Arrested Development

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  • Season 3 Episode 9: S.O.B.s

  • The "Home Builder's Organization" reference is toward the premium cable channel HBO (since the network had shown no interest in picking up the series).

  • On the "Variety" Homepage with the top-story "Movie execs doing "Snow" again," there's an ad saying "This Fall Reinhold Justice Will Be Done!" This is a reference to actor Judge Reinhold.

  • The discussion about attempting to recruit an Oscar-winning actress -- "maybe Nicole Kidman" -- for the Save Our Bluths party is a reference to Oscar winner Charlize Theron, who guest-starred in previous episodes as Rita, Michael's mentally-challenged British girlfriend/fiance.

  • Season 3 Episode 8: Making a Stand

  • The two strippers in front of Gob's "Banana Shack" are called Barbara and Dee. These were also the names of Michael's earlier girlfriends in "Forget Me Now" when he was reminiscing how introducing his family to his girlfriends ruined their relationship.

  • The Boyfights movies are titled:
    -Boyfights: A Day in the Life of American Boys
    plus: Baby Buster in I don't want to go to bed!
    -Boyfights 2: Boys will be boys
    plus Baby Buster in Too old to breastfeed
    -A boyfights cookout featuring: run for your life!
    plus Baby Buster in A fifth grader wets the bed
    -Backseat boyfights: the trip to Uncle Jack's 70th
    plus crybaby Buster in I don't want to be on this tape!

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Prison Break-In

  • When Michael is playing the guitar with George Michael taping it, he throws the guitar down and it knocks down the music stand. In the next scene, the music stand is up again.

  • The camera Gob uses throughout this episode is a Canon XL1S, a 3CCD standard definition mini DV camera.

  • After having left the reason Michael's wife, Tracy, died a mystery for 2 seasons, it is strongly implied she succumbed to ovarian cancer.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: The Ocean Walker

  • When Michael asked Rita, "How many houses are in the British Parliament?", she replied seven while the narrator said three was the correct answer. That is actually incorrect as there are two houses in the British parliament: The House of Lords and the House of Commons.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: Mr. F

  • When George Sr. is searching the internet for the term "Jetpants," he uses the search engine, This is clearly a reference to the recurring theme of moles in this episode. For example, Tobias' confusion over mole (as in a spy) and the literal mole (small rodent).

  • When George Sr. searches the internet for "jetpants", an advertisement for Arrested Development appears on the screen momentarily. It says:

    Watch Arrested Development
    All good people watch the best show on TV. Buy the DVD's and Merchandise!

  • The family members' individual takes on Godzilla mirrors their interpretations of the chicken dance.

    Also, George Sr.'s love for ice cream sandwiches is mentioned again.

  • When Tobias is in the gym with Frank, his denim cutoffs can clearly be seen under his high-rising work out shorts.

  • When Bob Loblaw says there must be some sort of listening device in the room, the camera focuses on the microphone/camera in Larry's hat and then, even more candidly, one of the boom mikes from the actual production of the show.

  • Rita says "I hate it when they hire Yanks to play Brits, you can always tell." While not exactly "Yanks," Theron is South African (though her voice is very Americanized) and her on-screen uncle and Strange Brew alum Dave Thomas is clearly Canadian.

  • When Maeby is telling the studio worker to change the ride to "The tunnel of Love, Indubitably", a poster for Homeless Dad can be seen in the background.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Notapusy

  • The nurse and soldier Reginald who have the 'pussy/gentle' conversation are actually Buster and the nurse (who later takes care of him when he is in a 'coma') from the later episode "Exit strategy" who also have a similar conversation.

  • As Steve Holt is carrying Michael to stop him from signing up in the army, we see Rita exit out of what appears to be a public restroom facility. However, as the shot gets closer, we notice a man walk up and give her a very befuddled look and a sign clearly reading "Men's". This is a subtle hint to her true "MRF" form.

  • The Christian Newspaper is called "The News Testament" and its headline is "Church and State: An Integration We Can All Get Behind" which is debatable in light of centuries of litigation to keep these things separate.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Forget Me Now

  • When Rita is carried out of the cabin, she is laid down on a park bench that promotes Wee Britain. When she comes to and sits up, she is covering two letters on the sign, making it spell "Wee Brain."

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