Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 6

Visiting Ours

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2003 on Netflix

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  • oh so funny!

    This is an episode that gets funnier with each viewing... much like most of the series... the pictures of Kitty and George Sr. always make me laugh before even getting to the punchline... David Cross and Bob Odenkirk share screen time again as Tobias (Cross) and Lindsay (Portia de Rossi) go to a marriage counselor (Odenkirk)... throughout the rest of the first season, I was hoping they would attend their marriage counselor again, but nope... I gave up waiting and bought Mr. Show with Bob and David: The Complete First and Second Seasons... I have since bought the 3rd and 4th Season boxsets.

    Oddly, watching this episode today, the highlight for me wasn't seeing Bob and David together, but the introduction of Kitty! All of the Kitty episodes are classics but there is just something about the first appearance... GOB is asked to pump Kitty for information about the international account... GOB pumps Kitty but forgets to get the information...

    As always, whenever you rewatch any episode of Arrested Development you are bound to notice jokes that you've seen noticed before... there is a brief shot of Kitty relaxing with her legs up beside her on the conjugal couch, waiting and she appears to almost fall but balances herself on the night stand.

    Great episode! I think I laughed more times in this episode than any of the four previous episodes