strong and comedic outing. It has some hilarious moments, such as Lucille with the Michael Moore impersonator and it begins the wonderful running gag of Buster and army. Really the only weak aspect of the episode is Michaels repeated leaving and returning to the family, as it got somewhat repetitive. However, it gave us the beginning of the in depth case against the Bluths, so, like everything in Arrested Development, it led to something bigger and better.moreless
  • Once again, a fine example of a well written comedy to start the series off.

    'Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything,

    and the one son who had no choice but to keep them together'

    Seamlessly this episode pulls you back into the Arrested Development world clevely sliding in a series 1 recap without so much detail as to put you off.

    For begginers to the series it eases you in for a few minutes then BAM! You're in and you're going nowhere. Willingly you find yourself intruiged by the story as well as the dynamics between characters. A sense of 'what the hell' accompanied by 'I dunno but I can't wait to find out'.

    For veterans this episode gently reminds you of all the running gags and just how much you love each member of the bluth family.

    Ready with new and old jokes as well as new and old story archs another brilliant episode to start the 2nd season.

  • Michael and his son decides to leave the Bluth family behind and move to Arizona. Unfortunetly, thinngs don't work out as planned

    This is a great way to start the new season. Starting with old plots and ending with new plots to see out anouther great season. A.D. is a show which discusses dramatic issues, such as affairs and prison break, while showing the funny, light hearted side. This is exactly what a sitcom should be like, yet many are not.

    The best momants of this episode were: * When Portias husband joins the Blue Man Group. * When Michael's mum started having sex with Oscar and * When the father escaped from jail.

    A great way to start a great 2nd season

    NB Apologies- I don't know all charectors names.moreless
  • Great start to season two

    The start of this episode is very amusing where Michael has to go back to confirm to the family that he was actually leaving and then coming back again when he thought his father had been caught which of course happens to be Oscar, George Sr’s twin brother and this humour is continued until the end with the return of the misleading doctor saying that Tobias looks dead (but is actually fine) and George Sr’s clever wig plan to pass him off as Oscar.

    Overall, this is a great season two opener with great lines throughout the episode and is a great follow up on the season one cliffhanger.moreless
Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor

George Bluth Sr. / Oscar Bluth

Portia de Rossi

Portia de Rossi

Lindsay Bluth Fünke

David Cross

David Cross

Tobias Fünke

Ron Howard

Ron Howard

Narrator (uncredited)

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman

Michael Bluth

Jessica Walter

Jessica Walter

Lucille Bluth

Lynne Marie Stewart

Lynne Marie Stewart


Guest Star

Bill Rutkoski

Bill Rutkoski


Guest Star

Steve Tom

Steve Tom

Board Member

Guest Star

Jay Johnston

Jay Johnston

Officer Taylor

Recurring Role

John Beard

John Beard


Recurring Role

Ian Roberts

Ian Roberts


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Michael knows that his father has "a penchant for hiding valuable things in walls". Aside from the contract, this refers to George Sr. lining the walls of the banana stand with $250,000 in cash in "Top Banana".

    • During the "On the next Arrested Development..." gag, most of the situations are allusions to the first episode.

    • On the Junk poster (Tom Jane's film) it says: "From the directors of Dangerous Cousins". That's the movie George Michael wanted to see with Maeby and where they were kicked out due to being underage.

    • Michael remembered Tobias's last words, where he said something he considered idiotic, and later said to Lindsay "He said some wonderful things". This is a callback to "Visiting Ours".

    • Continuity: The scene where Tobias is doing clenching exercises, he is sitting at the right side (his right) of the chest at foot of the bed, but when they cut out as Lindsay comes into the room and cut back to him, he is sitting at the left side of the chest.

    • When Lucille arrives at the police station to find that they have found Oscar, not George Sr., it is visible that Oscar (a bachelor) is wearing a wedding ring.

    • When the family leaves the bathroom after walking in on Lindsay, for a split second, we can see someone's reflection in the mirror. This person is wearing a blue shirt with black pants and is sitting down.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Michael: How is he, doctor?
      Doctor: It, uh, it looks like he's dead.
      Lucille: Oh, my God!
      Gob: Oh, little guy ... the tears aren't coming. The tears just aren't coming.

    • Michael: Well, I better get over there before he brings the whole company down.
      Lindsay: It's only been three hours. How much damage could he really do?
      Narrator: In three hours, Gob had done $45,000 in damage.

    • Michael: I don't know why you're not taking this "I'm out of here" seriously, but I am out of here, seriously.

    • Lucille: This is what I'm talking about, Michael. Now that your father has deserted us, Buster has become impossible to control. Suddenly, he's too much of a big-shot to brush mother's hair.

    • Tobias: You know, Lindsay, as a therapist, I have advised a number of couples to explore an open relationship where the couple remains emotionally committed, but free to explore extra-marital encounters.
      Lindsay: Well, did it work for those people?
      Tobias: No, it never does. I mean, these people somehow delude themselves into thinking it might, but ... But it might work for us.

    • Michael: Just to be clear; looks like he's dead, or he is dead?
      Doctor: It just looks like he's dead. He's got, like, blue paint on him or something. But he's going to be fine.

    • Buster: Mom volunteered me for the Army. Just because the fat man dared her to.

    • Lindsay: What was the last thing he said?
      (Flashback to Tobias, covered in blue paint)
      Tobias: I just blue myself.
      Michael: He ... Said some beautiful things.

    • Lucille: Yes, I have a rape horn, Michael. Because you took away my mace.
      Buster: Like anyone would want to "R" her.

    • Michael: Mom, you're always asking me to help you look after Buster? You can find somebody else. I hope she doesn't kill you.
      Buster: I'll kill her first!

    • Gob: So, what brings you here, Michael? I hope it's not for a handout. I run a pretty tight ship around here.
      Michael: With a pool table?
      Gob: It's a gaming ship.

    • Narrator: Michael now had the distasteful choice of asking his mother for money or going to jail.
      Michael: Maybe Buster killed her already.

    • Narrator: On the next Arrested Development, Lindsay almost stumbles upon a dating opportunity ...
      Doctor: You look really hot.
      Narrator: ... But instead is admitted to the hospital with a fever of 104.

  • NOTES (5)

    • As from this episode, "Oscar" will be one of the regular characters.

    • This marks the first episode to be simulcast in HDTV rather than Fox High Resolution Widescreen.

    • This episode was delayed in some areas due to football.

    • Rating: 5.9/9

    • David Cross had this to say about his character being in The Blue Man Group "Yes, and I hate it. (Sound of phone dropping.) In fact, this phone just slipped because of the grease they put on to get that (expletive) off. It's the worst thing I've ever done, I can't wait for it to be over. An hour in makeup, then two hours getting out. . . . It sucks. Only someone who is truly desperate to be on TV would do Star Trek or whatever those UPN shows are".


    • Lucille: Well, if it isn't the boy who cried Phoenix.
      This is a reference to the book The Boy Who Cried Wolf, a story about a boy who cries "wolf" all the time. The villagers come out to rescue him, only to see that the boy isn't really being attacked by a wolf. When the boy is actually attacked, no one comes to rescue him. At the end of the book, the moral is stated as: "Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed. The liar will lie once, twice, and then perish when he tells the truth." In this episode, the family doesn't believe that Michael is moving to Phoenix.

    • The episode title is a reference to the episode titles of Friends, all of which were in "The One Where/With/When..." format.

    • Documentarian: Would you enlist your son or daughter in the Army?
      The activist documenter is supposed to resemble Michael Moore, when asking Lucille about her husband's dealings with Iraq, and whether she would send her son to fight in Iraq.