Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 2

Top Banana

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 2003 on Netflix

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  • "Don't be afraid to ride her... hard."

    I read a review of this episode by the AVClub a few days ago where the writer said "Top Banana" was one of those rare post-Pilot episodes where the episode was even better than the pilot episode. I agree with that sentiment. Here, we get the same dynamic the pilot episode introduced to us but cranked up a few notches. The jokes are more fast-paced and subtle, while the Bluth dynast grows even more complex.

    The episode introduces us to the next most profitable piece of the Bluth family now that the company is in shambles: the banana stand. George Bluth created it as a means to make a little extra cash; Michael worked there as a child and now, George Michael has taken the role of Mr. Manager. Michael struggles to get the flight records of the company and learn why exactly his father's in jail. And with the help of T-Bone, the flamer (no, not THAT kind), George is making sure it stays that way. Meanwhile, Gob looks for more important things to do in the company, with Lucille's help, while Tobias continues his hunt for an acting job.

    Once again, most of these plot points wind up connecting with each other in ways Larry David wishes he could accomplish on an episode to episode basis. When the storage unit goes up in flames and the fireman says, "Looks like the work of a flamer," the joke is landed, and once again, we're left laughing at how Hurwitz and co. can so successfully create double entendres and duel meanings out of the simplest stuff (this is also a precursor to the way that Tobias will frequently says things that are sexual without meaning to). Also the "fire sale" that's in the commercial Tobias is auditioning for ties into the "flamer" joke and the rest of the fire related plots.
    But boy, there are some great jokes and sight gags here: Gob continually returning dead animals to the pet store, the "Mr. Manager" discussions, Tobias' entire insane audition for the "fire sale, Lindsey's "best hair" picture... great stuff. And to think, this was only the second episode.
  • Awesome.

    The family's frozen banana stand has burned down. Flashing back to a week before, we see the events leading up to this: Michael is trying to get George Sr. to tell him where company money is being hidden; George Michael has to work through his crush on Maeby when she begins working at the stand; and Tobias gets an audition for a commercial. I'm really enjoying this show - it's so easy to watch and extremely funny - not sure who my favourite character is right now but most of them are amazing. I love how the show is set up and everything. I really can't wait to watch more of it.
  • 102

    Definitely a classic of the series, we've got all we could expect from an Arrested Development episode. Plots tying in together in the end, a clever plot, hilarious scenes, and a great ending. All of which were in this episode.

    I think the ending of this episode really stood out, after that very strong premiere, we've got even a stronger episode. All the situations tend to be ironic, clever, witty, and not to mention hilarious. The final scene in which their burning down the banana hut, was great. Then we knew from beforehand that Gob threw a letter in the ocean. That letter was the insurance check.

    Just when you think it's over, this show gives us another surprise. There was 250,000 dollars in the Bluthe's Banana hut in the walls. And they burned it all down. A lot of subtle humor in this episode, that you'd have to watch twice to catch.

    A memorable series classic, don't miss this one!
  • There's always money in the banana stand.

    While the first episode was good, this one just blew it away.

    Before I get to the content of the episode, I'll gush about the episode title. "Top Banana" revolves around Michael both trying to assert that he's the one in charge now (the "top banana" of the family) and putting his son in charge of the frozen banana stand.

    On to the episode itself (uh... Spoiler Alert), it had several stand-out moments that make it an early favorite:
    - Gob is jealous that Michael isn't including him in the business so Michael gives him a letter to mail... which Gob then attempts to dramatically throw into the ocean. It turns out to be harder than it sounds.
    - Tobias auditions for a commercial. Unfortunately, he misread "fire sale" as just "fire". What happens next just needs to be seen.
    - Michael, George Michael and Gob watch as the banana stand burns down. Michael asks, "You mailed that insurance check, right Gob?" Gob silently backs away.
    - Michael tells George Sr. about the burning and finds out that George was speaking literally when he said, "There's always money in the banana stand."

    This episode basically sealed that Gob would be my favorite character and that Tobias would be my second favorite.
  • lol

    The family's frozen banana stand has burned down. Flashing back to a week before, we see the events leading up to this: Michael is trying to get George Sr. to tell him where company money is being hidden; George Michael has to work through his crush on Maeby when she begins working at the stand; and Tobias gets an audition for a commercial. This show is s funny, the whole episode was laugh out load funny. Arrested Development just got better and better and this is a awesome example of how funny this show is. My score 9.2 out of 10.
  • A Series Classic

    The first episode of Arrested Devlopment was great but this episode is the bomb. It is so funny. Acting again is superb and between you and me my favorite character is George Micheal. This episode is indeed remebered becuase it is so hilarious. Also the plot was enjoyable and just bravo to this show!
  • There's always money in the banana stand!

    This episode is a hilarious follow up from the pilot and develops every character well in the very entertaining plots of Tobias’ first audition, George Michael becoming Mr Manager (sorry, just Manager) of the banana stand and Michael’s attempts to find his father’s flight records.

    Arson is a recurring theme in this episode and is a very funny one at that, especially towards the end with the plan blowing up in everyone’s faces with George Senior’s revelation that there was literally money in the banana stand.

    George Michael committing more hours to the banana stand work to avoid his cousin crush backfiring when Maeby becomes a new employee at the stand is an example of the typical twist that Arrested Development would soon be expected of and develops both characters well, especially Maeby’s mathematic weakness.

    Overall, this is a very amusing episode of Arrested Development, almost as good as the terrific pilot.
  • One of my favorite by far...

    Arrested Development is a great show but this episode was just great. Many of my favorite lines actually come out of this one, even though i have many. I actually bought the seasons, 1 and 2, just so i could memorize them, if you think that\'s dorky enough... You can tell in this episode that all of the characters, even the younger ones, have a significant role, sort of, and they are quite funny at that. Everyone in this show are extremely hillarious and this episode is hillarious along with the rest, scene after scene.
  • This episode seems to highlight the personalities of each character in a string of \"classic\" moments

    What I love and dislike about this episode is the same thing... the juicy whodunnit... when I first saw the episode I went along for the mystery and I enjoy seeing other people watch this episode for their reactions...

    For some reason, I'm not gonna tell you whodunnit or wheretheydidit... it has some great one liners like "Why don't you marry an ice cream sandwich?" and "I'm going to get blamed for this" and the infamous "No touching!!"

    As much as I'm enjoying watching each episode again, from the first episode and on; I'm enjoying the widescreen picture (where most hints lie) on my first HDtv with Dolby Surround, enjoying the series in an audio and video clarity that I have yet to see the first two seasons in and also writing my reviews of each episode... I'm trying to boost Arrested Development's overall rating.

    I will never understand why Arrested Development didn\'t instantly become one of the highest rated comedies of all time...
  • funniest episode of the year

    This was the first episode I saw of AD, I was sick and decided to give it a chance. I dont think I ever laughed as hard as I did at this episode. "There is always money in the banana stand" is one of the best quotes I have ever heard. The moment when George reveals to michael that there was 250,000 lining the banana stand made me laugh so hard i was literally crying!!
    Funniest Show Ever
    Somebody Bring It Back
    I give it a ten out of ten
  • Learning more about the bluth family

    This is a great follow up to the superb pilot. For me this episode is one of Tobias greatest moments as he decides to be an actor, but only for Lindsay to get the job when she initially went as support.

    Then to watch Tobias break down in the shower like that was so incredicly funny. I wish I felt for him but I just couldn't stop laughing. Then later when Lindsay doesn't show up for her job they call Tobias but hes too busy crying in the shower!

    After the kiss in the Pilot we really see George Michaels infatuation with his cousin Maeby take off, even though he tries his hardest to avoid it.
  • Lot of Character Development here--all the plotlines are put into place, and it's unbelievably funny.

    Lot of Character Development here--all the plotlines are put into place, and it's unbelievably funny. I like how it's set up like a mystery, like you don't know who burns down the Banana Stand--is it Maeby? Is it T-Bone? And you gotta love Gob throwing the letter in the ocean. Classic. Also Tobias' audition is hysterical. "EVACUATE ALL THE SCHOOLCHILDREN!" All in all, a great second episode of a great show, and, as a side note, this is the first episode to feature the *true* model home set. I don't know how else to get this to 100 words. Oh wait, there we go.
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