Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 6

Visiting Ours

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2003 on Netflix

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  • "Daddy horny, Michael."

    Despite the fact that Kitty was in the previous episode, "Arrested Development" did indeed air some of their episodes out of order, which means sometimes, there's less focus on new characters we know nothing about. "Charity Drive" didn't do much to explain who Kitty (played perfectly by Judy Greer) was, but "Visiting Ours" truly introduces us to her and her role within the Bluth family. We get the same tightly written scripts, quick jokes, visual gags and overall high quality that we've come to expect from the show at this point in time.

    Michael's goal in this episode is to find a series of files of international accounts that would explain why in the world his father is in prison. The problem is, George Bluth is more obsessed with prison softball than his predicament ("I'm catcher or I'm nothing!) As a result, Michael vows to never see him in prison again. Instead, he searches for the accounts by turning to Kitty, George's tight-lipped secretary who won't reveal anything but DOES have a big crush on Gob. Michael forms a plan: have Gob use Kitty to learn the location of the accounts. But Gob finds Kitty unattractive.

    Meanwhile, Michael's attempts to avoid his father are foiled after George Michael decides he wants to visit his grandfather in prison (this is, of course, only a ploy to impress Maeby with his bravery). Maeby, meanwhile, learns her parents are having marital issues (Bob Odenkirk guest stars as the therapist here).

    The episode really kicks into high gear after Michael decides to cure his father's loneliness by bringing his mother to the prison for a conjugal visit, despite the insane amount of awkwardness involved. I don't want to give away too much, but the final few minutes are among the best that the show has ever done.

    "Visiting Ours" was another one of those episodes filled with dozens of little jokes throughout: the first appearance of Tobias' never-nude shorts, the near-kiss between Tobias and his therapist, Gob saying "I f****d Kitty!" with a look of glee on his face, the quote I included in the summary that is actually funnier the second time they show it and countless others (George Michael sitting in fear in the stair car while prisoners use it to escape is pretty hilarious as well).

    It's tough to criticize episodes of a show when it's so consistently good, but this is another darn fine effort by everyone involved.
  • Visiting Ours

    Another really clever episode title coming from this show. This episode wasn't as good as what we've been getting as of late, but regardless, it was still hilarious. And we got a pretty great tie in of story lines as well, something that show never fails too do.

    I didn't know Judy Greer was ever on this show prior to watching this episode, but she just did a fantastic job, and I think this role really helped with her career as now she portrays a "goofy" character half the time. She's got some talent.

    For me, I though the Lindsay/Tobias scenes were the absolute best. The almost kiss at the end had me in stitches. I'm definitely hooked. Can't wait for the next installment.
  • wow this was funny

    Michael Bluth is visiting his father in prison, anxious to get to the bottom of some suspicious bookkeeping. George Sr. is also anxious, but about the quality of the prison softball team. Frustrated by his father, Michael returns to the office and comes across George Sr.'s loyal assistant Kitty, who he suspects might have the information he needs. Just then, Lucille calls Michael with an emergency. Their club membership has been downgraded to "pool members only." Horrified by pool food, Lucille orders her son to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, G.O.B. is noisily moving a desk into an office so he can write a strongly-worded letter to the prison warden, who decried the legitimacy of G.O.B.'s "escape" from his walls. Noticing Kitty's obvious attraction to G.O.B., Michael sets about the business of manipulation. This is such a funny episode but a bit disgusting at the end its so funny.
  • George Sr was having an affair!

    Gob was fantastic in this episode where he takes one for the team by sleeping with Kitty, the ugly secretary (glasses off, glasses on!) but forgetting to actually get the information, not understanding the concept Michael was proposing.

    However the rest of the episode didn’t really live up to the standards of the previous Arrested Development episodes, the therapy plot being kind of lame but still having its moments, and the revelation at the end not being incredibly surprising considering the source is George Sr though Gob’s expression as his face against the trailer window is priceless.

    Overall, the episode is definitely not one of my favourites but is still quite funny.
  • oh so funny!

    This is an episode that gets funnier with each viewing... much like most of the series... the pictures of Kitty and George Sr. always make me laugh before even getting to the punchline... David Cross and Bob Odenkirk share screen time again as Tobias (Cross) and Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) go to a marriage counselor (Odenkirk)... throughout the rest of the first season, I was hoping they would attend their marriage counselor again, but nope... I gave up waiting and bought Mr. Show with Bob and David: The Complete First and Second Seasons... I have since bought the 3rd and 4th Season boxsets.

    Oddly, watching this episode today, the highlight for me wasn't seeing Bob and David together, but the introduction of Kitty! All of the Kitty episodes are classics but there is just something about the first appearance... GOB is asked to pump Kitty for information about the international account... GOB pumps Kitty but forgets to get the information...

    As always, whenever you rewatch any episode of Arrested Development you are bound to notice jokes that you've seen noticed before... there is a brief shot of Kitty relaxing with her legs up beside her on the conjugal couch, waiting and she appears to almost fall but balances herself on the night stand.

    Great episode! I think I laughed more times in this episode than any of the four previous episodes