Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 6

Visiting Ours

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2003 on Netflix

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  • wow this was funny

    Michael Bluth is visiting his father in prison, anxious to get to the bottom of some suspicious bookkeeping. George Sr. is also anxious, but about the quality of the prison softball team. Frustrated by his father, Michael returns to the office and comes across George Sr.'s loyal assistant Kitty, who he suspects might have the information he needs. Just then, Lucille calls Michael with an emergency. Their club membership has been downgraded to "pool members only." Horrified by pool food, Lucille orders her son to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, G.O.B. is noisily moving a desk into an office so he can write a strongly-worded letter to the prison warden, who decried the legitimacy of G.O.B.'s "escape" from his walls. Noticing Kitty's obvious attraction to G.O.B., Michael sets about the business of manipulation. This is such a funny episode but a bit disgusting at the end its so funny.