Arrested Development

Season 2 Episode 1

The One Where Michael Leaves (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2004 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael is taking George Michael to Arizona to start a new life. However, Michael feels concerned that the effect of his departure might be lost on his family. He uses a fake voice to call home and, sure enough, Lucille thinks Michael is still there, and he decides to head back.

Michael announces that he's leaving for good, but Gob points out that he's made this threat many times before. Michael promises that this time he's never coming back, but Lindsay wonders if maybe Michael needs them more than they need him. And so once again, he and George Michael set off for a new life in Phoenix.

But on the drive, the police pull Michael over. They noticed that the car was registered to George Sr. Everything was all right because they say he has been caught. Upon hearing that, Michael decides to go back once more. In fact, the police had not arrested George, but his twin brother Oscar.

As the family gathers at the police station, Barry informs Michael that he can not leave the state because the authorities want to hold Michael while his father is on the loose. Unless Michael can come up with bail, he has to stay put. Michael scrambles to get the company checkbook without the family finding out that he needs them for once.

Michael heads back to the office to ask new company president Gob about the checkbook. Gob trumpets the fact that he already had a realtor looking at the model home. A realtor who, earlier that day, ran into Lindsay after she and Tobias discussed having an open marriage. Thinking that he was flirting with her when he says that he "has an open thing, too", Lindsay excitedly announces to Tobias and Maeby that she has a date already. Then Gob informs Michael that Lucille is holding the company checkbook for now. He arrives to see that Oscar has moved in to be a father figure to Buster, and Annyong wearing an Uncle Sam costume.

Meanwhile, Tobias, aimlessly wandering around in a funk, spots a flyer for an ad that he thinks is a support group for depressed men, but it's actually an ad for the performance trio, the Blue Man Group. At the same time, Gob, knocking down office walls to make space for a pool table, makes an unpleasant discovery. Hidden in a briefcase behind one wall is a contract between George Bluth and Saddam Hussein.

Lindsay drops by the realtor's house for what she thinks will be a sexual adventure, but is, in fact, a normal open house. Lucille, overhearing a new report on a possible link between the Bluth Company and Iraq, heads for the office. On the way, she is assailed by a documentary filmmaker who inquires about the family's link to the Iraqis. He then asks if she'd ever enlist one of her children in the Army, so she immediately volunteers Buster.

Michael is out of options. He has to ask his family for help. At the model home, he runs into Tobias, who's now painted blue. On his way to audition for the group, Tobias, nearly invisible in the dusk, is hit by a car. For the second time in two days, the family gathers at the hospital. Michael is about to confess that he needs them for once, but before he can, the family pours out their troubles to him and begs for help. Annyong also needs help finding his missing Uncle Sam wig. Oscar confronts Gob, then exits, leaving the family alone.

Michael confesses that he's going to be arrested, and Gob informs him that the briefcase contains a contract between George Sr. and Saddam. Lucille advises Michael to use this information to keep him out of jail. Then Oscar arrives on the scene. The family wonders if changed his clothes or something. It turns out George Sr., wearing Annyong's Uncle Sam wig, comforted Gob, then made off with the incriminating briefcase.

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