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  • Season 2 Episode 17: Spring Breakout

  • The narrator makes mention of how the narration for Scandalmakers is "real shoddy", "just plain crap", and that his inattention to detail "perplexed the audience, due to the unfocused nature of the narrator's explanation". However, Tobias is seen sitting inside the fireplace on three occasions in the episode, without any precedent or apparent reason, leading the viewer to assume the narrator is guilty of some "shoddy narration" of his own.

  • It's revealed that Michael was born 12 years after Sugarfoot had gone off the air (1961).

    If we consider that the present day for the series is the same as the airdate of the episode, Michael should be 32.

    Since George-Michael is at least 15, that means Michael had him when he was 17.

  • A movie poster for the Tom Jane (who appeared in the episode "The One Where They Build A House") movie Junk can be seen in Maeby's office.

  • When Lindsay is confronting Phillip Litt, we see the Marina Hornblower, the yacht where George Sr. had his retirement party along with a sign that says "Catalina Shuttle", which the Bluth Company employees mistakenly took in the season 1 episode "Staff Infection".

  • When Kitty flashes her breasts just after Michael has just acquired a deal with Cal Cullen, the cameraman (or someone) clearly uses their own hand to cover the camera's lens to avoid the shot of her bare breasts.

  • When Maeby and George Michael are at the banana stand, two familiar logos can be seen. On one T-shirt is a Cloud Mir logo and on another is a Tau Omega Alpha. They were displayed on a sign when Michael was talking to George Michael on the yacht in the season 1 episode "Missing Kitty".

  • At the end of the episode, Lucille mentions while choking Michael that there were 250 cc of George, Sr's semen in the cooler. This is reminiscent of the episode "Top Banana" when George Sr. yells at Michael telling him that there was $250,000 lining the walls of the banana stand that Michael burned down.

  • The cooler now contains evidence to exonerate George, Sr. However, in first season's "Missing Kitty," George Sr. made a call presumably to Gob to get rid of the evidence contained in the cooler which led to the sinking of the yacht.

  • Even if we assume that Lucille hid George Sr.'s semen in the banana stand after it was burned down and rebuilt, it doesn't change the fact that such a specimen must be stored in liquid nitrogen (not in an ordinary freezer).

  • Season 2 Episode 16: Meat the Veals

  • Busters says that his family is going to the Church of the Good Shepherd. In "Staff Infection", the office workers boarded a Church of the Good Shepherd bus (meant for Lupe's family). Also in that episode, the man in the stair car hit his head on a sign that said Church of the Good Shepard.

  • The song at the end where the camera centers on George Michael after Ann says she wants to do, was the same song played when George Michael learns he's going to be sharing a room with Maeby.

  • Gob: They're Laughing, Michael.

    A reference to the episode "Afternoon Delight."

  • During the "On the next ..." gag, Buster is holding Franklin, and there is a camera man clearly visible on the right side of the screen.

  • Maeby is reading a script for "Operation: Hot Mother". That was the name of Michael & Buster's rescue operation in the episode "Motherboy XXX".

    According to the script's cover, it was inspired by a true story and written by Sheila Gebler and David Gebler, Jr.

  • The Veals have a painting on the wall of a girl with no face. One of Maeby's nicknames for Ann is Annie McNoFace.

  • Apparently, Maeby had to repeat the ninth grade.

  • Mrs. Featherbottom continues Lupe's tradition of wearing out-dated sweaters at holiday events, by wearing a sweater that says "Bush/Cheney 2000".

    Ironically, David Cross (Tobias/Mrs. Featherbottom) is an anti-Bush activist.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Sword of Destiny

  • In the previous episode, Gob is looking for the video camera and wrongly assumes that Tobias took it. Now, we see that George Sr. has it in the attic.

  • During the "On the next" gag, the Star Wars Kid parody video was obviously re-shot. The cardboard box George Michael originally kicks in already has the hole in it from the previous episodes.

  • On Tobias's resume you can see Gobias Industries, the company created by Gob and Tobias.

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