Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 6

Visiting Ours

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2003 on Netflix

Episode Recap

Michael Bluth was visiting his father in prison, anxious to get to bottom of suspicious bookkeeping. George Sr. was also anxious, but more about the quality of the prison softball team. Frustrated by his father, Michael returned to the office and came across George Sr.'s loyal assistant Kitty, who he suspected might have the information he needed. Lucille called her son with an emergency. Their club membership had been downgraded to "pool members." Horrified by pool food, Lucille ordered her son to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Gob was noisily moving a desk into an office so he could write a strongly-worded letter to the prison warden, who decried the legitimacy of Gob's "escape" from his walls. Noticing Kitty's obvious attraction to Gob, Michael set about the business of manipulation. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias, who were having a tough time in their marriage, prepared for their first session with a therapist. Maeby and George Michael decided to follow them, but George Michael was reluctant to drive because he didn't want to get in any trouble, which could hamper his stated goal of visiting George Sr. In reality, George Michael was terrified of prison since he watched HBO's prison drama Oz after mistaking it for The Wizard Of Oz. Michael arrived home, elated by the fact that Gob's seduction of Kitty would get him the information he needed and prevent him from having to visit the prison anymore. At least until George Michael told him he wanted to visit Pop Pop. Gob began placing his spell over Kitty while Lindsay and Tobias began examining their marriage for the first time. And Michael headed back to prison for the first time since vowing never to return. During this visit, it was revealed that Lucille had yet to visit her husband since his sentencing. And it was also revealed that daddy was horny. Michael then paid his mother a visit to persuade her to make a conjugal visit to the prison. Lucille asked her son if he really wanted this. Wanted it bad enough to get her, say, a golf membership? Lindsay and Tobias were getting to the heart of their relationship with a role-reversal game. Which Tobias dove headlong into. But when Lindsay balked at it, the therapist jumped into the role of reverse Tobias. After passionately acting out their reverse roles, Tobias and the male therapist were about to make out until Lindsay brought the scene to an end. Michael arrived home, happy to have a brother he could share the news of his day with. Except Gob was violently repulsed by the thought of his parents sharing a conjugal trailer. But Gob had some good news. He $%"ed Kitty. Michael asked if he also got the information about the international accounts, which he didn't. So Michael decided to hold out on Gob's office supplies until the job was done. Michael dropped by the prison again, this time with his mother and the news that "I took it upon myself to bring her." A surprised and grateful George Sr. opened the trailer door, only to be shocked to see his wife. You see, he had Kitty waiting for him in the other trailer. George Michael asked his son for his help, and Michael wondered if the help was international accounts information worthy. Coming to the rescue, Michael called Gob to ask him to come to the prison. But he was already at the prison. To deliver his strongly-worded letter to the warden. Gob tried to stall Kitty, but then decided he had to do the right thing. So he kicked out the bathroom window and snuck out of the trailer. But on the way back to his car, he ran into the warden, who had just read his strongly-worded letter. And so Gob was detained against the window of the trailer in which his parents were being intimate.

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